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2023-08-21 21:07:45

Everyday WEIGHT GAIN DIET PLAN for Skinny Guys! (Hindi _ Punjabi)

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Hey guys , I gotta weight gain , muscle build and you're looking for a dike plan .

Watch this video till the very end .

Hey , this is sunny with my Bollywood body diet plan but I lecture .

They normally white board keeper Max explain .

No , it takes me about 15 to 20 minutes to shoot that video .

A lot of people say shoot a video but I get to map video wrap up and you know , I belong to team one take .

That means there is no cut past no editing um diet .

There are so many things that matter , work out your supplementation and your diet .

My quickly touch karma workout workout , Ken .

I'm a big ambassador of progressive overload .

Heart set keeper , weight increase as a beginner up work .

What you can do is you hit list link above you pop up .

That will take you to a playlist .

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It's called body building for beginners day one work that can help you put on weight , beginners , intermediates , advanced level , try that out .

Second comes your supplementation means your basic Omega threes I A BCE A minerals , vitamins hand and your protein shake .

So make sure those are intact , your accumulated diet plan can recover .

And the third thing is your diet plan itself .

Diet plan .

Everything has to be in order customized diet .

And I talk about macros , macro nutrients diet in the kidney protein , kidney carbohydrates and the kidney good fats .

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Uh a lot of the times what happens is gut , your muscle need food , your muscle , ok ?

You need carbohydrates for that energy .

You need that energy to push .

Then you know , you need protein to recover car fries , biscuit , but there is no protein sources into our body .

And literally based on statistics , if you do some research on an average e they see young adult is taking less than 50 g of protein per day , which is really , really bad and it's gonna be very hard for you to put on size .

You want to put on lean mass , you want to gain the right weight , right weight , but made a proper body , but made proper physique .

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A body core at least take time with patients with dedication .

And you'll see miracles meal doesn't matter later in the video , which is your gonna be your meal one or those snacks they have .

That's it .

So which can be your breakfast .

You know breakfast .

I want you to have two slices of bread .

You can have white bread , you can have whole wheat bread , you can have quinoa bread , you can have any bread that is available .

I don't want to get into complex cards and simple cards .

This is a beginner .

I just want you to start the gym and start putting on masks later .

I'll shoot another diet video mini .

I'll shoot another diet video .

I will be there with you throughout that journey .

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So meal , those slices of any bread that is available in your house , in in your fridge .

Those slices of bread ales to curry or skipper one tablespoon of peanut butter .

A great source of protein .

A great source of fats sat may , I'll have two eggs and I'll have me maybe on a flexible diet .

This is what I would eat so I can make a diet for that means I will follow the same diet .

I'm not gonna experiment on people .

Those slices of bread can be bread of your choice .

Have a table spoon of peanut butter , dough , full eggs do gram yogurt ideally yo which is factory if not yogurt simple .

Those slices of bread , eight tablespoons of peanut butter , two full egg omelet can be boiled , can be omelet , whatever .

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However , you like Greek yogurt gram seasonal fruit .

It can be any season .

May watch winter , may watch apple pear grape color .

Your call your discretion with that .

I want you to have a cup of tea .

Ideally , if you were to listen to me , have a cup of which is 250 ml of milk .

Uh skim milk , low fat milk is ideal almond milk , cashew milk .

Go for a cup of tea .

That's your first meal .

Fast forward it to the second meal .

Now , your second meal is going to be dead sauced doo gram rice .

I always want you to measure dead sauce doo gram of cooked white rice .

Um , ok .

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It's not about how many calories you're gonna take in a day .

You are a big inner , you're just starting , you get your skinny , you look into your resting metabolic rate , your personal metabolic rate up active lifestyle and based on that is on they do , you're just shutting those calories out .

There is no point on taking that many calories .

So those are that buy .

So , so is more than good enough for you to get going and slowly as you start breaking the muscle , you will see that your body is putting on size gram of rice , chicken rice meat , which can be your chicken breast , which can be your chicken thigh , which can be your mutton , which can be your fish , which can be your turkey , which can be your shrimp , which can be any white fish , no colored colored meats , there is more fat .

So any white fish , any meat that you like rice , gram meat veggies , which is a great source of your fiber .

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Otherwise this is , this is , I don't wanna use the foul language , but you know , a lot of people complain , sorry veggies .

That is it .

That's your meal number two , which is going to be your lunch fat .

Fast forward .

It to the end of the day dinner .

Identical to what you had in your lunch .

Yes , it's boring .

But , hey , I get up chicken chicken kale .

You can literally , if you watch any serious body builder , any body builder who competes athlete , they all eat the same food all the time .

It's about discipline .

It's about dedication .

It's about determination .

It's about motivation and it's about balanced lifestyle .

It's , but what you can eat , you are eating for results .

You're eating for something to achieve .

Um be it boring spices change color .

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You know what I normally do is white rice , lay lie chicken , throw it on a and stir fry it .

Put a little bit low sugar .

Yeah .

No sugar , barbecue sauce and mix it up .

You can have a stir fry , you can have a burrito bowl .

You can do so many options .

A simple meal , fancy banana identical dinner .

Now , uh for an example , uh vegetarian , I don't wanna eat meat .

In that case , a breakfast , eggs , protein car .

So your breakfast change it to one scoop of protein meat chicken dinner .

You gonna take it out and replace it with about egg .

So egg soup , gram masala tofu .

You can also have sprouts .

You can also have or if you don't want none of that , a cup cooked lentils with not beans , any cooked lentils .

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So rice OK ?

Veggies OK ?

And instead of meat , you can have once or twice a week sprouts .

OK ?

What not So one meal , two meal , three meals .

These are your three main meals .

Now , in between , I want you to have snacks .

Your snacks are going to be identical .

I'm a big fan of rice cakes because uh they are very simple , easy to carry light rice cakes .

It's called if I'm not mistaken , a rice cake .

So do rice cake beach May 8 tablespoon full fat Malay .

Yeah .

One tablespoon of peanut butter .

Malay .

Yeah .

Peanut butter .

That's your uh snack .

So two rice cakes uh in between one tablespoon of Malaya peanut butter eggs or be gram seasonal fruit .

It can be any fruit of your choice , any fruit of your choice , whatever is available .

Now , you can have this one time a day , two times a day , three times a day , four times a day .

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Uh you know you feel like you're eating something two slices .

You you two blocks of rice cakes , egg tablespoon of peanut butter eggs .

So be gram fruits .

Egg I cannot afford rice cakes .

Go right ahead .

Have one small whole grain roti .

Uh you can have one slice of bread .

You bread one slice of bread , tablespoon peanut butter , Crum fruit .

You can have it up to 2 to 3 , up to four times depending on how hungry you get .

Your breakfast is covered , your lunch is covered , your snacks are covered , your dinner is covered .

Now comes the your supplementation part um supplementation .

Can I want you to have one scoop of protein .

Just a regular re isolate before you go to bed .

I'm not talking about caine or what not any coop of protein .

It can be uh you know , a AAA any brand of protein shake .

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Matter of fact , um a lot of times people reach out to me on Instagram and Facebook where I guess anybody , you know , you talk about brands .

We live in India and the biggest issue that we face is supplements .

So there's a website called nera bay dot com .

You can see this information .

Uh Many uh I believe last summer we so it's a very authentic website .

You can go onto their website ntra bay dot com and you can select supplement liner , you can buy their own supplements .

You can buy any other brands .

Optimum nutrition , my protein beta brands give the supplements , ok ?

And they're authentic because this is a legit company and I normally do not talk about a lot of companies .

So very rare you see talking about different brands .

So these guys are very authentic .

You can buy any supplement from them and rest assured that they are authentic .

They're legit , they are not fake .

Um So I want you to have one scoop of protein shake before you go to bed .

That's your first protein and the second scoop of protein shake is right after your workout .

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Meaning a has a snacks do bars can have breakfast , lunch and dinner .

So scoop of protein shake workout cooper uh protein shake .

I have take your basic multivitamins daily .

Take your uh uh Omega three s 500 mg to 1000 mg of Omega threes daily .

Um Try to drink arts that does glass every day .

Your workout should be at least 45 minutes to one hour .

Try to do this workout , which is very important to properly break down Coco and follow this diet plan for at least four weeks .

Eight monthly is diet plan to follow .

Give me a feedback , email me if you want Instagram , keep my Bollywood body keeper .

Follower of DME .

I normally reply to every single DM on Instagram by myself .

So DM me on Instagram , give me your feedback and if you're like , yeah , yeah , one month it's good .

I put on one kg or two kg and if I shoot another video , I promise you , I'll shoot another video just like this .

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That will take you from first month to the second one to the third one for me .

It's 15 , 20 minutes out of my time .

But if it helps somebody , I'm always there to help .

One last question that I always get is workout .

Thank you so much .

Work out means workout .

You can have the name those of rice cake , a tablespoon of peanut butter .

So be seasonal fruit snack .

You can have it as pre workout as well .

Post workout , you will be having one scoop of protein shake just to put it in a nutshell .

This diet plan is anywhere between 2000 to 2500 calories depending on how you snack , how many times you snack .

So , uh , it's a flexible diet .

It can suit people who are extremely skinny to moderate people who want to put on just a little bit of a muscle .

I got a customized diet .

But one I think anyway , I wanted really customized diet and workouts catered to my needs .

You can actually register on my website to train with me where I can write you customized diet and workouts every two weeks .

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Sign up www dot my Bollywood body dot com .

You hit that button as well .

It'll take you and you can register and you can uh take a part in that as well .

A question had diet related .

Leave it in the comment box .

Fastest way to get a hold of me is via Instagram at my Bollywood body DM me and I'll be more than happy to reply .

Thank you so much .


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