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2023-08-19 21:20:16

How To Gain Muscle AND Lose Fat At The Same Time (REAL TRUTH)

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Right .

So the million dollar question , how do you gain muscle and lose fat at the same time ?

Is it really possible ?

And if so , what is the most effective way to go about it ?

Well , the truth is that there's a lot of myths floating around out there on the subject of body recomposes position .

And if you don't have a proper understanding of how the process actually works , you could easily end up wasting a ton of unnecessary time and effort , spinning your wheels and potentially not getting anywhere .

So let's quickly break this down .

By the end of this video , I promise it will all make sense .

You'll see just how straight forward the subject actually is and you'll know exactly how to proceed with your own program as far as bulking , cutting or recomposing are concerned .

So first off , is body recomposes position possible to begin with or is it just a bunch of overhyped vs ?

Well , the answer is that yes , it is possible .

And the overall process is pretty simple , break down stored fat through a calorie deficit and then with a proper training stimulus in place your body can use some of the calories from that fat along with your protein intake to fuel additional muscle growth .

So it is doable .

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However , and this is a big , however , the degree to which this will actually occur , the amount of muscle you can actually put on while also losing fat , that's going to be highly dependent on you as an individual .

Anybody who just gives one sweeping answer across the board that yes , you can gain muscle and lose fat at the same time , end of story .

So that's what your goal should be because everybody can do it .

They're not giving you the best information because it will vary quite a bit from person to person and depend on two main factors .

The first factor is body fat percentage , that is ultimately a stored form of energy that your body for survival .

And so the leaner you are , the less willing your body will be to divert that fat toward building new muscle tissue because at that point , it's already fighting to hold on to the remaining stores .

Plus muscle also requires additional calories to be maintained after it's already built .

So , for example , at 10% body fat and below , you're likely not going to be gaining any real muscle while trying to get increasingly leaner .

And in fact , you might even start losing muscle at that point as you cut further .

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Whereas if you spent the last eight months on a steady diet of fried mayonnaise balls and you've dirty both your up to 30% body fat , then you'll have plenty of reserves in the tank .

Your body isn't in any kind of immediate survival mode at that point .

And so building significant muscle while dropping fat is going to be much more realistic .

And then everything in between those points from very lean to very not lean , the muscle growth potential will operate along the spectrum .

And then the second main factor is going to be training experience .

So the longer you've been properly lifting for and the more muscle you're already carrying , the harder it's going to be to put on additional muscle , even if you're in a calorie surplus , let alone also trying to lose fat .

Whereas for a beginner weight training is going to be a novel stimulus , it will be treated by the body as a more serious threat and it will react more strongly to that and be more incentivized to build new muscle as an adaptive response .

And once again , this is all going to work along the spectrum .

Someone who's never touched a weight before in their life .

A K A 95% of the comment section in Tik Tok Fitness , those people will have the highest chances for successfully recoding .

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Whereas for someone with five plus years of consistent hard training under their belt , it's going to be a lot more difficult and then everything in between that's going to involve varying degrees .

Now , I know this all might seem a little bit gray area right now , but stick with me because you're going to see in a minute how it all ties together and how to actually apply it .

But to sum that up , the people who will be able to recomposes position with the highest degree of success by gaining the most muscle while also losing fat are going to be beginning lifters with a high body fat percentage .

So either overweight or skinny fat and then on the opposite end are going to be more advanced lifters at leaner body fat percentages .

And then everything in , we will produce varying results that can't specifically be quantified .

Not to mention that genetics are also going to play a role in this as well .

And keep in mind that we're talking about natural lifters here since pharmaceutical assistant will of course influence things too .

Now , if you don't fall onto one of those two sides of the spectrum , so you're not a beginner with high body fat or an advanced lifter with low body fat , you're just kind of somewhere in the middle , you're probably wondering how to go about this because you don't know exactly what degree of recomposing is really possible for you .

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However , and this is what most people get wrong on this .

It doesn't actually matter in practical terms or affect how you should go about things .

And the reason for that is that there's no such thing as a body recomposes position program in the first place , there's no special rec comp training routine or rec comp diet you need to follow because recoding is not something you can specifically force and instead it's just something that happens naturally on its own .

Recoding means what it means that you lose fat and you gain muscle at the same time .

And what is non negotiable rule ?

Number one , when it comes to losing fat is that you have be in a calorie deficit and there's no way around that because your body has no need to break down stored fat without one .

So this idea that you commonly hear about recoding at maintenance or God forbid recouping in a surplus .

That doesn't actually make sense because a calorie deficit has to be in place for fat to be lost when it all comes down to it .

A rec comp is essentially no different from a regular fat loss phase .

You get into a calorie deficit around 500 .

Give or take below maintenance is pretty standard .

In most cases , you consume sufficient protein .

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So no less than zero 0.8 g per pound of body weight daily as a minimum .

If you want to fully maximize the chances of putting on muscle while in that deficit , then you can bump it up a bit higher to around 1 g or more .

So that's going to be the basics for your diet .

You pair that up with a proper weight training program where you're training hard with the focus on progressive overload .

None of this lightweight high rep , low rest period nonsense can just keep training in the same basic way as you always do .

Throw in some optional cardio as an extra calorie burning tool without going overboard .

Getting in your high quality sleep , add in a few basic supplements if they suit your needs .

Real science , athletics , of course , it's just a regular cutting phase you'd normally do .

And then from there , depending on your individual condition , in terms of existing fat stores , muscle mass and genetics , any potential muscle that can be gained during that period will simply happen as an automatic byproduct .

OK .

That's really all there is to it .

A recoup is a cutting phase where additional muscle growth occurs on its own if the conditions are in place for it .

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जय हिंद नमस्कार भाई लोग ये विडियो उन भाई लोग के लिए वो जो बंदे बहुत ही ज्यादा डी मोटिवेट हो जाते नर्वस हो जाते हैं एक दूसरे को देख कर वो ज्यादा शर्म करते हैं तो साथ मैं ।

जितेन्द्र सिंह ऐरवाल आपके आपने यूटूब चैनल इंडोर फिजिकल ऍम भाई लोग ये विडियो आपके लिए बहुत ही ज्यादा ॅ जो भाई बहुत ज्यादा डी मोटिवेट हो जाते हैं नर्वस हो जाते हैं अपने शरीर को देखते हुए यार बहुत ही ज्यादा दुबला पतला हूँ मैं क्या करूँ भाई लोग आप सब लोग जानते हैं मेरे विडियो बहुत एक साल डेढ साल से देख रहे हैं आप मैं पहले कैसे था और अब मैं कैसे होगा भाई लोग पहले बहुत ज्यादा टेंशन लेता था , हर चीज को देख कर लेता था ।

यार मैं ऐसा हूँ और उसको देखो वो ऐसा है और मात्र मेरे मेरे शरीर के अंदर उन पचास भजन उन पचास किलो वजन कम और अब मेरे शरीर में बासठ किलो ।

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आप सब लोग समझते हैं कि लोग डाउन चल रहा नहीं ये फोर्स पर पीछे वाले मेरे फॅमिली बजाते हैं ।

आई मिस यू बहुत सारा प्यार आप लोगों को और बहुत जल्दी अपनी एकेडमी ऊपर होने वाली है तो बात करता हूँ ।

दोस्तों वचन कैसे बढाना है ।

आपको वजन बढाने के लिए आपको भरपूर डाइट पर ध्यान देना पडेगा और जो पानी यूस करते हैं आप टाइम टाइम आपको पानी पीना मतलब पल पल पानी पीना है ।

जिससे आप की जो स्किन होती है आपका शरीर होता है वो ग्लो करता है ।

वो ग्रोथ भी करता है तो डाइट पर विशेष ध्यान दे ।

दोनों टाइम वर्कआउट करें ।

वर्कआउट आपको क्या करना है ?

जॅान है तो जम्पिंग ॅ शरीर हो जाएगा और इसके बाद में तीन सेट मारना है भाई आपको वो मारना आपको पूछ सबके वो सब आपको आराम आराम से मारना है ।


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