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2023-08-22 21:55:42

How to Cook Impossibly Fluffy Whole Wheat Buttermilk Pancakes from Scratch.

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Hi , I'm and welcome to something edible .

I reckon that you can safely divide people into two separate camps .

You got the ones that grew up eating pancakes from scratch and you got the ones that grew up eating pancakes from a mix .

Uh , it's , it's , it's just a darn shame that you have , have that second group of people because pancakes are so easy to make .

There's really no reason to even buy a mix .

Well , today , I'm gonna bring those mixed people over to the scratch side of the tracks here because I've got a whole grain , whole wheat pancake recipe .

That's so stink and easy to make that .

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You'll be making it for every weekend breakfast and heck , even as a weeknight meal .

So we're gonna make a honey and whole wheat pancake today .

Let's get busy .

All right .

To begin with .

We're dealing with two separate , uh , uh , groups of ingredients .

We've got dry ingredients and we've got wet ingredients .

We're gonna stage our dry ingredients first .

Then go to our wet ingredients after that for our dry ingredients .

Right in here .

I have a cup , each of all purpose flour and a cup of whole white wheat flour .

You could probably use just plain old whole wheat flour .

But uh the whole white wheat I like better .

I mean it just , it bakes nicer and it makes pancakes nicer too .

So to those two flowers , we are going to add two teaspoons of baking powder and a teaspoon of baking soda .

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And that's it for the dry ingredients .

We're just going to make sure that all that leavening gets , gets mixed together and integrated throughout the flour .

So really get back in there .

Here we go .

So that's , that's it for the dry ingredients that so we're gonna set those aside and we're gonna get our wet stuff together for the wet side of things .

We're going to start out with two tablespoons of melted butter and you see , I got a separate container here for my wet stuff that we want to mix everything into .

Keep it separate from our dry stuff for .

Now , you'll be glad you did .

Then we're also gonna add two tablespoons of honey to that .

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We're gonna whisk that together just to make sure that it's mixed .

If your butter is melted and hot , this goes together easier .

There we go .

And now to that we're going to add two eggs .

If your eggs are room temperature , you're gonna have a much easier time things .

It just , the pancakes come out a lot better if you've ever complained about pancakes not being light and fluffy , that's could be part of the reason the eggs just do their thing better when their room temperature .

Ok .

And so then I'm gonna beat those eggs slightly to make sure that they're , uh , kind of homogenized before we , uh , dump them in .

Two are sugar and our fat , that's good enough .

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So we're gonna add our two eggs into our sugar and fat .

And we're also going to add a teaspoon of salt to that .

I know that seems like a ridiculous amount of salt .

But , uh , the whole wheat in there to really get those weedy nutty flavors .

You need some salt , moving things around .

So gotta have it .

And you know , my salt is on the wet team , not the dry team .

I like to make sure my salt's dissolved so that you don't get a whole big bite of salt in there .

We're making pancakes , not homemade ice cream for crying out loud .

Ok .

So that's together now and we're going to add to that eight ounces or a cup of butter milk .

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You could use more milk for this too .

I guess the texture is gonna be a little bit different .

You could even , uh , you probably use yogurt too , I suppose .

But , you know , buttermilk is cheap .

It's easy to get a hold of .

Just use buttermilk .

Ok ?

And now we're going to add to that , we're going to add a half cup of just plain old milk .

It actually buttermilk can get things too thick and it helps to have that a little bit of plain old dairy to loosen things up .

So now that we've got our wet ingredients mixed together , we're going to add those to the dry ingredients and make some pancakes .

But not before we preheat our griddle .

You have to do that first .

So , uh we'll leave these separate for now and then when we're ready to make pancakes , we'll bring them together .

So let's heat the griddle first .

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All right , I got my uh handy dandy nonstick electric griddle griddle out .

You know , I love cast iron , but uh not this time .

I mean , this is , this is pancakes here .

So I'm adding just a little bit of cooking spray to that and then I'm going to take paper towel .

I'm gonna spread it around and wipe it right back off .

You ever ever notice how some people will tell you that pancakes always the first pancakes on the grid will never look as good .

Well , it's because you've added too much fat to them and you're essentially deep fat frying the outside of your pancake .

But you need a little bit of grease in order to prime that non stick surface or any surface fat matter , even if you're using cast iron .

So that's , that's enough .

And that's going to guarantee that your first pancakes turn out as good as your second and your third and , and everything down the road until you're out of pancake .

So this is prepped this is preheating to 3 75 and now we're going to bring our wet and dry ingredients together .

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Ok ?

Everything in our dry team is ready to accept everything on the wet side of things .

You always want to go wet into dry .

You do it the other way and you're just gonna coat all of your dry stuff and make big lumpy glum nasty mess , so wet into dry here .

And I'm gonna add , I'm gonna switch hands because my left hand wants to whisk .

So I'm just gonna put this in here .

It's not really a whisk as much as it's a stir .

The whisk just works well to get everything mixed and , um , you don't wanna overmix this either .

That's the thing .

I mean , you're , you want to build a little bit of gluten but not much and I'll probably switch over to a different mixing utensil here in a second .

Now that's getting really thick and that's ok .

Don't sweat it .

So in with the spatula , we're gonna get in there and just get those lumps off the bottom .

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So you still got a lot of dry in there .

You just wanna make sure that , uh , you don't wanna overmix but you wanna make sure that it's all taken care of all the same .

Now , this looks like I said , pretty thick , but that's OK .

You've got , um , you got gluten starting to form in there and you've also got uh starch that's being covered by liquid and hydrated .

So it's going to get thick and that's why we saved back just a little bit of milk .

And so before we get going on the griddle , we're gonna add this milk to it .

Give it a good stir and then put our pancakes on the griddle .

Griddle is set to 3 75 wet and dry are together .

We're getting a little thick here .

That's OK .

We , because we saved back our two ounces or a quarter cup of milk .

So I'm just gonna add , I like to add about half of that first to see where I'm at .

You know , everybody measures flour differently .

So it's just a good idea to ease yourself into this .

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Try not to overmix .

You just want to get it integrated and I'm still a little thick .

I'm gonna go ahead and add my last ounce if it's not quite where you want it to be at this point .

Add milk by the tablespoon until you're happy with what you got .

What you don't want to do is over , add here because then you over add liquid , you over mix and you end up with tough pancakes and nobody likes tough pancakes .

Another three here .

I don't like to crowd my griddle , I think .

Yeah , there's , there's really no need to crowd your griddle because you can keep your pancakes as you finish them in a warm oven .

I got a warming drawer online that you can actually keep it on .

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But even the oven on its lowest setting , put the pancakes in there and then the person cooking the pancakes can eat at the same time as everybody else does , which is kind of nice .

You know , sit down with everybody you want to eat at the same time too .

Perfect .

I've got my pancakes right here .

I kept a few of them in the warming drawer so that I could finish all at once .

And everybody eats pancakes at once , but it's just me .

So I'm going to take the last ones off the griddle .

They're still hot .

It's time to plate these up .

And I'm gonna start with a little pat of butter .

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There's the butter and since these are honey and whole wheat pancakes , it's totally appropriate here to use just a little drizzle of honey .

Here we go .

Perfect .

The nice thing about using whole wheat in this recipe is it's not the same old pancake recipe .

You know , you get , uh , you get a little bit of a depth of flavor that you're really not expecting from normal pancakes .

You still get the tanis of the buttermilk .

You get the sweetness of the honey and the richness of the butter instead .

So if you want to try your hand at from scratch pancakes and you want to try this recipe , you can log on to HD news dot net and get my honey and whole wheat pancake recipe or you can get it from my website , something edible dot com .

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And if you have questions about pancakes , you know , pancakes are kind of finicky .

So if something doesn't turn out quite right , hit me up on Facebook or give me a tweet and see , uh , if I can't help you .

So , get out there and make some pancakes .

These are good and you don't need a mix to do it .

Hm .

Ok .

Very good .

Oh , yes .


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