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2023-08-21 20:44:54

How To Make Fluffy Protein Japanese Pancakes

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If there's one recipe on this channel that will help you step your chef game up or at least get you some breakfast brownie points .

It's this one today .

We make some protein Japanese style pancakes outside of how fluffy and delicious .

These are the best part is that it made them super easy to make with just a few ingredients .

Seriously , you can make this one with your kids and they probably have a blast .

Hey , I think that's my cue to get to the recipe .

So let's just jump right into it .

I said this one is going to be super easy and I'm not lying .

Start with a bowl and add into it .

Three large egg yolks .

Make sure to keep your egg bites .

We'll use them in a minute , two ounces of milk or milk substitute .

One scoop of your favorite flavor protein powder , two tablespoons of a sweetener and half a cup of a pancake mix .

I also said you're only going to need a few ingredients , which is why we're using a pancake mix .

You can easily make your own .

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If you have all the ingredients , I'll put a recipe up here for that .

I think most people either have or have access to buying a pancake mix , which makes things even easier and a lot cheaper than having to buy individual ingredients .

Right ?

Mix those up , take out another bowl and add your three large egg whites into it .

Or if you're not filming a video for the internet , you can just use the bowl that you use to separate your egg yolks .

Now , here's the part people can overcomplicate .

You just want to make your egg whites until you can make waves .

That don't crash .

Whereas most would say they form stiff peaks when you pull your mixer out , but that's boring .

This should take a couple of minutes once that happens , add it into your other mix and lightly mix everything together .

Bring that over to your stovetop , turn your burner on low heat and take out a pan that has a lid , throw some non stick cooking spray into it .

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Once it heats up and add some of your mix into your pan , you can make these whatever size you want .

After two minutes , add a little more mix on top and repeat the process one more time .

Yeah , I think this may take longer than some people would like , especially if you're making more than a couple .

Let's feed the prep up by 10 fold .

Take out a cake pan here , I'm using a six inch cake pan .

The same one I use for most of my cheesecake recipes .

I always link to it below .

You can use a couple of these or make an even bigger pancake if you want .

The choice is yours .

Today , we're using two coat them with some non stick cooking spray , evenly , distribute your mix and throw them in the oven for around 20 minutes on 325 pull them out when they still have a little jiggle .

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So you don't overcook that for around 250 calories , you get to eat this huge pancake .

I would consider these an extremely good bang for your buck .

If you're curious , I usually top mine with some Greek yogurt , fresh fruit and sugar free syrup .

Don't forget you can easily scale the recipe on my website .

Now , the protein chef dot co , I'm also going to include a link to the recipe below in the description , every recipe I do from here on board , but that said the last giveaway winner has been notified and that means today we have a new giveaway for another .

Can you guess shaker this time ?

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All you have to do is follow me at the protein shop on Twitter trying to grow my other socials a bit .

So we'll start with that one .

I'll pick someone random who follows me .

By the way , if you're curious about how to win .

Don't worry if you don't use Twitter , we'll have another giveaway soon .

Thank you guys for watching .

Drop me a comment below with your favorite pancake topping , smack , that thumbs up button , subscribe and turn on notifications if you haven't already and of course , stay healthy by the way .

Thank you for the last video .

You all wish me happy birthday .

It was very nice .

I felt a lot of stuff inside me because you guys were so nice to me and I love you .


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