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2023-08-21 21:12:31

Best Ad-Blocker Apps on Android!

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There are a ton of ways to block ads on Android but knowing which is the most effective option is tricky .

Is it add away a guard , an X DNS block of five or maybe another random ad blocker app that you've never even heard of ?

Well , let's stop that confusion today and narrow down the best ad blockers on Android to date .

I'll explain the pros and cons of each one and I'll also let you know which might be the best option for you .

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Let's start with the easiest and quickest way to block ads on your android .

Just hop into the system settings , go into network and internet , then private DNS and select private DNS provider , host name from there .

Just type in DNS dot A guard dot com , hit send and now almost every ad found within your apps and websites will have vanished .

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It's a great option because it's easy to set up and it has very minimal impact on your battery .

The only downside is that the ad blocking gets applied to your whole system and there's no way of white listing apps or websites unless you just turn it off entirely .

That's unless you use next DNS , which gives you a custom host name from the website to type into that same Android setting .

But you can still customize the ad blocking from their website .

It's genius because it doesn't require you to download any ad blocking app .

Once you sign up with is an email and password , you can choose to add extra security features to help you stop cyber attacks and threats .

You can also switch to different block lists such as energized , add away , et cetera and even block your own phones .

OEM from tracking you .

If you own a Samsung Xiaomi or Huawei phone .

If you like to restrict certain apps or websites from being accessed , then that's possible through the parental control section .

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And you can even schedule certain times when the blockage should be lifted for recreation time .

They also have an allow list to allow certain domains for apps or websites that you don't want to block .

And lastly , you can view all of the analytics to keep track of the number of queries that are being blocked and what type of domains are being accessed .

It's got everything you need .

And again , you don't need to download any app on your phone .

I do suggest that you add the web page to your home screen though as a shortcut , just in case you want to make quick adjustments to the ad blocker .

It's what I use , especially since it doesn't consume that much battery , but still , it's not as protective as other ad blockers on this list .

If you prefer a few more layers of protection and don't mind the extra battery drain , then a guard is a great alternative .

Not only does it block ads on both your browser and apps , but it's also the only ad blocker that removes the space where the ads used to be , makes your articles and websites look a lot cleaner .

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Any other ad blocker will just leave you with that giant blank canvas on top of that , you can tell a guard which apps to ignore .

Apply DNS filtering with custom server selections , protect your personal information when you enable stealth mode and even apply http S filtering to obtain a better ad blocking experience within your browser .

A guard pretty much has it all .

But there are a few issues that I have with it .

The first thing is that it won't block ads unless you pay for the subscription fee .

It's pretty much the only ad blocker on this list that does this .

Although next DNS also charges a fee , but it's only until you reach 300,000 DNS queries a month .

The second reason why I have an issue with Ad Guard is that it consumes a lot more battery than next DNS because it's constantly running in the background processing my internet traffic .

And the third reason why some people may not like Ad Guard is for privacy reasons .

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Since Ad Guard processes your entire internet traffic to get rid of those ads and blank spaces , they can also see all of the pages that you visit , you're giving them a lot of trust .

But luckily they are a trustworthy company that's used by millions of people .

So you shouldn't worry too much .

Now , ad blockers are very effective at doing their job .

But where they fall a bit short is protecting you against some of your apps , believe it or not , it's not uncommon for certain apps to actually listen in on your conversation .

So that way in the future , they know what relevant apps to show you .

It's also not uncommon for them to send your data in the background without you even knowing it .

Pretty scary stuff .

That's why I use an app called Anti stalker , the sponsor of this video to help improve my phone security .

For starters , anti stalker can detect any microphone or camera usage .

And surprisingly , it even works better than my phone software with an anti stalker under monitoring console .

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I can see which apps use my microphone and camera and for how long plus it'll even let me know which apps have sent my data in the background and how much data was sent .

It'll honestly scare you .

Luckily , Anti stalker lets you block those pesky apps from sending data within the data monitoring section by creating a local BPN .

With the flip of a switch .

You can restrict certain apps from sending data when they're not in use or just block them entirely .

It works like a charm .

Any apps that I don't need to monitor , I can simply white list them within the monitoring console , but the protection doesn't just stop there .

Anti stalker has a few tricks up its sleeve , things like anti theft alarm that starts playing a loud alarm whenever someone tries to grab your phone or remove it from the charger when you're not near it .

It's perfect for public places like airport charging stations .

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It also has a permission manager to let you see which apps have been granted access to the internet , the microphone , et cetera , a route checker to see if your phone is rooted , an option to mute your microphone straight from the notification section so that no one listens in on you .

And a lot more overall , it's one of the best privacy driven apps out there with the developers constantly improving it and adding in new features , it's free to download and will seriously improve your phone security .

So make sure to use my link in the description if you want to help support the channel .

Now this next set of ad blocker apps are extremely similar work with the same level of accuracy .

Sure , there may be a few that have some extra minor features and prettier looking interfaces but functionality wise , it's all the same .

We have rethink DNS block of five DNS 66 and next DNS .

But we already talked about that one earlier .

All of these .

Look at your incoming DNS queries when you're using the internet and block the queries that come from ad networks .

Simple .

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My personal favorite is rethink dns because it's completely free with no subscriptions or in app purchases .

And although it doesn't remove those blank spaces like Adar does , it still does a great job at blocking ads within my apps and browser .

On top of that , it comes with a firewall that lets me block any apps from accessing the internet .

I can do that on a per app basis or just block all apps when the device is locked or when they're not being used pretty gnarly .

Of course , that would interfere with incoming notifications .

So I wouldn't enable those .

But if you don't mind , go for it , it really comes in handy for restricting internet access to file managers , alarm clocks , calculators or any other app that doesn't need the internet to run .

Finally , you wouldn't think this is important .

But rethink dns has a very active community with a telegram channel so that you can ask for help if you run into any issues plus it gets updated relatively well around every 1 to 2 months .

So , not bad block head of five is a great alternative .

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It has a pretty looking interface with the extra option of letting you choose from a variety of different block lists so that you're not just stuck with one .

It has all the popular ones like Energized OISD A , et cetera .

And they also give you a wide selection of DNS hosts to join unlike rethink DNS .

Other than that , it's exactly like all the other ad blockers that just use DNS filtering .

However , I do enjoy that , they also have an active community with a telegram channel .

Plus the developers are very active making sure that block gets updated at least once a month .

DNS +66 is the last alternative I recommend for an ad blocker that just uses DNS filtering , but I would honestly not choose it over the previous recommendations .

One because it hasn't been updated in almost a year .

And the U I is also very outdated and two , it doesn't have a community or an easy way to contact the developer if you run into any issues .

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Nonetheless , it still works like a charm and it's free to use , but there are still better and more powerful options out there last , but not least we can't forget about ad away the OG AD blocker that every person who has ever rued .

Their phone has heard of at least once in their life .

Yes , it's still alive and still requires root to fully take advantage of its features .

But they also have the option of not using it without root .

It'll just work like the other ad blockers by using a VPN and constantly running in the background , consuming a good amount of your battery life if you do have root , however , it'll instead edit your system host files so that no filtering is required and the app doesn't need to constantly run in the background .

It will also block the ads a lot faster if you do have root .

So if you're rooted , then just use add away in the end .

There are a ton of fantastic ad blocker apps out there .

But a lot of them vary in terms of features and functionality .

Personally , I enjoy using next DNS because it doesn't require me to download any app .

Just a chrome shortcut .

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If I like to , you know , modify the settings , I just need to change a setting within my phone and that's it .

Plus it doesn't require root and doesn't consume that much battery life .

Unlike the other apps that I just showed off besides add away if you'd prefer the extra protection though , with the addition of cleaning up those blank ad spaces , I would go with a guard even though you'll end up paying for their features if you want something completely free and that still works well and don't mind that it will consume a bit more battery life , go with block C A five or rethink DNS .

And finally , if you do have root , just go with a , anyway , that's the best ad blocker apps on Android .

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I know we can do it if you really enjoyed what you saw .

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New subscribers really help encourage me to keep going because it shows me that there's still a large Android audience out there either way .

Thank you for watching and sticking to the end .

I'll catch you guys in the next one .


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