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2023-08-22 22:08:25

How to gain weight on face particular - Ms. Sushma Jaiswal

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This is nutritionist .

Sushma jas .

Well , uh , I have a rich experience of working in the field of nutrition for the last 30 years , including in who and UN DT .

Uh , and now I work at in Bangalore .

Well , uh , face gain will be shown in the whole body and not only on the face , uh , it's a weight increases , it , it increases in all over your body divided equally on all the body parts .

And uh , it's , uh , if you start putting on weight , then it would show like maybe in 2 to 3 months time , it will show some , some weight gain and especially on your face .

So , um , you have to eat again , healthy food .

Um , face is normally small when the people don't have much appetite and also they can't eat more .

So , um , I mean , they are overall lean .

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So again , um , I , I mean , I would suggest iron supplement for them because eating iron every day , like green vegetables may not be possible for them .

So , taking an iron supplement would , would definitely help to increase their appetite .

And if the appetite is , I mean , if they eat 500 more calories than normal days then they would see some increase on their weight gain in a week's time .

You know , um , maybe 500 g of weight could be put on .

So , uh , and they can choose more healthy foods rather than junk , junk food or oily food or , um , I mean , they have no restriction but , you know , it's better to eat better to gain weight in a healthy way .

So , eat more , uh , dry food .

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So , uh oil seeds and uh more full of foods like whole grains and whole legumes , um milk , um eggs , fruits and vegetables , plenty of fruits and vegetables because they um they give all the other new , which are um which uh which are necessary for um overall healthy state of body .

So , uh eat , eat well and uh gain healthy weight .


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