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2023-08-21 20:51:08

This Simple Trick will help you Lose Weight in 7 days

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If you want to lose weight and you are willing to spend ₹5 a day to achieve your goal , then this video is for you .

Now , I'm not going to tell you to climb the mountains or to survive on green tea and roads throughout the day .

All you need to do is add this one food to your regular diet and you will see your fat burning in just seven days , especially for work professionals out there who are not able to maintain a proper time due to time constraints or whatever other reasons .

This one thing will be very helpful .

I have write it on a couple of my friends and every time it just works like magic .

I will answer the most frequently asked questions about this later , but let's check out the recipe first .

Hello , friends .

Welcome to fit tuber .

The main ingredients that we need are one medium sized onion , two small tomatoes , 1/4 of a cabbage , half a capsicum and one medium carrot .

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To begin with , cut all the vegetables into small pieces .

Once that is done , turn on the gas and on a low flame , put up a cooker with just a little water once it gets hot , add in the onions first and saute them for about 1 to 2 minutes .

Now add the most important ingredient of this recipe .

The finely chopped cabbage cabbage is well known for its detoxing properties .

Now add a little rock salt for taste , make sure you do not overuse it .

Next , we will add carrot .

Carrots are high in fiber and low in glycemic index which makes them optimal for weight loss .

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Now add capsicum capsicum is another powerful weight loss food .

It helps regularize the blood sugar levels .

Now throwing the tomatoes , tomatoes are high in water content high in fiber and they are also rich in lycopen , an important antioxidant .

Next , we will add black pepper , black pepper is well known for its fat loss properties and also it will increase the bioavailability of other ingredients .

Finally add enough water so that all the vegetables are soaked in it .

Now close the lid of the cooker and let it cook on a low flame for about 15 minutes .

Ok .

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Once this is done , turn off the gas , let the steam pass off .

And when you will open the cooker , this broth based vegetable soup would be ready to cut the fat from your body .

The quantity of ingredients that we have used is enough for two servings .

This recipe is so low in calories that you just don't have to bother about it just to give a final touch .

Add a little lemon juice into it .

Not only it will enhance its taste , but also will increase its fat loss properties .

As you have seen , it is a very easy recipe .

All the ingredients used are very easily available near you .

Not only easy , it is very cheap and it tastes good too .

Most importantly , you need not do anything extraordinary to derive benefits out of it .

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Just eat what you are eating at the moment and add this one thing to your diet and it will do one for you .

Now allow me to answer some of the frequently asked questions of this so that you can delight the maximum benefits out of it .

When it cannot get better than this .

You can have it literally at any time of the day , morning , afternoon , evening , night , any time , if you still want to know , you can have it between breakfast and lunch or lunch and dinner , it is a great snack option or you can have it half an hour before lunch or dinner if you want to replace it as a dinner .

Go ahead again .

This is no problem .

You can have it as many times as you want , but have it at least once a day if you are willing to have it twice .

Go ahead .

Try no problem .

Seven days .

Yes .

Have it for a minimum of seven continuous days to see some visible results .

I would recommend you to carry it forward for 15 days .

One month .

And if you can make it a part of your diet , there is nothing like that .

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So the quantity time , how many times you should have it and for how long you should have it , it is totally dependent on you .

The longer you can sustain it into your diet , the better results it will give you although it is best to consume it fresh .

But in case you cannot spend that much time on a daily basis , you can make it in a large quantity and store it in the refrigerator for about seven days .

Every time you can just hint it and have it .

I would not recommend you to change any of its vegetable ingredients .

Also try to keep their ratios as it is the combination of all these vegetables will help you get the best results .

I made this soup on a low flame , make sure you do the same and on a low flame , I don't think your cooker will blow any results .

Just cook it for 15 minutes .

If you have a cooper , there is no problem .

You can use any other deep pan .

It is always better to use rock salt than normal table salt .

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I have discussed the benefits of using rock salt in many of my previous videos , but in case you don't have it or you don't want to use it at all .

In that case , you can go for normal table salt .

No , until and unless you are allergic to any of the ingredients that we have used in the recipe .

There is no question of side effects .

There is nothing fancy that we have used in this recipe .

It is only the combination of these ingredients which has made this recipe effective .

Any person of any age can have it without worrying about the side effects for this recipe .

There is absolutely no need to add even a drop of oil .

It will unnecessarily increase its calories .

You can sort the onions as it is or you can add just a little amount of water as I need .

Well , if you ask me whenever I make any curry , I don't add any wine in it .

Instead I add a little amount of water and sort the onions in it .

It works pretty well for me .

How many kg a person will lose after consuming ?

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This is a subjective matter .

It depends upon various factors like how much extra weight they are carrying .

What diet are they taking on with this ?

Just add it to your time and it will give you the desired results .

I hope I have answered most of your questions .

If you still have any other doubts , please do feel free to ask them in the comment section below .

I will surely get back to you and do share your experience and results with us after seven days .

So friends , I hope you found this video helpful .

Well , if you did , please do give it a thumbs up .

And also please do remember to subscribe to my channel .

My name is Vivek and thank you so much for watching .


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