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2023-08-19 21:05:57

Vegan Weight Loss Hacks _ Drop it like it's hot 🔥💃🏾

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Hi guys .

So I get asked all the time .

How do you lose weight on a vegan diet ?

A lot of people start eating vegan specifically because they want to lose weight .

Now , the easy , super easy answer to that is you eat a nutrient dense diet , meaning you almost entirely avoid processed foods .

I mean , highly processed foods like Oreos and things like that .

However , there are some other things that you can be doing starting right now , starting to day to kickstart your weight loss if you do have any weight to lose and even if you don't , all these tips that I'm gonna share with you today are great just if you want to be healthier and happier in your life .

So I'm gonna share with you my favorite easy weight loss packs .

So my first pack is to drink more water .

So I know a lot of people don't like just drinking plain water .

So a few things you can do are number one , add some sort of citrus .

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So lemon juice or lime juice are my two favorite options .

And another thing that you can add to super boost that water is a little bit of apple cider vinegar .

Apple cider vinegar helps your digestion .

And when you have healthy happy digestion , it's a lot easier to maintain a healthy weight and also lose weight .

Often when we feel we're hungry , we're actually thirsty .

So make sure you're drinking plenty of water throughout the day .

Not just in the morning or not just in the evening throughout the day .

I even recommend having a glass of water before you have a meal .

Not right before , give yourself like 30 minutes before you have that meal because you can help to hydrate yourself .

And then you can actually feel your hunger as it truly is .

Number two is to skip oil added oil is added empty calories .

So I know most of us saute with oil .

I do a lot of the times roast with oil , oil to salad dressings and all sorts of other cooking .

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Right .

But if you skip the oil , you can cut out so many calories .

A tablespoon of oil has 100 and 20 calories , whether it's coconut oil or grape seed oil or avocado oil , it doesn't matter .

But don't take that to mean that fat isn't good for you .

Fat is good .

It's just that you want the healthy source of fats .

So what I recommend doing is water sauteing or sauteing in a vegetable broth .

You can still cook your vegetables down to be nice and tender and perfect .

You can even roast in water or in vegetable broth .

And if you're making a salad dressing , skip the oil by using avocado or Tahini , which is my personal favorite .

So the healthy forms of fat are things like Tahini and avocado because they're wholesome foods .

Oil is just extracted from the rest of the plant , leaving most of the nutrients behind .

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And like I said , at the beginning , when you want to lose weight , when you to be healthy , when you want to maintain your healthiest happiest weight , you need to focus on eating nutrient dense foods , oil is not really one of them food is obviously super important , but don't forget to be more active as well in whatever way you can try to add more activity into your life .

One of my favorite things to do is when I'm on the phone with my family to go for long walks , it's easy .

Otherwise I'll just be sitting down in the house and talking , but why not walk and why not get some fresh air while you're doing something else .

Walking is underrated .

You can actually burn a lot of calories and it's just a great , easy way to be more active standing while you're working or you're on the computer is also a great thing that you can do to not really be more active , but it really makes a difference for your body , the amount of calories that you burn and just your overall health .

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So a lot of people are not going to be happy about this one , but you got to avoid alcohol or at least cut down your consumption of alcohol as much as possible .

So some hacks that you can do to easily not drink as much or not drink at all .

It's my personal favorite .

Grab a kombucha instead when I don't want to drink .

If I'm going out with friends or I'm going out to a bar , I will bring a kombucha with me .

or once I get where I'm going , I'll order a kombucha .

If it's on the menu , I love kombucha because even though it , it's non alcoholic , it still has that like uh that essence of drinking a cocktail , drinking a glass of wine , drinking beer for me .

It's really , really helpful at getting rid of my desire to drink alcohol .

But if you like to have a glass of wine or a cocktail at night when you come home because you need to unwind and relax .

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Well , I still recommend having kombucha instead , but I also recommend doing other things to help you relax , doing things like diffusing essential oils , essential oils like lavender and cloves and cinnamon and sweet orange oil can be super , super relaxing and you can do that or you have your kombucha and watch a movie or read a good book or whatever else .

Also , taking bubble baths is good or there are things like herbs , things like passion flour kapa .

There are a whole slew of different teas that you can buy at the store that will help you relax .

The thing about alcohol is that it's empty calories .

You're not getting much out of it .

It's not giving you more nutrients in your diet .

So try other things to relax and that will help you in your overall quest for health and weight loss .

Now , I have a few different hacks for adding more fiber into your diet .

Fiber is specifically super important if you want to lose weight .

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If you want to be healthy , if you want to be happy , if you wanna feel good , if you don't want to be bloated , because it helps to keep you regular and it helps to feed the healthy bacteria in your gut , which prevents bloating .

Keeps you regular , keeps you healthy , keeps from getting folds and cancer and all sorts of things .

So , one of my favorite ways to add more fiber into my diet is by adding sweet potatoes to like everything , everything from waffles , to pancakes , to chili , to salads , to my bowls .

Anything sweet potatoes are super fiber rich , but all vegetables are high in fiber .

So whichever ones you like , make sure you're working them into your diet as often as possible .

Also try to mix up the types of fiber that you eat .

Different types of beans , different type of grains have a variety in your diet .

So for example , when I'm making chili , instead of using one bean , I use at least three different types .

Why ?

Because I don't want my body to get too used to the food that I'm eating .

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I want my body to have to work for the fiber to actually be effective .

And as a probiotic , the food that feeds the healthy bacteria in my gut , I wanna make sure that that bacteria is getting enough variety so that it can keep my digestion , my intestines , my elimination system as healthy as possible .

Lastly , have a salad before you eat your main meal .

That's one of the classic hacks for eating more vegetables , eating more fiber and also losing weight .

So a little salad , whether it's made from cabbage or kale or whatever , even fruit salad will help you to add more fiber into your diet .

And lastly remember , and don't be afraid to eat when you are hungry .

Lunchtime , don't deprive yourself of food or skip meals .

It's super important to eat .

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And if you're eating a nutrient dense diet , avoiding most processed foods , then you're not going to have to count calories or worry about .

Oh , I'm eating too much because the food that you're eating is so high quality that your body is going to be able to use it up and you're still going to be able to lose weight if you have weight to lose .

Now , if you don't have any weight to lose , then that's the perfect way to help maintain pain , your health and your healthy weight .

Hope you guys found these hats helpful .

And if you give them a try , please let me know how they go for you .

If you have any more questions about this or even if you have some tips or hacks to share of your own , please leave them in the comment section below .

And if you're not already subscribed , please do I post every week and make sure you leave a thumbs up .

Thanks so much for watching .

I will see y'all next time .

Bye .


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