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2023-08-19 21:05:51

Chew 32 times to lose weight - Sandeep Maheshwari at TEDxIIMRanchi

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I'm going to talk about how I killed the biggest killer of the world .

There were just two options with me , either killed or die and I chose to kill it all started with a crazy idea .

A really crazy idea to solve the biggest problem of my life .

And my problem was my elder brother .

Here you go .

And please don't look at me like this .

I didn't kill my brother .

It's actually me 14 months and 14 years ago .

As you can see in this graph at the age of 31 my fat stock was at an all time high .

And unlike the stock market , it was not a very good position to be in .

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And as expected , my dear obesity gave birth to a lot of other health related issues such as but not limited to tiredness , uneasiness , lethargy , and constipation , but I was not even bothered about it .

Then came the turning point of my life .

I got a wake up call when my doctor said that now , either you do something or the almighty will do it for you because I got my cholesterol checked and the cholesterol levels were very , very high .

So it kind of shook me up .

And the very next day I joined a gym and I changed my entire title to the so called Healthy Foods .

It was all going pretty good and it went on for a long , long time to be very honest with you , uh , for seven days to be precise .

And then I was back with my normal self alive and kicking .

But at the back of my mind , I wasn't very happy because I was feeling like a loser .

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And my mind started working out really hard to find out a solution , a practical solution that actually works .

And then finally , I got that crazy idea that changed everything .

And that crazy idea had nothing to do with any kind of exercise medicines or diet plan whatsoever of any kind .

That crazy idea that I'm talking about is right here in this box .

I call it the magic box .

I can say it with full confidence in front of millions of people and with 100% conviction that it works and works .

One does because it has changed my life now , as I can see it , uh on some of the faces sitting over here that some of you are excited to know what's inside this box .

So all you have to do is all those people who want to know what's inside this box .

They need to simply go on to my website and buy it for just rupees 9999 .

That's no big deal .

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Thank you so much uh for your time and patience .

My presentation is over and thanks Ted for giving me this wonderful platform to .

Thanks .

Thanks .

Any problem .

Oh , sorry .

Yeah .

Uh I forgot to mention the name of my website .

It's just a dot com and I know what , what you are thinking that enough of these sick jokes and they now come straight to the point of you , throw you out , so I'll not take any more chances .

And here is that idea , the big idea that I'm talking about and there is absolutely nothing new about it .

From my grandma to the scientists .

Everybody has said it umpteen times .

You must have heard it a lot many times .

As simple as it sounds and as simple as it looks chew your food 32 times .

How many people have heard about it ?

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Oh , a lot of people for those who have not heard about it , I'll just go through some of the benefits .

In fact , there is ample information about how it works on the day .

Like it helps you in losing weight .

It's very , very good for your digestive system , the more you chew , the less you eat .

And surprisingly , it even makes your food more nutritious .

And this list can go on and on and on and on .

But this is all knowledge .

Just pile it up in our minds of little or no use .

So what I did was , my vision was very clear .

What I wanted to do was to figure out a way to put this knowledge into action .

Somehow , find out a way so that all this knowledge I can bring it into action .

And what I'll do is I'll give you a quick demo to show how it works for that .

Uh , I need a volunteer .

Anybody .

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Uh , just for a few seconds .

Yeah .

Somebody who is a foodie like you who love to eat .

What's her name ?

OK .

All you have to do is it's very , very simple .

Take this , take the wrapper out and take a small bite of this chew it 32 times and that's all it .

OK .

I'll count it for you .

123456789 , 10 , 11 12 , 13 , 14 , 15 , 16 , 17 , 18 , 1920 21 .

22 .

23 .

24 .

25 26 27 28 29 .

30 31 32 .

Thank you so much .

Let's let's give it for him .

Let's let's give it for it looks easy , but it means a lot of patience .

OK .

But now I have three simple questions for you .

No big deal .

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The first question is , were you conscious that you were eating something when you were 32 ?

10 ?

Were you conscious that you were eating something ?

Yes .

OK .

So he was conscious .

Second question again .

Simple .

Does it feel good to taste it ?

And then swallow it .

Definitely .

OK .

Now , the final question and I want you to be completely honest about it , even if it ruins my entire presentation , no matter how good this idea is that I'm talking about .

But can you remember to eat like this every single time , every single day for your entire life ?

Yes or no , no .

OK .

Thank you , buddy .

Thanks .

That was the challenge and my answer was also no , because I knew that irrespective of how good this idea sounds .

I will not be able to practically practice it or remember it for the rest of my life .

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And that's fine .

I did something , I'll show you what I did .

So it wasn't a lie that there is nothing in this magic box .

There is something that I should do .

I did this to my plate .

And this is that crazy idea that I'm talking about .

The idea was very simple , as I said , to bring that knowledge into action and to remember this simple idea .

This simple every single time I ate initially for the first few days , it was very awkward and not at all comfortable to eat in such a thing .

And I even thought of throwing it in a dust bin .

But then somehow I kept going almost around uh three weeks or so .

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And after three weeks when I got used to it used to this , this stupid idea , then everything started changing everything .

The best thing that happened was that I became conscious of what I was eating again .

It doesn't look like big stuff .

You know what the problem is that we keep thinking that there is something big which will come from somewhere or that lightning would , would strike our head and that would change our life .

That's what I used to think .

But in reality , what happens is these , these small , small things that we do in our day to day lives at times , it makes a big difference .

So what happened was I became conscious of what I was eating and it was a big thing .

Just think about it .

When was the last time you were completely aware of what you were eating ?

When was the last time ?

Just think about it .

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We are either there in the past or in the future , we are experiencing it , but we don't know what it is .

And that's not all what happened was I also became conscious , how much was it ?

And that was kind of uh changed the whole equation because I started understanding the difference , the key difference or a subtle difference between my real hunger that is from the stomach and my emotional hunger , which was there in my heart .

So I started understanding that difference and gradually what happened was the root cause of the biggest problem of my life disappeared , it just disappeared .

And the rumor was craving for more .

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At that point in time , I realized that knowingly or unknowingly what I did was I killed , the biggest killer of the world and the biggest killer of the world is obesity .

It's not smoking , it's not malnutrition .

There are millions and millions of people who are getting killed because of this obesity .

And for me it was killed .

But as I said , there is a flip side to everything .

So there was a flipside to this as well to this , this crazy stuff that I became a loser .

So here you go .

Yeah .

So that was the idea that I was talking about .

I wish you all a very healthy and happy life .

Thank you so much .


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