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2023-08-21 20:39:23

How to Draw Cute Godzilla - Easy Pictures to Draw

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Hey , how's it going today ?

I'm gonna go over how to draw a cute Godzilla .

It's gonna be simple , easy .

And four beginners .

I'm gonna be using this a Creole brand marker uh and also just regular printing paper .

And that is it really simple , really easy .

Uh You don't have to draw with me , by the way , you can just watch and enjoy and watch it happen .

OK .

So what I'm gonna do , I'm gonna currently draw a curve here for the back top of the head .

All right , I love Godzilla .

By the way , I'm a huge kaiju fan .

I don't know if that comes off in the actual uh curve down for the front of the face .

I don't know if that comes off on the channel though .

Um because I'm a huge kaiju fan as well as like an among us fan and everything else .

Um Kind of goes straight over here .

I teach two drawing lessons a day .

Uh Right now , I want you to go ahead and subscribe to the channel if you are here .

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That means you're , you're into drawing lessons , hit the subscribe and click the bell icon .

Um So it even shows you anything otherwise they will not show you nothing gonna curve down here for the front of the snout of Godzilla snout to be a short though because you're drawing like a cute version of Godzilla .

Gonna go over here little mouth .

I'm gonna open that up .

Smiley right there .

See that real smiley smiley .

Go down here .

You gonna do uh a triangle down .

He's got a little fang sticking out because he does have sharp teeth .

He is the king of the monsters .

Oh Godzilla .

Love that movie Godzilla versus King Kong .

Super huge fan of that .

Ok .

Let's go over here and I'm gonna draw his eye .

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His eye is gonna be like this , that upside down U shape heat that I , I always say I gonna go over here draw a dot Right here for the nostril .

I'm gonna pull in the snout over here and I'm gonna lower there like that .

All right , let's go draw his body curve for the back curve lying down for the front of his little tummy .

Well , it's gonna be going to his tummy right here .

Now we draw his tummy .

Is teddy bear like Bonnie cur here for his hand curve over here for the other hand .

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All right , let's draw the claws on his hand .

So right here is a triangle , triangle , triangle .

So three triangles and then close those triangles off and they look like little pizza shapes .

Don't forget if you like drawing cute I have a cute drawing ebook in the description .

So the ebook goes over the proportions of cute .

Right ?

So what makes something look cute ?

What are the qualities of cute ?

Right .

It's not just because it's smaller , there's a lot of things to it .

There's a roundness , there's a proportion , proportion to the main one and I have a chart on it .

So go check that out in the description if you're interested in that , that's totally free right now for the time being cur right here for the front , he's gonna have that kind of uh Well , before we do that , I'm gonna draw the claws on this side .

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So triangle here , here here , ok .

Pulling down , he's got that pattern back there and now we're gonna go into his leg curve right here and then back of his leg up here .

Alrighty .

Uh As far as my favorite Godzilla movie , I really like Godzilla is King Kong , although it's like a recent thing , but otherwise I really like the original Godzilla from I think it was 19 , was it 1940 ?

I think it was 1940 .

You have to look of the year but uh 1940 something , I think uh if not 50 something , I have to go look that up .

But the original Godzilla movie I really , really loved .

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Um All right , let's go over here and draw the tail and it's gonna curve up and then curve back obviously using rounded forms right Ok , let's draw Godzilla's feet and I'm just gonna draw three nails and then a design between that here .

Let's draw the back foot on this side to see around the back .

We're gonna draw the back foot here .

Ok .

So let's do it curve in there and then we draw the same thing that's over here , this little nail on the front nail over here up .

Alright .

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So uh let's go into the distinguishing factor of Godzilla and that is a spikes over here down over here down .

So we got one spike lower out in , out and out in .

So these spikes that you can tell are much rounder and not as jagged as Godzilla's usual spikes , right ?

So in here , I wanna make them roundish so that it's uh you know , like a round cute form .

That's kind of the idea .

And now we're gonna continue the line pattern over here .

Basically that's the stomach pattern all the way at the end of the tail .

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OK ?

And now we do the one thing that I always say is that I , I do this to every drawing is I make a thicker line around the contour .

That's the one thing that I do .

And you don't have to do this , by the way , you might be drawing in something else .

Uh You might be drawing a pen , you can also you can do this in make a thicker line around the contour .

And I just think it looks cool and I think it makes everything look like a sticker , it makes it look cooler , um just kind of just kind of cool , cool all around .

Alrighty doing over here still doing it on the contour , just a thicker line everywhere .

Uh Also let me know if you have a favorite Godzilla movie .

I'm really curious .

Um Is Godzilla a thing you do you watch ?

Like let me know obviously it is if you came over here to draw this .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Um But let me know your favorite Godzilla movie .

If you have one , if it's maybe a cartoon that you watch , uh I don't think there , there's a Godzilla cartoon , I think in the nineties .

Um and I'm gonna draw a circle here because I think a rosy cheek is adorable and I really uh like that .

So that is it .

Well , you know what , we can draw little buildings here .

That's cute too .

So I'm gonna draw a line out out here down and then line over here down .

It's kind of like a uh kind of a cool little , uh you know , background piece there and I'm gonna draw little squares in it .

So it's gonna look like a tiny building in the background for a motif .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Let me know if you like that , by the way , I like little stuff like that .

You know , I can start adding it behind other characters .

Cute little building .

That is it .

Thank you so much .

I appreciate it .

You are amazing .

Ok .

You are so amazing .

I've been doing this for six years and I'm updating twice a day and I'm gonna put special videos on the weekend just for you just to hang out .

Um , I might start going live soon .

I'm not sure yet , but let me know if you want , you want me to do that .

So that's kind of it .

I will talk to you next time .


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