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2023-08-19 20:55:32

How to Make Pancakes and Sausage On A Stick!!

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Hello and welcome to Crouton Cracker Jacks today .

I'm going to show you how to make your own homemade pancakes and sausage on a stick , kind of like a breakfast corn dog , minus the corn and dog part .

Anyway , these are the ingredients that you'll need .

So let's get started to start off .

I'm gonna be using these Hormel Little Sizzlers .

They are maple flavored sausage links and I've got my cast iron skillet on medium high heat here and I'm just gonna place these right into my skillet and I'm going to cook these until they're nice and brown on all sides and cooked all the way through .

And I like to once they are nice and brown on all the sides , add about a tablespoon of water into my hot pan .

Just gonna swirl that around and that little burst of steam really helps to cook the inside of the sausage .

Now , once my sausage links are cooked all the way through , I'm going to remove them out of my pan and place them onto a plate that has been lined with paper towels .

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Now , once all my sausage is done , I have put them onto fresh paper towels and I'm going to take a couple more paper towels and I'm going to put them on top and I'm to block these very , very well .

I want to make sure and get all of that grease out of those sausage links .

Any extra grease in these will end up making your pancakes that surround the sausage link kind of greasy .

And you don't want greasy pancakes wrapped around your sausage .

And then I'm going to take some of these craft sticks that kind of look like corn dog sticks .

I found these in the craft section of my local Walmart .

You could also use popsicle sticks or skewers or whatever kind of wooden stick that you have laying around .

And I'm just gonna grab one of my sausages and poke the stick right up through the middle of it .

Now , I decided to put my sticks in all the way until they started coming out the top .

Uh It's really personal preference .

The only reason I did that is so that way they fit into my pan .

Next , I'm going to make up some pancake batter .

This is my homemade pancake batter and I have a video that shows how to do that .

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I will put a link in the description box that will take you that video .

You could also use pancake mix from a box or your favorite pancake mix .

Whatever pancake mix that you want to use is perfectly fine and I'm gonna mix this up until there are no lumps remaining using a whisk .

And I'm kind of holding back some of the buttermilk here because I want this to be a relatively thick batter .

You don't want a real thin pancake batter for these .

You want a nice thick batter and that will give you nice thick pancakes surrounding your sausage when you're done .

And this is the finished consistency that you're looking for .

It's a little bit thicker maybe than what you normally use to make pancakes with .

Next , I cleaned out my cast iron skillet and I added in some vegetable oil and I'm going to bring that up to 350 °F over medium high heat .

So to actually make these , I'm gonna take one of my sausage links and I am going to dip it into my pancake batter .

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You wanna let the excess drip off and then you just want to carefully place this into your hot oil and you want to fry these for about 45 seconds to a minute .

They really do not take long at all to cook about halfway through .

You want to flip them over , make sure they are evenly cooking on all sides .

And once they are nice and golden brown , you can go ahead and remove them off to a plate lined with more paper towels , let them drain completely and then go ahead and serve them up with some real maple syrup and there you go .

That is how you make homemade pancakes and sausage on a stick .

I hope you guys enjoy it .

And thanks so much for watching .

If you like this video , be sure to give it a thumbs up , subscribe for more deliciousness and to keep up to date with all my latest videos .

And if you'd like to follow me on Google Plus Facebook and or Pinterest , all my links will be in the description down below .

Thanks for tuning in and we'll see you next time .


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