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2023-08-21 20:57:32

Intermittent Fasting Diet Plan for Weight Loss _ How To Lose Weight Fast 10 Kgs _ Eat more Lose more

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Hi guys .

Welcome back to my channel .

Eat More more today .

I'll be sharing with you all in inter fasting diet plan and one of the most popular health and fitness trends these days .

So in today's diet plan , I'll be giving you 16 to 8 hours of window .

That is that we'll be technically fasting for 16 hours every day and eating for eight hours .

That is a eating window will be for eight hours .

So basically when you're fasting for 16 hours , you cannot consume any kind of calorie in your diet .

So we'll be only taking foods noncaloric in nature .

So basically beverages , water , coffee , tea , green tea or other kinds of beverages .

So I'll be mentioning all of it in my diet plan .

So my lots of clients have been following this and for personalized weight loss diet plans , you can always mail me and eat Mulu more seven at three gmail dot com or whatsapp me on the given number .

So without let's get started with the interven fasting diet plan for weight loss .

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So as you wake up in the morning , early morning , empty stomach , you will have two glasses of warm , normal water Now make sure that the water is lukewarm in nature .

You can definitely add lemon to this or you can also add apple cider vinegar , two teaspoons to both the glasses of water .

Now , one hour after this drink , you can have one cup of tea or coffee , obviously without milk and without sugar .

Now , at around 11 a.m. we'll be starting our eating window .

So 11 a.m. you'll have a good skin glowing and weight loss smoothie .

Now , all the recipes of the smoothies are in my channel .

I'll put the link in the description box below .

You can obviously check it out if you do not want to have that , you can best have collagen boosting smoothie .

Now , this will definitely give you a replenishing skin and as well as helps in weight loss also .

So make sure that you start your eating window with fruit .

Now , at around 12 30 to 1 p.m. have few .

So almonds and two walnuts .

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Now it's time for your lunch conceding that you're having your lunch at around 2 30 to 3 p.m. We'll definitely try to incorporate some kind of protein in our lunch .

So we'll be having either with oats roti .

Now , always make sure that you're having glute free oats only be it for oatmeal or be it for flour or roti .

The link to buy gluten free oats is in the description box below .

You can buy them online very easily .

Two oats roti with or if not that , then you can definitely have white Chena with brown rice .

You can also have Masuda with brown rice if you're not able to have pina , but five G gives you a good amount of protein as well .

And fiber too .

And in your lunch , make sure to have lots and lots of salad .

Make sure you cut your salad different from the family so that you get good amount of it and have one good full bowl of it .

Now , coming back to a mid evening snack , which will be around 5 p.m. can again have tea , coffee , but make sure to have it without sugar .

You can definitely add a little bit of milk to it but try avoiding it .

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And along with that , you can have half a piece of dark chocolate and coming back to your dinner .

Now for good weight loss and if you're suffering from constipation , I always recommend my clients with a bowl of papaya .

It definitely helps you keep you fuller for the longer time of the night .

And as well as your constipation .

Also , if you cannot have a full bowl of papaya , you can always skip it and have oatmeal with fruits in fruits .

You can add apple , you can add pomegranate seeds and lots of it .

Now , the oatmeal recipe is again on my , I'll put the link in the description box below .

You can check it out .

It's very easy and healthy as well .

And if you want a third option , then obviously you can have any salad out of these three options .

Now , the link to these salads is also in the description box below .

They are very easy to make and as well as all of these three salads are very young me nature .

Now , definitely our eating window is ended and we will not be having anything after seven pm before going to bed , have one cup of freshly brewed chemo mil tea , definitely a stress reliever and also keeps your metabolism high .

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Follow the start plan for complete good weight loss results .

And always you can message me on whatsapp me or mail me at its seven Android G dot com for personalized weight loss diet plans and I'll be more than happy to report back to you and I'll see you in my next one till then stay healthy and stay fit .

Always .


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