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2023-08-22 22:05:37

7 Minute Workout to Lose Weight ✔️ BETTER HEALTH WORKOUT ❤️ Low Impact and Easy to Follow

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This is a seven minute workout by your qualified trainer , Li you in .

And this is a seven minute weight loss workout for optimal health .

So this is just about not about how we look , but really just about being in that healthy range healthy body composition .

So how it's gonna work ?

We've got seven different moves , all of them standing .

It's low impact .

It's really easy to follow .

We're gonna start with a quick little warm up .

Then we get straight into the workout .

So if you're ready , let's get started .

So we're gonna start with a quick warmup and just follow along .

We're gonna do 10 of these high knees to start with , and this is just gonna help to mobilise through all your joints .

And it's also gonna help to warm up your core body temperature .

Now give me these knee bends and just draw the arms back and again .

We're just doing 10 of these .

This is all about preparing your body for the workout ahead , and now give me 10 of these .

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Reach across and add a slight little bend through the knees .

Reach over and just make those moves nice and big and well , done .

So what we're gonna do now , we're now gonna start the workout .

So I'm just gonna preview you the first move so you can see the first move .

Just watch .

We go for four of these straight leg kicks and we take it two waist bends .

All right , so let's get ready and let's start .

Now .

You've got a timer bar on the left that represents 45 seconds .

So just follow along with X size one , which is four of the straight leg kicks .

And then we're just working through the waist from side to side .

Keep repeating , and you can see on the right the timer up there for your seven minute workout .

So that is our countdown clock .

All right .

Make sure you keep that up body nice and straight , and then feel that through the waist as you go from one side to the other .

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And we're gonna keep going until the arrow reaches the top .

That's your 45 seconds .

That's good .

Feel that working through the waist as we do those side reaches .

Let's just go for four more and well done .

What I want you to do now is just take it to a march for me for 15 seconds .

Get your breath back and you can see the next move .

We're gonna do pretend skipping with high knees and big skipping arms and then four of these diagonal punches .

So again , 45 seconds .

Keep that up .

Body Nice and straight .

Nice .

Big movements .

Power movements through the arms as well .

So how it works today .

All these moves are full body moves .

This is how we're gonna increase your calorie burn and increase active muscle tissue .

And also another thing the second time you come back and do this workout .

You don't have to have me coaching .

Remember , You can just listen to your favourite music .

All right ?

Just keep going .

Put power behind each of those punches .

Keep those abdominals pulled in tight .

As you do those knee raises .

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Reach across .

And remember the bigger picture Why we're here .

This is all about health .

This is about getting you in your optimal health and well done .

All right , so again , just march out .

Deep breath in deep breath out So you can see the next move .

We're gonna go into a small squat to then take it to a kick and alternating from one leg to the other .

All right , well done .

So let's start .

Take that to a little squat , and then just give me that power kick .

If you don't like doing squats , then simply just alternate kick one leg to the other .

But actually squats as long as we do them properly are really good for our knees .

The main thing is just make sure your knees are not coming over the line of your toes .

That's it .

And we've got Princess Altana there .

So again , just take it to that light , squat , and then just extend that leg , keeping that going and keep focused .

Keep thinking what we're doing here .

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We're getting fitter .

We're getting stronger , putting power through that move .

Each move .

That's good .

So that arrow meets meets the top .

All right , well done .

And one more kick .

So again , march out .

So next move .

We're gonna take the speed up a little bit .

We're gonna go four power punches and then four of these knee drives .

And this one also is really good for brain fit .

This really works on your coordination .

So arms up .

And now drive that knee up .

Give me four of those .

And now give me four of those power punches .

Four knee drives .

Keep that going .

Keep focused .

And remember , if we're looking at healthy weight loss , it's always about focusing simply and just healthy eating .

Having a positive mindset .

And remember , the reason we're doing this isn't to look a certain way .

It's purely just on our health to be in our optimal health .

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And if you are looking for more detailed programmes and I do have things such as my 21 day walk fit , eat well , tone up course and then also I've got lots of healthy eating ebooks as well as some really fun audio downloads so you can hear me coaching you through your headphones .

As you do a walk outdoors .

All these , I'll leave a link in the description down below .

So next move coming up .

This one's really good for your coordination .

Again , we're gonna do half a star either side , then a toe tap in front .

Either leg .

So what we're gonna do , we're gonna get ready .

Take one arm and one leg out to the side , then the opposite one .

Then push in front and again over and extend in front .

So again , here all these moves are total body .

We're working on and off every single joint , which means we're working at multiple muscle groups .

The more muscle groups we work , then the more we're increasing your calorie burn and do let me know how you're getting on on your health journey .

Come and find me on any of the social media Facebook .

We're under Lucy's squad .

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All right , keeping that going , Nice control and make these movements as big as you can and really put power through each move .

Tap that foot in front , Reach over .

We're nearly finished on this one .

That's good .

And we've just got two more moves after this .

All right , well done .

Just march it out .

So next move coming up is one of my personal favourites .

This one , we call the skaters lunge again .

It's a really big dynamic move .

We're just gonna go from step 1 ft behind and go from one side to the other .

And really , with this , reach those arms over as far as you can and you can add a little hop if you want to just up the intensity a little bit with this one , but keep it big , dynamic and just keep travelling from one side to the other , doing really well .

And the great thing is with this workout , because it's just seven minutes , it's so doable .

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And the key to healthy weight loss is about having something that is about a lifestyle .

And remember , we're not doing this to look a certain way .

We're doing this to look after our heart health , our bone health , our joint health , our mental health .

Everything all right ?

Just keep that going side to side and we are done and just march out .

She was too cute not to pick up that one there , princess or tone .

So next move coming up , which is the last move , which is a really lovely one .

We're going to do a wide step and then a reach up .

So let's go for gold on this last minute and step it wide , reach up , step wide , reach up , that's good , and make those moves as powerful as you can .

So step it even wider and bend a little deeper , and then we and you're coming up , come up higher on those tiptoes and really pull those abdominals in tight as you reach up .

So again , as I was saying , just seven minutes .

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You can do this workout in the morning , and you could do it later on in the day .

You could even do it at lunch time doing these short little workouts .

We can then just exercise throughout the day , just using them mini little workouts .

That's good .

And keeping that going all the way to the arrow reaches the top and one more .

Reach it up .

Step it back over .

All right , So what is important ?

Don't just stop .

We're gonna keep going .

We've got our counter clock on the right .

Let's keep going until we've done our full seven minutes .

Land nice and softly with those feet .

Just keep marching .

All right .

Well done .

And just shake out those arms .

Give me a little side step .

Take a few deep breaths in and well done .

You've now completed your seven minute workout , so well done .

There is your high five .

Now you've got two options .

If you want to carry on doing perhaps a little bit more exercise , then you can do any of my five minute workouts .

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There is a long list on a playlist for you , so you can select any of them .

If you are finished with your training today , then it is important to stretch .

So click up here .

Come and do my full call down stretch and really well done with today .

And I'll see you back on my YouTube channel tomorrow .


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