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2023-08-19 20:41:52

How to Make PASTA ALLA GRICIA Like a Roman

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This is pasta , one of the most beautiful pastas on the planet .

It come from Rome .

And if you have been to Rome , I do hope you have tried it .

If not , today is the day for you to change your life .

Let's make this together .

Are you ready to change your life ?

Hi and welcome to place the place where you get to learn how to cook delicious homemade Italian recipes .

Yes , this is pasta pasta .

This is a Roman pasta .

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Did you know there are four pastas in Rome , carbonara , pepe and pasta .

Probably one of the best pastas on the planet .

So think of pasta as a combination of carbonara and without the egg or a mix of and without the tomato .

That's what you get .

Let me tell you , I want this pasta to be creamy .

I want the to be nice and crispy , but at the same time moist and I want EPPS into my mouth .

Oh , yes .

To make the perfect pasta .

We need a nice , is the pig cheek is the cheek of the pig .

It is very popular in Rome .

It is not popular in other parts of Italy or around the world .

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But it can be found if you cannot find Charli pig cheek you or cured bacon .

Ok ?

But try to find , we need to use a generous amount of pecorino cheese .

We want to be very generous without pecorino cheese .

Pecorino cheese is a cheese made from sheep bare .

And then the choice of pasta I made is rigatoni pasta .

Rigatoni is probably the most used pasta for pasta in Rome , ok ?

You can use spaghetti , you can use , you can use anything you want .

But trust me , in my opinion , rigatoni is the best .

You will love this .

OK , guys , as you can see the has pepper , all the flavors in here , you know your herbs , there is garlic in there and on this side , we have the skin , we don't want to eat the skin .

So what we do is we remove the skin , OK ?

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Just remove the skin because we don't want to eat it .

So it's very important to , we make one the way I like to cut it is that I want to get a nice slice like this , probably half inch , even less , you know , just like that .

And then I wanna cut it into strips .

So what I'm trying to do here is very simple .

So I'm trying to get fat and meat on the same strip because I need the meat to become crispy .

I need the fat to give me the flavor to this pasta and to make it that sensation of moist and crisp at the same time , you know , because the fat will stay moist and the meat will become crispy for this pasta guys .

I am making 300 g of pasta for two people , 100 and 50 g each and 200 g of .

But if you want to be more generous and you wanna use a lot more , more .

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Oh my God .

Go for it .

It's the more the better guys .

The first thing to do here is to start boiling the pasta .

OK ?

I've got a large pot with nice amount of water and I am boiling the water .

See , the water is boiling at this point .

I'm going to add one tablespoon of rock salt or sea salt put in there .

And I've got the flavors .

Now in the water , you know the water has flavors .

Now we have salt in the water .

The water is boiling .

We are going to add 300 g of rigatoni pasta or any pasta that you want .

Now , this past need 14 minutes to cook .

OK ?

That's what the packet says .

But what I'm going to do is I'm going to cook it for one minute less so 13 minutes .

Why ?

Because I'm going to finish off this pasta inside the pan with the one .

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Now this is the way the fun begins .

I have a nice pan over here on a low heat .

I don't wanna stress the meat and I'm going to add the one in this pan .

OK ?

I don't want the pain to be already too hot because otherwise I'm stressing the meat .

I want the meat and the pan to warm up together .

OK ?

Now guys , this meat , this one or if you use or bacon , it will take about five minutes to cook no more on a low medium heat .

You know , you're looking at five minutes , you want to be safe , let's say seven minutes no more .

So as the pasta is boiling , this is getting ready .

OK ?

What we are going to see very soon is the oil coming out from , from the fat .

So the fat will melt and will create oil that is going to give flavors to our pasta .

That's the reason why we don't need garlic .

We don't need onion .

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We don't need anything else because the flavors are in this one big chick .

Once a week .

I have this smell into my kitchen and it's a must .

OK ?

So what I want to create here is an explosion of ness into your mouth .

Remember when , before I said this is a combination of pasta and well , this is how I make it OK ?

I do like to make sauce for this one .

OK ?

So what we do is we get a beautiful pecorino cheese .

We put it in a , in a small bowl .

So what I wanna do is I wanna put three tablespoons of pasta water .

But you know , you might need more or less .

You see how you go and I wanna create a nice thick cream , you know , with pecorino .

That's what I want to , that's what I want to achieve .

See , I want to achieve this .

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This is what I want to get in the meantime .

Here , our pasta is been cooking for 12 minutes .

We have an extra minute to go .

So what I do is I get a mug here full of pasta water , which I need to cook the rest of the pasta in the pan .

So our pasta here I cooked for 13 minutes .

What I'm gonna do is now I'll take it out and I'm gonna add this in the pan with the OK .

Now it's time for us to put the pasta in the pan .

Oh Beautiful .

The pasta need to make love with the needs to make love and straight away , we're gonna put a mug of water in there maybe after that .

And what we do is we stir gently so we can keep cooking our pasta in there .

We mixed the all over .

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The reason why I was very generous with the amount of is because will go inside the pasta , this rigatoni pasta .

So I wanna have both outside and inside of the pasta .

Now , what we're doing right now , this is a technique where we are basically finishing off to cook the pasta in the pan .

What is happening right now is we are releasing the starch from the pasta in the pan .

As you can see , this sauce now is a lot thicker and darker in color .

Color , see darker in , that's because of the starch .

So what we're going to do now , we are going to add a beautiful pecorino cream in this .

So we're gonna switch off the stove and add the pecorino but only when the water will be reduced .

Ok .

So we have about 30 more seconds here to reduce this water .

It's a bit too much .

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I wanna have about four or five tablespoon of water left no more than that .

See how the water is reducing here .

See , see there's not much left .

This is the time when we are going to switch off the stove and add the pecorino cheese .

So the stove is off , we're adding this beautiful cream of pecorino cheese .

Ok .

This is the most important ingredient right now and we need to treat it carefully .

Now , please pay attention to what is going to happen now to this pecorino .

Ok .

Look how is dissolving and look how it's becoming creamy ?

Why ?

Because we have a little bit of water left at the bottom of the pan and this water is gonna help us to turn the pecorino into cream and look how creamy it is that water full of starch .

It's important because the starch helps to create that cream .

Extremely important to have the stove off .

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The reason why the stove is off is because if you keep the stove on , you are gonna have a pasta full of strings .

You don't want cheesy strings .

Look at that .

Look out amazing .

This is , this is my interpretation .

This is how I like to make it today .

I find it nice when it's creamy and it's a combination of and without the tomatoes or it could be a car without the eggs .

That's what I want to achieve .

Now , this is the moment when we want to go crazy with the pepper .

Put a lot of pepper everywhere and serve this beautiful dish .

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Serve it .

Now , the reason why I like to add the pepper at the end is because and it must , it must must be freshly grated because it tastes so much better .

Mm mm mm mhm You yummy guys .

This is the best part time to it and I'm having this delicious pasta .

Mm Let's see if it's screaming inside the .

Mm mm mm mm Yeah .

I ate the beautiful surprise of inside .

Beautiful , perfectly cooked pasta creamy to perfection .

Oh my God .

Honestly , which one is best carbonara ?

Got your paper or this pasta ?

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I really wanna know because let me tell you it's a very good challenge .

This has got nothing less than a beautiful carbonara .

This is amazing .

Mm hm What are you waiting for ?

Mm Come on , go in the kitchen .

Make it please .

But before you do comment below and please subscribe and support my channel just with one .

Like that's all I need .

That's all I need from you .

A like and a comment .

That's how you can share the love with me .

Thank you guys .

We will see you in the next video recipe being chainsaws played .

Yes .


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