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2023-08-19 20:56:06

How To Make Sheet Pan Pancakes • Tasty

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I made this video back in the day when I was working on Tasty Junior videos and this is by far one of my favorite recipes that I've ever made .

There is nothing I hate more than standing over a hot stove on a summer day flipping darn pancakes .

It's Sunday morning .

I'm tired .

The last thing I want to do is just be sweating and flipping .

Nope .

It's no different from making regular pancakes .

You can use your own favorite recipe if you want , but probably double it and you're just gonna pour the batter over a piece of parchment paper in a sheet pan .

As an aunt , I was trying to figure out ways to make cooking a fun experience for me and also an experience that saves me time and effort .

While getting nearly the same result with what I was going through in my personal life .

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I was able to transition that into my work .

You can customize your pancakes no matter what your preference is and really go anywhere with these .

You can jazz them up and put peaches or blueberries , strawberries , bananas , chocolate , whatever tickles your fancy and you stick it in the oven .

For 15 minutes at 425 °F .

And they come out perfectly cooked and brown and golden and cut them into different shapes .

You can get more artistic .

It's delicious .

It's easy .

It saves me so much time and it's something that I'm gonna continue to use for the rest of my life .

Another free time saving tip for you .

If by any chance you do end up having leftovers , which doesn't happen in my house very often .

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Once they're cooled , you can put them into a resealable bag and freeze them for up to a month and heat them up and serve them again for breakfast .

Why not ?

Talk about a time saver ?

You could even throw another pan into the oven that has your bacon on it and you're good to go .

You got breakfast in one oven .

These pancakes are a hit in my household to this day and I will never make pancakes on a griddle again .

Ever .

My favorite combination has got to be the banana and chocolate chip one and I sometimes add like little bacon sprinkles in there with the maple syrup and butter .

Hold on hold please .

I need to go eat this .

Oh , I'm hungry .


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