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2023-08-21 20:46:49

Amy Roloff Making Blueberry Pancakes

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Ok .

I flipped them over .

My pancakes are done and I am ready to serve a hungry man .

How about that ?

So , blueberry pancakes ?

Well , hi .

I am in my little kitchen again and I wanted to show you all of these blueberries that I picked over the weekend .

All the things I can make with them .

Our local farmer , fresh blueberries , I probably could eat this whole bowl in a matter of a few days .

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So anyway , but today Chris requested and I am going to abide by that request and I'm gonna make blueberry pancakes , I guess for a late breakfast uh brunch .

Let's call it brunch .

But if you guys have any uh any ideas about what you do with blueberries and what you make with blueberries , I would love to know because I made a blueberry berry like what gazette or whatever you call it .

I love it because it's like a rustic pie and it's easy .

It's simple , it's great .

Love it .

But then there's blueberry scones , there's blueberry bread , there's blueberry pancakes , there's blueberry muffins , um blueberry cake , blueberry tart , blueberry pie .

I don't know .

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I've even um seen it done with you make like this blueberry , um , it's not a syrup , syrup is the wrong word , but you kind of make this blueberry como or whatever and you put it over steak , like a really good hearty steak , like a skirt steak or , um , a steak .

And then you add a little bl blue cheese with it .

A little tartness to it and I wouldn't even mind it over aru .

So you have like this really nice tart blueberry , um , como or whatever .

And , uh , so anyway , lots of stuff to do with blueberries .

I'd love to hear what your favorite thing is .

Uh , making pancakes always reminds me of my brother , my brother Roger , uh , sat when he got older Saturday breakfast or even Sunday breakfast .

He was kind of like the king of pancake making and he would always make the family pancakes .

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So every time I made pancakes for my kids or anybody else , um , it always reminds me of my brother and he does it for his kids and everything .

He was just king of making pancakes .

So I hope I do him .

Well , the other thing about making pancakes too is that everyone is desiring that nice fluffy , thick pancake .

Sometimes my pancakes turn out fluffy .

Sometimes they don't , I use the same ingredients and I don't know what it is .

I think sometimes it's how you mix it , you overmix it and you just want the , the , um , the dry ingredients just to be wet .

So you're not making a cake , you're not making cupcakes .

It's , I don't know , it's really different .

Pancakes .

Is that Chucky thing .

Um , it's like that baking powder .

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And I've seen some recipes where they use vinegar and I can see how vinegar because that reacts with the baking powder and it bubbles up .

So it creates that fluff , uh , buttermilk , buttermilk creates some of that acidity .

So , um , and that's what I have here .

I did not have buttermilk .

So I just use milk and I put a little bit of lemon juice in it .

So I got about three quarters cup of milk here .

I hope I , yeah , about three quarter cups of milk here .

And I put about two tablespoons of lemon juice .

And because I'm using blueberries and if it's a little tart , I'm ok because lemon and blueberries , what could be better than that ?

So anyway , I just got done cooking some bacon because , you know Chris , he wants meat and so I'll start getting my pan ready because I think with pancakes , you want your pan to be hot .

Don't put your batter on a cold pan .

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Um , I think it deflates your pancake and it doesn't cook it quickly and , um , it doesn't keep that fluff .

And if you're really gonna use a box pancake mix , I don't know .

My favorite is this quick , this quick to me was the best can uh pancake mix , but I've gone home school and I make it by scratch .

Um and I've really tried to uh imitate what this quick does but um I like it scratch because I can um maintain , you know what I want the sugar content , the salt and stuff like that .

So get going Amy roll ups a little kitchen .

Welcome back .

It's been a while since I've done a video .

Uh I'm trying hard to get more and more out , but we're gonna make blueberry pancakes and hopefully it'll turn out .

Ok .

Hi .

Thank you so much for watching this video .

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I hope you are enjoying it and I would really appreciate it if you liked it and subscribe to it and oh , don't forget to click that little fell up there and you'll be notified of future videos that are new and coming on my youtube channel .

So thank you so much for that and I would really appreciate it if you share the video and let other people know and encourage them to subscribe and like the videos as well .

So anyway , thank you and back to the video .

Ok , I'm back .

I forgot my apron .

So Amy roll off little kitchen and we're making blueberry pancakes .

Um So anyway , let's get going .

I had to steal with you .

I love blueberries .

I cannot wait for Jackson to come over .

I know that Tory and maybe Zach .

Uh they went out blueberry picking about a week ago .

I did that this weekend .

Oh , yeah .

Did I show you look at all of this .

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Gosh , there's , I'm gonna freeze some of them but there's nothing like fresh blueberries anyway .

Let's get going .

So I've got about three quarters cup of flour here .

No , I'm sorry , I have one cup of flour .

So we're gonna mix our dry ingredients here .

I've got about a little less than a tablespoon of sugar .

I would , you know , to me I don't want overly sweet pancakes .

So you don't even need sugar in it .

Um , but a little bit I think helps offset some of the uh plain , you know , Caines or whatever of uh the pancake dough .

So I have about a teaspoon of sugar here and then uh let's see .

I'm gonna do the baking soda .

Oh , no baking powder .

I have about a taste uh one tablespoon and a half of baking powder .

Who ?

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Well , I guess it didn't help that .

I got , I got a little bit on my a bread and I have about a half a teaspoon of baking soda .

Oh boy .

So let's just give that a mix a little plop .

I wanna make sure my panned is hot .

Another thing that I've really learned too is that adding the yolk uh first mix it in with your wet ingredients and then adding the white part of the egg later that will create some fluff too .

I've never done it that way , but I've read that someone else did it , but I'm just gonna do an egg mix it in a little bit .

I think if you mix your egg first before you get it in here , I think it helps you not to over mix your better .

Anyway .

Here we go .

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And I have over , oh , you know what ?

I better wash these .

I forgot them .

I picked these and I haven't washed them .

Let me go do that .

Ok .

Blueberry .

No , let's get into it .

Um , I've got my , uh , about , I think two tablespoons of butter melted because that'll be kind of like our oil part of this pancake mix .

I forgot to add a little bit of salt .

So about a teaspoon of salt , you can add a little bit less , but it definitely needs some salt to it .

Not only for flavoring , but since you put sugar in it , it counter , it will kind of counterbalance that .

So I think that's about a teaspoon .

Did I tell you ?

I love my salt box right here .

I just love a salt box man .

You just flip it over , you can do a little spoon or whatever , but I love it when the lid stays out .

I love my salt box .

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So , ok , I'm so nervous for this because I want these to be fluffy , fluffy pancakes .

I'm gonna go over here and turn the pan up the heat up a little bit because I just had it on low to kind of warm up the pan .

So I'm gonna do that .

I got all my dry ingredients mixed up .

Now I'm going to add my buttermilk mixture , get that stir just a little bit .

Then I'm gonna add my egg , get all that goodness out of here and then I'm gonna add the butter , butter , butter , everything better with butter .

I'm not gonna mix this with a fork .

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I'm gonna kind of mix this with the spatula , so I'm just folding the pancake batter , pan pancake batter .

All right , sounds good .

Alright , bye bye .

You just want it .

So everything is kind of incorporated .

I think that is enough and you definitely want to make sure the egg is all in there too .

Ok , let's add my cup of blueberries .

You know what one cup may be too much .

Let me see .

Yeah .

Back off on a couple of blueberries unless you really want them all blueberry .

I would probably go a half to maybe three quarters .

Yeah .

Ok .

Ok .

That's enough .

That's enough .

Amy .

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Don't over stir it and hopefully I will have fluffy pancakes .

Let's go make them .

Ok .

With my hair is hot .

So I am going to add in just butter the pan a little bit that will create a little bit extra oil too .

Make them crispy and tender and soft on the inside , but sometimes you don't wanna cook them too fast because you'll have a crispy pancake and it's all gooey on the inside .

And who wants that ?

Not ?

I said the ply .

Ok , here we go .

Just scoop it in there .

I don't mind if they're not perfect .

Perfectly round .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Here we go .

The truth .

I thought I had a pancake grill .

I don't know where it went .

So we're gonna just wait and once you see it bubble around the edges and you see it just slightly turning brown .

That means you've got a good , a good um kind of brown , crispy crust on the bottom .

So anyway , we're gonna wait .

Do not be in a hurry to make pancakes .

Oh , I should get a platter .

Here we go .

I think I should have used the bigger grill or only put two on here .

Hm .

Hm .

Hm .

See how it's bubbling here .

I'll show you .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Yeah .

See how it's bubbling over here .

That means it's cookie .

Oh , because these are gonna be big .

Oh , dear .

I hope I can flip them .

Ok .

Well , why go small , huh ?

I definitely got to get myself a griddle .

What I'm really using is a crate pan .

Can't believe I don't have a griddle .

I mean , what in the world ?

Nope .

Not done yet .

I think when you can start lifting up the edge a little bit just to take a peek I think is when it's ready .

I always find that your first set of pancakes for some reason aren't as great as the rest that come after it .

I think it's because the first ones always get the pan ready or something .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I don't know .

Oh , yeah .

They're going good .

They're going good .

Chris .

Are you ready ?

He's ready .

I think this handle is freaking me out .

Ok .

I'm nervous .

Oh , almost perfect flip .

Oh , that was better .

Boom .

Oh , don't those look good , don't those look good ?

Sometimes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

What I would do with blueberry pancakes is , um , do a little powdered , powdered sugar and with a little , uh , lemon juice that'll really make it good .

But this one I think I'm , I'm gonna heat up some , uh , real maple syrup and I think that will go good on this too .

I think Chris will like that one .

So while these are finishing up , I'm gonna get the maple syrup because Chris and I don't need a lot of maple syrup .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I'm just gonna pour it in this little measuring cup because I love it because it has this little candle on it .

So it will be easy to pour my microwave .

I think these are done .

Oh , yeah .

Look at that .

Oh , I can't wait to get into , um , hundreds of thousands .

Ok .

Now , because the , the , that pancake batter took up some of that butter .

I'm gonna do another live there butter .

Maybe I can squeeze two more pancakes out of here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

I didn't want to make a big batter because , oh , and you know what I do with leftover pancakes or even French toast .

If it can fit into your toaster , I put leftover pancakes um , in the toaster and it kind of crisp them up , you can just , instead of the microwave , I like put them heating them up in the toaster .

So anyway , let's get this going .

Did I get , I think I did that .

Ok , maybe 30 seconds .

Let's keep waiting .

Oh , and because Chris is with me , look at that .

I got good bacon .

Keeping it warm .

Hopefully that will be good .

Babe , these are looking good .

I think he's doing something else .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Hey , we're waiting , waiting for them to be done .

Look at these , don't these look good ?

Yeah , see there he is .

I hope they are .

I hope they stay warm .

Mm .

We're waiting lots of blueberries too .

I like that .

Oh , no , not yet .

Not done yet .

Ok .

I flipped them over .

My pancakes are done and I am ready to serve a hungry man .

How about that ?

So blueberry pancakes ?


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