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2023-08-21 21:07:03

How to Build an Appetite if You Struggle to Eat _ Weight Gain

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So you wanna gain weight ?

But there's only one problem .

Hm .

You never feel hungry .

You don't have the appetite to even eat .

How are you gonna gain weight if you don't have the appetite to eat ?

Well , I got the answer to your question .

You tuned in to the right video .

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Ok .

So let's get it with this weight gain journey .

Always keep the shit .

Get it .

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I'm gonna let y'all know 10 plus tips and tricks to build your appetite .

Y'all ready .

Ok .

I am speaking from experience .

So you might want to grab your notebooks and get some popcorn .

Let's get it .

I got everything on my phone .

The first thing I wanna say about building an appetite to gain weight is if you have a fast metabolism like me , um you have to eat more calories than you burn .

So you have to consume more calories than you burn .

So if you're a person that like walks to school every day , walk to work or like whatever the case , you wanna make sure you eating multiple times throughout the day because you're a super , super active person .

And what you don't want to happen is you being more active than you eating because you can actually end up losing weight that way .

And we don't want that we're trying to get right .

OK .

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The second tip that I want you guys to keep in mind is you need to eat three full meals every single day .

Ok .

Three whole meals , not just like a little bit or a little that three whole meals every single day .

All right .

So a whole meal can consist of , I don't know , rice .

Uh talk about dinner .

It can consist of rice , two pieces or three pieces of like baked chicken and some vegetables on the side .

So you wanna make sure you're eating whole meals every single day , three whole meals every single day because we're trying to gain and along with eating three whole meals every single day , breakfast , lunch and dinner , you also need to eat snacks in between .

So that is a total of 5 to 6 meals every single day , three whole meals and then another 2 to 3 smaller snacks within your day .

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If you guys want more information about the whole , you know , eating and stuff like that , I do have a video that I made maybe a year or two ago talking about this .

So I will post that right here and I will post the link in the description box .

You guys should go check that out .

But this video is specifically talking about how to build the appetite to actually eat those meals .

So I have about 11 tips and tricks that I guarantee you guys if you do these things , you will expand your appetite , build your appetite and be able to eat way more .

OK ?

I'm speaking from experience .

The first one is exercise .

So you might have heard this before or you probably haven't .

So exercise can actually help to increase your hunger .

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So y'all , if y'all haven't been in the gym , I don't , I don't know , II I talk about it every single weight gain video that I post on my channel .

Exercising is super important .

The second one is make meal times more enjoyable .

So let me explain this because it's gonna sound a little weird , but stick with me until I'm finished explaining the whole thing .

OK .

So basically what I mean by make meal time more enjoyable is this , I noticed that if I just sit and eat , I get bored and I feel full and I'm just like , I don't know , I'm not gonna be able to finish this play of full .

However , if I turn on like my favorite TV , show while I'm eating , I don't know what it does .

I think .

Like , it distracts your brain from just focusing on eating .

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So now you're doing like two things at once and for some reason , it's like easier to finish like a whole plate of food that way .

It's kind of like you tricking your brain into focusing on more than one thing .

So you don't focus too much on just eating to the point where you get so overwhelmed that you can't finish your food .

I know it sounds crazy .

But if you don't have a fast metabolism , you probably do not understand where I'm coming from .

But if you do , you know it'd be hard to finish the meals and you get full super , super easily .

So make meal times more enjoyable .

Turn on your favorite TV show and eat food .

OK .

All right .

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The third thing is eat foods that you actually like , do not be scared to switch it up if you know that you're always eating shrimp , you know , try something else , try tilapia , try something else other than that don't keep eating the same foods because especially when you're trying to gain weight .

It's like super annoying .

If you eat the same foods , you're gonna get bored , you're gonna get tired , you're not gonna wanna eat .

So make sure that you are switching up your diet , still keeping it healthy , mostly healthy , but also not being afraid to adventure out and try new foods .

The fourth thing is do not write this down .

Y'all do not skip breakfast .

I cannot stress this enough , do not skip breakfast , do not skip breakfast .

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The only four words , probably the most important four words of this video , breakfast when they say it is literally the most important meal of the day .

Not only does it give you that energy to start your day .

But it's also important if you're trying to gain weight because you do not want to miss out on breakfast .

Do not skip breakfast .

OK .

Number five , eat nutrient dense foods instead of calorie , empty foods .

So caloric empty foods consist of candy chips , ice cream , junk food , basically instead of eating that you know , switch out some ice cream for some Greek yogurt , some whole Greek yogurt .

If you're trying to get it is so much healthier to eat whole Greek yogurt with nutrients in it .

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It's nutrient dense than to eat your favorite ice cream chips , candy , whatever .

OK .

OK .

Number six is add more calories to your meal .

So this one is super , super , super , super easy .

A great example of this is oatmeal .

So if you eat oatmeal , you might make it with water .

So instead of making it with water , make it with milk almond milk milk .

That's still extra calories doesn't really matter totally up to you .

And what this does is it just adds extra calories to your meals .

So you ain't even gotta do much .

You just gotta do that quick little switch and add more calories to your milk .

The other way that this might work is by using certain like butter in your meals and stuff like that .

Got it .

Ok .

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Number seven is trick your brain with different plate sizes .

So I'm actually gonna show you guys a quick example of this .

Let me go grab some plates .

OK ?

So when I first started my little weight gain journey , I would always eat out of plates that were this size .

OK ?

So paper plates are cool but the thing about your body is your body and your mind is interconnected .

So I know that sounds kind of weird but it's true .

So this plate is fairly small , right ?

So if you put a lot of food in it , you're like dang , I gotta eat all that food .

Yo like that's a lot of food .

However , if you put it in a plate like this , which is fairly bigger , then a plate like this , what you will find is say you put the same amount of food on both plates .

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It's gonna look like a lot of food on this plate , but it's gonna look like a smaller amount of food on this plate .

So do not be afraid to trick your little brain .

OK ?

Y'all I know it sounds crazy but try these things and I promise you you will start building your website .

But no , seriously y'all like on some real stuff .

Trick your brain like for real , try it put the same amount of food in a paper plate that you would in a bigger plate and you're gonna see like it looks smaller on this plate .

So in your head you're like God , I could finish that .

But if you put it on this plate , I'm like that's a lot of food .

I don't know if I could finish that .

Try it out .

Let me know what y'all think it worked for me so it might work for you .

The next thing is make time to eat .

A lot of us are busy and I mean we're college students , we go to work and we forget like date I have to eat so make time for you to eat , schedule time out of your day to eat .

I know that it sounds crazy but do it if you're trying to gain weight , do it .

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Ok .

Number nine is drink your calories .

This is something else I talk about in almost all my weight gain videos that I post on my channel .

Do not be scared to drink smoothies , do not be scared to drink in short .

Plus do not be scared to drink .

I think the brand is called Boost Boost .

I only had it like one time do not be afraid to drink that do not be afraid to drink nutriment .

If you guys would like a video of ways you can drink your calories or foods that can help you to drink your calories .

What am I trying to say ?

If you guys would like a video of different foods that you can drink instead of you know , eating to increase your calories .

Comment down below .

I would , I will make a video with the different drinks or whatever .

OK .

Coming down low .

OK ?

I think y'all get what I'm trying to say .

Number 10 is to eat more little by little .

This is what I mean .

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Say one day you eat like I don't know this much rice .

The next day , try eating this much rice the next day after that , try eating this much more of the story is increase the portions of your food so you can begin to stretch your stomach .

Another thing I want to tell you guys and I mentioned it earlier but I wanna say it again , your mind and your body is connected .

So if you feel full in your body , you know , your mind is gonna automatically tell you I feel full .

But if you like , I could take one little spoon full of this rice , do it each time , eat a little bit more and I promise you if you keep up that habit , you'll be able to eat more in no time .

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But it's all about training your body and training your mind to do it .

OK ?

It's the same thing like when you're in the gym and you like , I can't lift another weight but then you like , OK , I'm gonna go up one more path and then we gonna see and you end up doing it and you like , OK , and that's how your muscles break down so they could grow .

Y'all get what I'm trying to say .

All right .

So the very last tip that I have for you guys is do not drink while you're eating , this is something that I've done and I still do , but I don't really think it has an effect on how much food I can eat .

But I know for a lot of people it does .

So if you're the type of person who , first of all , let me , let me tell you guys why I be um drinking while I eat .

I have , I swear to God , I feel like I have like a small esophagus .

Um if I eat really fast and like a lot of food , it feels like it's stuck right here .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So for me that's why I drink what I eat .

Now , if y'all know another reason for that , please let me know .

But that's why I drink while I eat .

However I know that a lot of people shouldn't drink while they eat because it actually can make you get fuller faster because you're actually filling up your stomach with , you know , the juice or whatever you're drinking even water more than you are the food that you're eating .

So what you wanna do is drink after you've eaten your food or drink one hour before you're going to eat .

This is super , super , super , super , super , super important for you guys because I promise you that is probably the reason why you cannot finish your meals .

You wanna make sure that you are drinking after you eat your whole plate of food or quite a while before you eat your whole .

I think that's it that I have for building your appetite .

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If you guys know any more like tips or tricks , please comment down below .

I love my channel so much because so many people tune in and they be like , I've tried this before and blah , blah , blah , you guys also ask the best questions .

Do not be afraid to ask me questions .

I reply to literally almost every single comment that I get on my page .

And if I don't reply to it , I heard it .

So be sure to show some love comment , any questions that you have because I would be more than happy to answer them .

We're all on this journey , we're all you know , getting our body right ?

Loving our body and we're doing it together .

So I don't know why I just grabbed my boobies like that .

But but anyway , so do not be afraid to comment down below and yeah , I love you guys so much .

Please be sure to give me a big thumbs up and click that subscribe button .

If you want to see more videos like this on my channel , it's lit .

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My channel has been pretty lit .

It's been growing .

I don't know if y'all peak but it's been growing and I'm super , super excited for 2020 .

I really feel like this is my year and I will continue to give you guys great quality videos about weight gain and et cetera .

Please comment down below which video idea you would like to see next .

Ok .

Weight gain , booty gas , whatever , fitness , beauty , um fashion , y'all get it .

All right .

Bye guys .

Love you guys about choices you .


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