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2023-08-19 21:06:40

5 Easy Tips To Lose Weight Fast At Home Naturally ( No Strict Dieting or Exercise ) Try it NOW

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Did , you know if you wanna lose weight , all you have to do is give up on junk food , fried food and do loads of exercise .

That's it .

But that's what is so tough to do .

How on earth do we get ourselves to do that ?

And even if we do somewhere down the line , there comes a time where you end up putting back all that weight that you have lost .

Now , how do we get out of this situation ?

So today I have brought for you my five simple and easy weight loss tips and tricks for you to follow with the help of which I happen to lose 40 kgs during my weight loss journey .

And recently I've lost five kgs more .

I'm sure you're also waiting to get this extreme fat loss and derive some weight loss motivation .

So , while we're on this topic , it's very important to understand that weight gain doesn't happen overnight .

The journey started for me when I was nine years old and I started exploring the exciting world of food , doughnuts , pizzas , pastas burgers , all my favorite food and so tasty .

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So satiating , keep me full for longer .

And I would just be in food heaven , trust me .

But there came a time in my life when I looked at myself in the mirror from top to toe and I asked myself questions like , how , when , why did you let this happen to you ?

And then I got the answer I was to blame .

And if I couldn't tell it myself , then who would , I would definitely give it a try because it was all worth it .

Whether I lose or win .

It doesn't matter .

I wanted to give it the best shot I got .

So here it is my five secret weight last and tricks which have worked on me .

Sure , it's going to work on you too .

Let me tell you these simple weight loss tips and tricks are so easy to follow .

They are so practical that once you start using them in your daily routine , your mind is actually going to become conditioned and habitually will start using these tips and tricks on its own .

That's the best way to lose weight .

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Now , I used to use a tablespoon to eat my food .

It used to help me finish my food faster in no time at all .

Maximum 8 to 10 minutes is all I used to take until I realized it actually should take you between 50 to 20 minutes to eat your food .

So that means my stomach will in that much time send a signal to my brain , conveying the message this body needs no more and hence I will be full .

But with this , if I eat for 15 to 20 minutes , God knows how much food I will eat .

So I started using this which is a teaspoon .

I use this to eat my food slowly chew it properly .

The bite is measured .

So it's not an issue .

So eating with a teaspoon is a wise swap and do use it if you want to start your weight loss journey to see tremendous results .

So the number fourth weight loss tip which helped me lose tremendous amount of weight was a very simple and easy maintain your food journal tip .

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This means you have to maintain a book titled My Weight Loss Journey .

And on the first page , you have to write the date alongside which you have to write your current weight alongside which you have to write your body measurements .

You have to measure your arm , chest , waist , hips and thighs .

You have to write it all down .

Now , don't forget the body weight has to be measured every single day , same time on an empty stomach , preferably in the morning and , and the body measurements must be taken every fortnight or preferably once a month .

There's a good reason for this many people when they start their weight loss journey , they have tremendous results in kgs , they lose so much , but there comes a time when they don't lose it as quickly .

So that is when your inch loss will come in play .

It will keep you motivated and help you achieve your weight loss goals and fit in to your favorite outfit .

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The third secret tip which actually helped me lose a lot of weight was posting pictures of whatever I ate in whatever quantity I ate on my social media account .

Yes .

My Instagram initially started having pictures being posted of the exact portion size I ate .

And suddenly I noticed a change .

I started decreasing the portion sizes and started taking better pictures , not just to please others , but to take care of my health .

And I suggest you all should do it too .

The second tip which I used to lose weight was very interesting .

Now , how often than not we all have our favorite shows which we love watching .

I mean , we can't even eat our food without knowing what happened next in that show .

But we all hate exercising , isn't it ?

That's such a true fact .

So what better way than watching your show and doing your exercise alongside ?

You won't even come to know whether the time flies by during a weight loss journey movement is the key .

So you have to promise yourself you'll only watch the show if you exercise just like I did .

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Now , this is a secret tip you must use .

And by the way , my favorite show is Friends .

Which one is yours ?

Let me know in the comment section below the number one tip of my weight loss , secret tips and tricks is very easy .

You just have to wear fitted clothes while eating food .

That actually helps .

I've tried it and I know you will succeed too .

So the moment you wear fitted clothes and eat your food , there is no way you're going to overeat and your mind will automatically stop for the second helping before reaching out because that's when your stomach area will start feeling a little tighter and you would know exactly when to stop .

So do make the most of these weight loss tips and I'm sure you will also have a tremendous amount of weight loss just like I did see you again with many , many more exciting videos until then take care .


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