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2023-08-19 20:45:03

How to Make Creamy POTATO PASTA Like an Italian

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Did you know that potato pasta is a classic Italian from Naples and it is a one pot pasta .

This is the original one pot pasta .

It's super creamy .

Thanks to starch in the pasta in the potatoes .

And of course , the pecorino cheese .

Let's make it together because this is something that it really , really changed my life .

I don't know if you are capable of understanding what I'm eating .

You are capable of understanding our creamy disease .

Do you understand ?

Oh , exactly .

Mm .

Hi .

And welcome to plate the place where you get to learn how to cook .

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Amazing Italian recipes .

This is a classic napolitan pasta , potato pasta .

This , it's gonna take you right to Naples .

Yes , I did use my twist which is the buffalo mozzarella instead of the pro you wanna learn more about this dish , please follow my steps .

So easy .

Honestly , it's so easy .

All you need is a saucepan or a large pot and the right ingredients .

And then you're ready to go to make this super creamy potato pasta .

First , we need a nice pasta and I'm using Toscani a top quality dry pasta .

Originally , you use leftovers , short pasta .

So basically , you go to the cupboard , the pantry and whatever you find short pasta .

Of course , you put it together .

I'm using 200 g , which is enough for two people .

Then we need three medium size washed potatoes .

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I like to chop it into cubed or small pieces .

Then we need half carrot , half onion , half stick , of course , chopped into pieces .

I like to finally , finally , finally chop .

So when we cook it , it disappears in a beautiful potato sauce .

Then we need half liter of hot vegetable broth .

You can use half liter of hot vegetable stock or half liter of hot water .

It needs to be hot .

Then I like to use some rosemary , which we are gonna put it in the one buffalo mozzarella .

Originally in Naples , they use pro or you can use provolone or any dry cheese that you like .

I like to use buffalo mozzarella .

I love buffalo optional .

You don't have to use it two tablespoons of pecorino or par last but not least extra virgin olive oil .

Let's make the original one pot , pasta .

The creamiest .

We are cooking this pasta in one pot , but I'm not using a very tall pot .

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I like to use a , a nice deep sauce .

As you can see this sauce pan , it is nice and deep and it will be enough for two people .

If you're cooking for more than two people , then you do need to use a large , high , tall pot OK .

What we do first is we're gonna put a generous amount of extra virgin olive oil and I'm talking about at least 4 to 5 tablespoons .

Big generous please .

And then we're gonna add a carrot onion and celery in there .

This is called , so we're gonna cook the .

So for about 10 minutes , this is very important to give the flavor to a beautiful base .

Let's cook a so on a medium high .

And I also like to add rosemary in there .

The rosemary will give a beautiful flavor to the and then we're going to remove the rosemary before we add the potatoes .

I like rosemary because it's always available all year round and it gives beautiful fantastic flavors .

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It is extremely important that you make love with the so needs to fill , you needs to know that you are there .

OK ?

So make sure you stir stir at this point .

As you can see , my rosemary here gave all the flavors .

It's , it's cooked .

So let's take it out .

Ok ?

The flavors are already in there infused in the oil .

So let's finish off this so , so easy .

Honestly , this pasta , it would be done in maximum , maximum 2025 minutes .

After about 10 minutes , we are ready to put a beautiful potatoes .

We put the potatoes and straight away , we put about half of the stock .

So 250 meals of stock to cook the potatoes .

Now , at this point , I will give a quick stir , make sure you stir and we need to cook the potatoes for about 10 minutes , you know .

So they become soft and they become creamy .

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So we want to release all the starch from the potatoes into the sauce pan .

So that's how we get our cream .

So basically what I'm going to do now , but it's optional .

I'm going to cover it .

So I keep the moist inside and our beautiful potatoes will cook evenly .

It is important to stir the potatoes because you don't want the potatoes to get stuck to your sauce pan , especially if you're using a non stick pan just like me .

You know , it , it is important to stir them .

Yeah .

Yeah .

OK .

Guys , I added more broth because I want my potatoes to swim in them .

I want the potato to become soft on every corner .

I'm about to put my pasta in because my potatoes cooked after 10 minutes .

My recommendation is always to check the potatoes .

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You want them to be soft .

You want to be able to break them with the fork .

If they are like that , then you put the pasta in .

If the potatoes are not soft yet , they're too hard .

You have to wait for the pasta .

You need to keep maybe adding more stock until your potatoes are soft before I put the pasta in .

I'm going to squash some potatoes because it will help to get creamier .

Ok .

So we don't wanna make mashed potatoes .

The potatoes are not super soft , they're soft but not super soft .

I just wanna mash them a little bit just like that because what's gonna happen is when I put the pasta , the pasta will be able to combine more with the potatoes and we will be able to have a creamier pasta .

And guys keep in mind that the smallest , you cut the potatoes , the easier it will be to make this pasta and to cook it .

Now , we're gonna add the pasta .

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Now , I love it and we're going to add the rest of the stock of broth .

Now , stir because we are cooking the pasta in this pan .

It's a one pot , pasta .

Don't forget .

OK .

Now I'm adding more water to cook the pasta .

I'm adding half liter because in this pot , I need a , if you're using a smaller pot , maybe you need less .

If you use a larger pot , maybe you need more water .

So I recommend you not to put too much just to put enough to cover the pasta and see how it goes .

The pasta somehow will tell you if it needs more water , it will tell you , ah , I'm thirsty .

So don't worry .

The packet says to cook it for eight minutes .

So eight minutes it is .

See you soon , make sure you stir every couple of minutes .

Now , I've got six more minutes to go .

The pasta is cooking .

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I can feel it with my spoon still too hard , you know .

So you wanna make sure you stir because the pasta needs to cook evenly .

You don't wanna have one pasta , overcooked one pasta , then one pasta not cooked , make sure it's cooked properly because we have five minutes to go and everything is looking great .

The potatoes are getting softer and softer .

This is great .

I'm loving it .

Ladies and gentlemen , our pasta is ready .

All we have to do now is to taste it , to make sure it's ready .

Look how cream it is .

This is all cream guys .

Look at that .

This is all cream .

Oh , we just need to add the cheese and we're ready to go .

Let me try one pasta and one potato just to make sure it's ready .

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Bastard's already creamy I mm potatoes melt in my mouth .

Ready switch off the stuff .

The pasta is perfectly cooked .

What we're gonna do now is we are going to add the pecorino or parmesan if you want and this is like two generous tablespoons so you can use more .

And as we stir , look at the cream that we get .

Look how creamy is is already .

Look at that .

Look at that for savor removing the pain from the stove and look , look how creamy it is .

Thanks to the pecorino .

Look how fantastic this pasta is .

Look , look at these guys , look at this .

Look at that .

Look how beautiful this is .

Yeah .

If you wanna make a cream .

You can just uh let the pasta jump .

If you can't do it , just keep using the spoon .

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But this will help the pasta to get CRE Let me tell you , look at how amazing and creamy .

Look at that .

Look how sensational this is all .

Thanks to the potatoes , the starches and just a touch of the pecorino right at the end now is the time to perfect this dish .

So we're gonna break the buffalo mozzarella into pieces and I put it everywhere , everywhere and the pasta is warm .

So it would help to melt the buffalo mozzarella .

Quickly , quickly , quickly stir and serve straight away .

Let me um um um um there is one thing you need to know about this pasta .

You need to serve it straight away .

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There is no time for Instagram , no time for photos .

But if you can come to my Instagram , you can look at the photo I took for you .

How creamy is .

These guys , how creamy and cheesy these pasta is .

Look at that .

Fantastic , simply fantastic .

Going to decorate it with a nice rosemary and then we redo it .

I have to say , I'm amazed about how creamy this is .

Hello , rosemary .

I'm just amazed .

So the only thing we have left to do now is to try and like I said , guys , you have to make sure you serve this straight away .

There's no time for Instagram , no time for photos .

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I'm really struggling today .

To take photos .

Hopefully I'm able to do a photo for the thumbnail .

Otherwise no photo for thumbnail .

Oh It's that .

Mm mm .

I got two different types of potatoes .

One super creamy and one a little bit still crunchy , which was nice contrast .

Very nice contrast .

I've got mozzarella here , potato and pasta .

Super creamy .

So super creamy .

Fantastic .

It does get cold fast .

So you need to have it straight away .

Some of them are already cold because I'm filming .

So yeah , I don't know if you are capable of understanding what I'm eating .

If you are capable of understanding our creamy disease .

Do you understand ?

Can you see it ?

Can you see our creamy disease ?

Uh I don't know if the video can make you understand that guys .

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You need to write a comment below and ask youtube to give us taste tasting options on youtube .

We wanna feel that we wanna eat this through the video .

Come on , what are you waiting for ?

Just make it .

Thank you so much for watching this episode .

We will see you in the next Vincenzo plate video recipe Vice plate .

Mm mm mm mm .

This was my favorite bite .

Oh Yeah .

Look at this .

I've got potato mozzarella , buffalo , mozzarella , pasta , carrots .

Mm mm To die for guys and enjoy pasta every day , every night , every week , every year .

Forever past that is life .



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