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50 Foods You Must Avoid If You Want To Lose Weight

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Trying to lose weight , know all the tricks in the book and still nothing .

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Weight loss is not child's play .

The journey to your desired weight starts with making dietary changes .

Cutting back on foods high in fat plays a major role in dropping those extra calories .

Losing weight is a combination of eating nutritious food being physically active and knowing what to avoid .

Like those foods high in fat with empty calories with so many options .

It's difficult to make the right choice .

Where do you start ?

No more chips .

What about meats and desserts ?

Here are 50 foods that you must avoid if you want to lose weight .

Number one , sugary beverages , sugary drinks are basically beverages that contain added sweeteners and flavors .

These include soda , tonic fruit punch , energy drinks and more .

A single tablespoon contains about 4 g of sugar .

A typical can of soda contains 7 to 10 tablespoons of sugar .

Swap out your can of soda with a glass of lemon water for accelerating weight loss .

Which beverage do you prefer ?

Tell us in the comments .

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Number two , potato chips , potato chips contain extra flavoring additives , fat and sugar out of all the fat causing offenders .

Potato chips are the worst along with a dangerous amount of sodium .

A bag of chips is also high in trans fat .

This leads to obesity along with heart disease , diabetes and Alzheimer's go for healthy snacks like celery , kale chips , dark chocolate or apple slices with peanut butter .

Number three processed meats , obesity and weight gain is directly linked to processed meats , which includes sausages , salami beef jerky and canned meat .

They contain many different combinations of irresistible and delicious flavors .

Additives and fat , which usually makes people overeat .

They lack fiber protein vitamins and other essential nutrients .

So if you're looking to ditch a few pounds , then processed meats is a no go .

Number four , white rice , rice is a staple food for half of earth's population .

Easy to cook and versatile .

It's packed with calories .

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A single cup of rice contains 200 calories which is a disaster for someone looking to lose weight .

When compared to brown rice .

White rice is stripped of its vitamins and minerals .

During the refining process filled with carbs .

This food should be avoided at all costs or replaced with unprocessed brown rice .

Number five , sugary cereal sugar equals fat .

Cereal is one of the most overlooked foods to avoid for weight loss .

Added sugars found in cereal candy and other baked goods contribute to weight gain if not taken care of in the early stages .

It can cause diabetes .

Chronic heart conditions and obesity looking to replace cereal .

Go for whole grain based cereals that digest easily and quickly .

Number six , diet soda .

How can something with diet in its name contribute to weight gain ?

Low calorie doesn't mean low sugar content in the long run .

Artificial and refined sugar causes weight gain .

Drinking zero calorie sweetened drinks confuses the body because it expects the calories that aren't actually there .

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This causes it to increase insulin and sugar levels leading to fat storage and eventually contributing to weight gain .

Number seven french fries , a typical helping of French fries contains around 427 calories , which means it's a high calorie food made with potatoes and deep fried in oil .

French fries are a quick ticket to obesity often eaten along with other junk foods , ketchup and topped sometimes with melted cheese .

They also increase your risk of overeating .

Number eight , red meat , red meat like pork , beef and lamb are packed with protein and are a rich source of iron .

This high iron content decreases the release of certain hormones in the brain which leaves you with a monster appetite when eaten in excess .

This can increase the risk of heart disease and weight gain .

Try to limit your red meat intake to just three ounces per week .

Number nine whipped cream desserts don't feel complete without a rich dollop of whipped cream .

We're used to having cream and coffee , baked goods and all sorts of other things .

It's made from heavy cream and is packed with calories .

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A two tablespoon serving has 100 calories and 10 g of fat .

Clearly , it's a no go if you're looking to lose weight .

Number 10 chocolate bars , chocolate is the world's favorite desserts .

While dark chocolate has health benefits , milk chocolate bars are packed with calories and sugar and very little nutrients .

Did you know that the consumption of chocolate in America has gone up from 74% to 81% in just 10 years .

These bars also increase appetite .

And to be honest , when was the last time you had just one bite ?

They're just plain unhealthy and you should resist the temptation .

Number 11 , peanut butter , peanuts are high in fat and calories .

Eating just two tablespoons of peanut butter contains 100 and 90 calories which is unpleasant news .

If you're looking to lose weight , butter alone also has boatloads of fat .

Eating peanut butter with bread is an easy way of gaining weight .

Number 12 , fresh fruit juice sometimes considered the hidden culprit for weight gain .

Fresh fruit juice often goes unnoticed .

Eating fresh fruit is better than squeezing out its juice .

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The sugar content present in juice form causes weight gain and obesity without any fiber .

The fruit increases sugar levels in the blood which later gets stored as fat .

Number 13 , fried chicken , fried chicken is America's soul food .

Sadly , it contributes to massive weight gain when chicken is fried .

It becomes dense in caloric content .

This happens because it loses water and absorbs the oil when eaten every day .

Not only do you gain weight but also increase cholesterol leading to heart problems .

Number 14 ice cream ice cream is made from heavy cream loaded with sugar and incredibly dense in fat content .

Just one cup of vanilla ice cream contains 14 g of fat .

If you find it difficult to cut back on it , then only have it as an occasional treat .

You can also substitute commercially prepared ice cream with the low fat ones .

Number 15 crackers , crackers are high in everything that causes an increase in weight .

They contain unofficially added salt , sugar and fats and fall under the category of ultra processed foods .

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If you wish to turn it into a healthful snack , then you can eat them with carrots , celery or hummus , avoid them completely .

If you're looking to lose a few pounds .

Number 16 cream cheese , cream cheese is a popular dessert spread .

This versatile dairy product is made from the heavy fat combination of cream and milk cream cheese produced in the USA contains 33% fat .

Sure , it's a good source of vitamin A and antioxidants .

But the cons outweigh the pros just two tablespoons of it contains 100 calories and 9 g of fat .

Number 17 energy drinks .

If you've been skipping meals and substituting them with energy drinks , then it's time for you to stop .

They have zero nutritional value and are high and empty calories and sugar .

Drinking even two cans of it every day is considered overconsumption , often associated with sports and athletic activities .

These drinks are very harmful in the long run .

Number 18 , jam , fruit jams are a part of a balanced breakfast , especially for kids .

Despite the delicious taste , there is nothing more to it .

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This classic sweet spread is made by simmering fruits and high calorie sugar and zero fiber .

It's also dense with glucose and leads to weight gain , replace it with freshly cut fruit topping or some other organic spread .

Number 19 , savory sauces , barbecue sauce , ketchup ranch classic mayonnaise and others contain shockingly high amounts of calories and fat .

Just one spoon of mayo contains 10 g of fat and 100 calories .

Sure .

These condiments make any bland food delicious , but they're not good news .

If you're trying to lose weight basting chicken or any meat with barbecue sauce is as good as deep frying them .

Number 20 coffee creamer coffee has gained major hype among the people in the US .

However , the creamer in it causes weight gain .

Coffee alone is rich in nutrients and essential vitamins .

But the moment you add dairy creamers , everything gets canceled out .

This can wreak havoc on your weight loss goals .

They not only contain fat but also emulsifiers that cause digestive issues .

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Number 21 refined pasta when it comes to weight gain pasta is a tricky food .

A staple in many cultures , whole grain pasta is a good choice for a healthy diet routine .

On the other hand , refined pasta has most of its nutrients and fiber removed and the body digests it as it would any sugar sending fat stores to your belly , you can make the switch easily and say goodbye to belly fat .

Number 22 onion rings , onion rings are a staple among fast food and are often eaten with burgers in the soda .

They're not only deep fried but they're also coated with a layer of bread , crumbs , flour and eggs .

All of which are the usual suspects in weight gain .

100 g of onion rings contains 411 calories completely .

Getting rid of them from your diet will show quick results .

Number 23 tortilla chips , the combination of tortilla chips and guacamole may seem like the perfect healthy snack , but that's a common misconception .

100 g of these processed chips contains 25 g of fat with minuscule amounts of calcium and iron .

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The nutritional value is not impressive and has dangerously high levels of sodium .

Overall tortilla chips cause more harm than good .

Number 24 large coffee drinks , large coffee drinks like a vanilla latte , iced white chocolate mocha and others can cause some serious weight gain .

While black coffee helps in breaking down large foods into smaller bits .

Large coffee drinks contain heavy whipped cream , large quantities of sugar and artificial flavoring .

All these add-ons negate the positive characteristics of coffee .

Just one of these drinks every day will bring your weight loss journey to a standstill .

Number 25 pie .

If you deconstruct the ingredients of a pie , you'll notice that most of them cause quick weight gain pie crusts and other baked goods contain gross amounts of trans fats and saturated fats .

They add on hefty calories and harms the natural nutritional value of your body .

Number 26 cinnamon rolls .

Beware of craving cinnamon rolls .

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If you're on a weight loss diet , these delicious treats are made of flour and loaded with sugar including the toppings .

One large cinnamon roll contains 290 calories and 15% of it is just fat .

In order to burn these calories , you'll have to do some intense cardio with zero nutritional value .

These should be immediately cut from your diet .

Number 27 pancakes .

If layers of pancakes with sugary syrup dripping down as your breakfast choice , then it's time to stop .

They're a popular breakfast meal and can be whipped up in no time while an occasional pancake or two is ok .

Eating it every day for breakfast contributes to weight gain .

They lack fiber and are high in calories , fat and sugar .

All factors that increase your waistline .

Number 28 granola , granola has gained exceptional popularity as a healthy snack alternative that's packed with energy giving ingredients .

Some granola contain around four tablespoons of sugar in every helping consistently eating them in large amounts will lead to obesity , diabetes and other health concerns .

Try eating small amounts and ones that contain no artificial sweeteners .

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Number 29 bottled tea , bottled tea may seem like the perfect pick me up for a kick of energy .

Almost every type of presweetened bottled tea is a bad idea .

Sure .

It feels light and refreshing but it's loaded with sugar .

You might as well just have a soda in just one package tea .

You're having 11 teaspoons of sugar and obvious step would be to cut it from your diet to promote weight loss .

Wondering which healthy beverages are the best .

Check out this video to get to know the 13 most nutrient dense drinks on the planet .

Number 30 alcohol , drinking alcohol , particularly in large amounts causes some serious weight gain along with a bunch of other health problems .

It also stops the body from burning fat ever gorged on a cheese hamburger after a night out .

That's because booze makes you super hungry for junk food .

Sure .

Some alcoholic beverages contain more fat than others , but they're all equally harmful .

Number 31 .

Take away pizza .

Everyone loves pizza .

However , it can derail your weight loss journey from its dough to toppings .

Every aspect is unhealthy .

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The dough is refined and contains heavy carbs .

They're topped off with fats like cheese and unhealthy sauces containing trans fats .

Unless you choose the healthier version , it should be on your don't eat list number 32 soybean oil in a world that's quickly switching to healthier alternatives .

Soybean has become a popular choice .

Did you know that soybean causes more obesity ?

When compared to coconut oil , people who include this oil in their diets are more susceptible to weight gain and even diabetes .

This happens because it contains unsaturated , unhealthy fats .

Replace it with olive oil and expect positive results .

Number 33 burgers .

This is a no brainer burgers top the list for high fat containing foods because one cheeseburger contains around 300 calories .

They contain unhealthy fats are high in sodium and are cooked in unhealthy oil .

They also contained refined flour , red meat , cheese , mayo and ketchup .

All the ingredients that make you gain a couple of pounds in just one go .

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Number 34 candy bars while having an occasional candy bar is ok .

Eating it regularly is cause for concern .

Too much candy will add lots of unhealthy nutrients to your body like sugar and fat .

Too much sugar of any type can lead to dental cavities .

Weight gain and an increase in cholesterol .

Be sure that you only choose candy bars that have no saturated fats .

Number 35 cookies cookies are available in every possible flavor , no matter how inviting they may seem if you're looking to lose weight , be ready to cut them out of your life .

A single Oreo cookie contains 52 calories and nobody can have just one made by combining butter eggs , refined flour and artificial flavoring and topped off with unhealthy toppings .

They are not good news .

Number 36 dried fruits , eating whole fruits is always a good idea .

Contrary to popular belief , dried fruits like peaches , apples and apricots among others cause unprecedented weight gain .

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This sweet and energy dense snack is loaded with calories due to additional sugar when eaten for a long duration of time , they can cause a lot of weight gain .

Number 37 .

Fear thinking about cracking open a cold one .

Hold that thought beer belly is real out of all the alcoholic beverages , beer contains the highest amount of calories .

They also contain carbs that get stored as fat in the body .

The more you drink , the more your weight gain will be .

And that includes the whole body .

Number 38 bottled smoothies store bought smoothies are no substitute for freshly made ones .

The main concern in case of bottled smoothies is the gross levels of sugar content .

Other than that , they also contain artificial sweeteners , flavorings and other additives aimed at increasing the shelf life .

If you really want the bottled ones , then be sure to go for whole fruit ones with zero added sugar .

Number 39 refined sugar .

It's almost impossible to escape refined sugars .

It's present in everything from cookies , breads , pasta yogurt to tomato sauce .

The list can go on and on .

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If you eat sugar regularly , then you'll drastically gain weight very quickly .

It's a source of empty calories and negligible in terms of nutrition .

Number 40 doughnuts , doughnuts are everyone's go to Sweet Treat .

They contain high levels of sugar fat and carbs .

The added fats make it a high calorie food .

It also undergoes the process of deep frying and refined oils , which is a quicker way of adding those extra pounds .

They contain anywhere between 100 and 90 to 400 calories which is quite difficult to burn out as well .

Number 41 bagels , bagels aren't that bad , but it doesn't make them a healthy option , convenient and difficult to resist , including them in your morning breakfast may not be a good idea .

After all .

A typical deli bagel contains around 350 calories .

Unless you plan on burning those calories off at the gym .

There's a good chance that they'll turn into fat and get settled in your thighs and belly .

Number 42 muffins just like other baked goods .

A simple muffin is also made out of high sugar fat and carbs .

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Although it may seem like an innocent sweet delight , it contains close to 400 calories .

There are ways of substituting a regular muffin with healthier ones along with natural sweeteners and adds , if you're looking to lose weight , it would be best to cut it out completely .

Number 43 pancake syrup , pancakes are incomplete without a generous drizzle of syrup .

This underrated addition may be unknowingly causing some weight gain .

These syrups are extremely high in sugar and lack any sort of natural flavoring or nutritional value .

Constant use of different types of sugary syrup may lead to obesity and even diabetes .

Number 44 canned soup soups are normally considered one of the healthiest foods for weight loss .

On the contrary , canned soups , although a conventional and quick choice contain large amounts of cream .

These supply crazy amounts of fats and calories into the body which in turn increases your hunger and cravings for other foods .

This of course later on leads to weight gain .

Number 45 pretzels .

Pretzels seem like a good choice of snack if weight loss is your goal .

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However , they're actually fat traps in disguise .

One serving of pretzels contains just 1 g of fat , but they also contain high amounts of refined carbohydrates and unhealthy amounts of sodium .

They increase the daily intake of sodium in a person by 10 fold , which contributes largely to weight gain .

Number 46 white bread , white bread is on everyone's breakfast list .

It's cheap and easily available .

Sadly , they're packed with carbohydrates and sugar .

Two of the primary contents responsible for weight gain , not just that they're high in the glycaemic index as well , which makes it a no go for diabetics as it tends to shoot up the insulin levels .

Having just two slices of white bread will greatly increase your chances of developing obesity .

Number 47 restaurant desserts when it comes to restaurant desserts , sugar is not the main culprit but gross amounts of salt is desserts come as a final meal during your restaurant stay .

This may add thousands more calories .

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These desserts are also oversized , adding unnecessary sugar contributing to weight gain while going out , try to share the dessert if you can .

Number 48 drive through fast food .

The word fast food spells unhealthy and fat gaining foods .

These include Chinese takeaways , burgers , burritos and more .

All of these foods are prepared beforehand and contain unhealthy levels of fats , carbs and other artificial additives .

If a drive-through fast food is part of your daily meal , then it's time to make a few changes .

Number 49 croissants made with butter .

This much loved food also sadly falls under the category of high calorie foods .

They also contain trans fats that leads to weight gain .

One simple croissant contains as much as 272 calories .

Baked goods in general are a poor choice to include in your diet .

If weight loss is your aim .

Number 50 butter consider this one tablespoon of butter packs about 100 and two calories .

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This shows that butter is packed with calories and fattening content .

Sure , butter is fine in small quantities every day .

But lathering your bread and including it in any of your baked goods will lead to an increase in your weight .

Say goodbye to butter if you want to shed a couple pounds quickly .

Which foods are you willing to give up .

Have you already given up some of these delicious treats ?

Let's get that discussion going in the comments .

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