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2023-08-22 22:07:16

PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. How to lose weight with hormonal imbalance - Jillian Michaels

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All right , I got a good question on tiktok that I wanted to bring to the youtube forum because it's going to require longer than three minutes for me to answer .

So the question is Jillian , I have PC OS .

How do I lose weight ?

OK .

Where to begin with this one ?

So PC OS , I'm guessing if you've found this video , you know what it is , but in the event you don't , it's Polycystic Ovarian syndrome .

It's a hormonal imbalance um that relates in a condition where weight loss can be difficult and it , it creates other havoc in the body .

But that one can feel overwhelmingly challenging and it begets itself .

And what I mean by that is the more weight you put on the worse the symptoms get the great news here is that there's absolutely a way forward .

It's just not easy .

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And what I mean is I could take a woman without PC OS and it would be a little easier for her to lose the weight .

It'll come off faster .

But I have taken many women with PC US myself included and gotten them in perfectly healthy , excellent condition and gotten the weight off myself included .

So I want to say that nowadays , people just love to hold on to limitations .

They love to fight for limitations .

It's like , you know , I have a hormonal imbalance and it's impossible for me and you know , fug like , dude , if you fight for your limitations in life , you get to keep them .

So I don't know why we want to do that .

We don't want to do that .

There are a host of ways forward here .

Um talking to a board certified endocrinologist , a doctor that specializes in this is going to be the first and best way forward and I'll touch on that in a second .

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And the reason that I want to take a chance to answer this question is because the other two solutions fall firmly and squarely in my wheelhouse , which is food and fitness .

So PC US is a condition that involves insulin resistance um than having too much androgenic hormones or an imbalance of male hormones versus female hormones .

Ok .

So what can we do about it ?

Well , with food , it's pretty common sense guys , you're gonna wanna remove things that spike insulin first of all .

So get rid of the white flour and the white sugar and no booze .

No booze .

If you wanna really jumpstart this thing , everyone knows I am not a keto diet person .

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Uh However , keto plant-based Organic Foods , keto for 30 days can be done to help quickly re sensitize the body of insulin but this does not mean like processed meats and garbage fats and like , oh , yeah , I get to eat a ton and that's why I'm on keto and I'm eating all these bad fats and like crappy proteins .

No .

Um , in fact , Doctor Josh Shack created a 30 day Keto plant-based program in the fitness app just for this .

And it's 30 days only .

And then you move to a far more common sense , manageable , realistic way forward , which is just try to avoid the processed carbs and processed sugars .

Nothing white , no white flour , no white sugar , no booze .

And then if you want to incorporate it , do it very sparingly , very sparingly .

Ok ?

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Um High fiber because it helps to stabilize insulin levels of blood sugar , protein have protein in every meal for the exact same reason .

It helps to keep that insulin from spiking .

So a balance ratio of complex carbohydrates , healthy fats and protein in every meal .

High fiber , no processed crap and removing as much chemical crap from your food , from your beauty products from your cleaning products .

From your environment .

Go as green as you possibly can afford to do an air purifier .

A water purifier , green laundry detergent , clean beauty products will help your body find a hormonal balance because a lot , a lot of these chemicals are endocrine disruptors .

So , so they essentially can help to throw our hormones out of balance , pesticides , herbicides , all this crap on the food in the food , meat with hormones isn't helping .

It's just not .

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Um , so I mentioned that I had PC OS as a kid and I , again , I say had because I haven't suffered with a Polycystic Ovary since I was 17 .

But I did from 14 to 17 , I ended up in the hospital multiple times with burst ovarian cysts and the doctors didn't know what to do with me .

They wanted to put me on birth control , which is not necessarily a bad thing .

I'll get to that in a second .

Um , but I didn't , and don't end up , didn't end up taking anything and I don't take anything and I have been fine since 17 .

Um , why ?

Because the next thing is going to be fitness and 17 is when I really began to drill down on fitness training outside of martial arts , which some of you may know I did as a kid .

Um , fitness is one of the top ways to resensitized the body to insulin .

Move your body .

Do it a minimum of four times a week for 20 to 30 minutes .

Please , please move whenever possible .

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And I don't just want you to take the stairs but take them if you can take them stand up when you're on a phone call instead of sitting like , move your body .

It's one of the , it's the most effective way to resensitized the body to insulin .

Ok .

The next one is go to the doctor .

So while you're feeling completely defeated .

You're like , I've dropped my calories and I've done this and I'm working out and it's moving at a snail's pace .

Well , first of all , you're no longer gaining weight .

So , give yourself a big pound on the back for that and the scale is going down .

It's just taking time .

You've got nothing but time you wanna wake up 10 years from now , £10 heavier or 10 years from now , £10 lighter .

These are the choices , right ?

I'm gonna choose £10 later if in fact , you have the weight to lose .

So , um , go to the endocrinologist because there are medications they can prescribe to help you with this things like Metformin , talk to your doctor about Metformin , talk to your doctor about birth control .

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There are many different types of birth control now that they can put you on to help you stabilize your body .

And I kind of think of this like a spider web and it's this self fulfilling prophecy where it's so hard to lose weight because of the hormonal imbalance .

So we get kind of defeated and then we end up putting more weight on , but the more weight we put on , the harder it is to lose weight , whereas the more weight you lose , the easier it becomes to lose weight .

Um , there's good research out there that shows there's good studies out there that will show you that losing £10 with Polycystic Ovarian syndrome can dramatically improve the symptoms you're dealing with .

So , even if you could get that 1st 10 off , it's going to make a huge difference and make it easier to get the 2nd 10 off or the 3rd 10 off , depending on how much you need to lose .

So , number one do not get discouraged .

There's absolutely hope here and anybody who tells you that there isn't , is an a hole , let them deal with their problems .

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That's not the truth .

Ok .

Second food and fitness , tackle it big time as best you can go after it .

And even if you're like , I can't do all those things you suggest , do part of it , do some of it right .

A step in the right direction is a step in the right direction .

Those little steps add up over time in a really big way .

See , an endocrinologist .

I am not a doctor .

This is not medical advice .

I strongly recommend you go see a board certified endocrinologist and ask them questions about what medications you can take right now to help you get this engine jump started , things like Metformin or potentially the birth control pill .

Ok .

All right .

I feel better .

Do you ?

I feel good .


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