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2023-08-21 20:32:01


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Hey y'all .

Welcome to Chas Cuisines today .

We're making jerk shrimp , rasta pasta .

So let's start with a pot of boiling water .

We're gonna add some salt for our pasta .

Next , you're gonna add your pasta and let that cook .

Follow the box direction while your pasta is cooking .

Go ahead and start marinating your shrimp .

We're gonna add some jerk shrimp seasoning .

I added about two teaspoons .

Next , we're gonna give that a quick toss and we're gonna put that in the refrigerator for about five minutes .

Now , in a heated skillet , add some olive oil and go ahead and add your shrimp .

You're gonna click your shrimp until it's fully cooked .

You'll see it right on the inside .

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And I would say 2 to 3 minutes on each side .

Now when that two minutes is up , go ahead and flip your shrimp next .

When your shrimp are done , go ahead and remove that .

And in that same pan , we're gonna go ahead and add our bell peppers and we're gonna saute those until they're completely soft .

So about 6 to 7 minutes , give those a quick sauce in that jerk seasoning sauce .

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Now , go ahead and add your garlic , add your scallions and saute those just for an , an additional two minutes after the two minutes .

Go ahead and add some heavy cream .

Have your heat on a medium to low .

Once your cream starts heating up , go ahead and start seasoning your cream .

We're gonna add some Sassone seasoning .

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Of course , smoked paprika onion powder , parsley , crack black pepper .

And of course , last but not least about 2 to 3 teaspoons of the jerk seasoning and go ahead and add some mozzarella cheese as well as some Parmesan cheese whi that together very well .

I added and died some more cheese to thicken up my sauce and then I mixed it together .

I left it on a simmer next place your pasta in your sauce .

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Mix that in very well .

After that , we're gonna go ahead place our shrimp in the pasta .

I left out a couple of piece pieces just for presentation and you can season to your liking and also add salt to your liking .

If you decide to recreate this dish .

Tag me at Chaz's Cuisines on Instagram story .


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