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Today , we're having my spaghetti meat sauce .

It's different .

A crowd pleaser .

And when you taste it for the first time , you're gonna say to yourself , where has this been all my life ?

I started by chopping half of a large yellow onion .

But you may use a medium or two small ones .

I prefer to use the yellow onion in this dish because of its potent flavor .

I use sweet onion in dishes where it's going to be eaten raw .

But you may use any onion that you like .

Then I chopped half of a large green bell pepper .

That white part is the pith .

It's edible but tasteless in my opinion .

So I always remove it .

Green bell pepper is perfect for this recipe .

But you may use any bell pepper or a combination of bell peppers for a more colorful dish .

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I placed an 11 inch saute pan on medium heat , but a large sauce pan would have been fine too .

I'm going to brown about a pound and a quarter of ground beef .

I like to use ground round for this recipe which has 15% fat or lean ground beef .

I don't like to use ground tuck because it has more fat than I need here .

When the ground beef brown a little , I added the chopped onion and gave it a good stir .

And since I'm using ground round , there is no need to drain the fat .

The amount here is perfect to help me saute the next few ingredients .

After I saute the onion a little bit , I added three garlic cloves .

I think grated garlic is better .

But if you prefer to chop it , that's fine garlic gives this dish such a good flavor .

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If I could only use five ingredients , fresh garlic would definitely be one of them .

Then I added the chopped green bell pepper and it's starting to smell so good in here already .

I used to bring this dish to work and even my vegetarian friend liked it if that's not saying something .

Now I'm gonna start adding the dry ingredients , two tablespoons of onion powder , two tablespoons of garlic powder and one tablespoon of paprika and stir it well , to start incorporating all those awesome flavors , add two tablespoons of all-purpose , seasoning , one teaspoon of Italian seasoning freshly ground black pepper to taste and continue to stir it all up .

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I added one quarter cup of water to get all the little bits of seasoning off of the bottom of the pan .

And I make sure I don't burn the seasoning before adding the water .

I opened up a spot in the center of the pan and added two teaspoons of tomato paste .

I like to fry my tomato paste to bring out its flavor .

I don't just add it when it's all saucy in there .

Frying it makes it for a much more flavorful sauce .

Now it's time to add the beef boon cube .

I use the larger ones .

My favorite brand to use in saucy soups and stews is nor its gummy texture makes the sauce creamier and I fry it as well .

With the help of about three tablespoons of water .

I am only using one beef boon for now because of its high sodium content .

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But later on after I taste the sauce , I'll adjust it to my liking .

Once incorporated , I added two packs of sodium free granulated beef boon to add a little bit more beef flavor without the salt .

It really enhances this sauce .

You're gonna know when you taste it at the end .

Every ingredient plays an important role and as always add a little bit more water to it about three tablespoons of it and stir it well , to combine all of those beautiful flavors .

Now it's time to add one tablespoon of unsalted butter .

It gives the sauce more flavor and creaminess .

I added two tablespoons of ketchup .

It's an important ingredient and really makes a difference .

So I wouldn't skip it .

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After incorporating the ketchup , I added one teaspoon of yellow mustard .

It's as important to hear as ketchup .

Then I added half a teaspoon of red wine vinegar .

It's not much , but it makes a big difference here .

And in go the four tomatoes that I peeled , seeded and pureed earlier , you don't have to use fresh tomatoes .

You may use a couple of 14.5 ounce cans of petit diced tomatoes , crushed or stewed tomatoes .

You may also use canned tomato sauce or a combination to keep things simple and nothing makes more of a mess than tomato sauce cooking on a stove , right .

So I keep it on low to low , medium heat .

I am going to show you how I peeled my tomatoes first .

I them or just cut around the stem end like this .

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I cut an ax in the bottom of each tomato just deep enough to penetrate the skin .

I carefully placed each tomato into boiling water with the help of my skimmer and let them simmer for one minute .

I removed them from the hot water and immediately placed them into an ice water bath .

I let them sit in the ice water until they were cool enough to handle .

After that .

I just peel them away .

See how easily the skin comes off and there is no waste here .

I cut them in half like this and spoon the seeds out the best I could right into a bowl because I can't stand tomato seeds and preserve this for later .

I chop them up just to show you how I do it .

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But there is no secret here , chop them as big or as small as you like or even blend them like I did then just put your tomatoes in a different bowl .

Not the one with the seeds .

No way .

The one with the seeds is right here and I'm going to strain it and put the juice in a bowl with the tomatoes .

I can't waste all that wonderful tomato juice .

I know it's extra work .

But I like using fresh tomatoes in this sauce and sometimes I use six large chopped Roma tomatoes .

I added two bay leaves and hit them well , but later , don't forget to remove them because nobody deserves to eat bay leaves .

Now , the sauce is getting a better consistency and have I mentioned how good it smells in here ?

I added two tablespoons of grated Parmesan cheese .

I'm going to taste this sauce at the end .

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If I feel like it needs more salt , I will add more of the flavorful ingredients that contain salt like Parmesan cheese , all purple , seasoning beef boon ketchup and mustard .

I start with caution and add more at the end if I need to .

And last but not least I add 2 to 3 teaspoons of white granulated sugar .

It helps break the acidity from a few of the ingredients .

I taste the sauce and see if it needs any adjustments .

I cover the pan and let the sauce simmer while I cook the pasta .

I added lots of water to a large pot .

Let it start boiling and added as much salt as I wanted my pasta to taste .

Like I stir the salt around , cover the pan and let the water come to a full boil , which didn't take long .

I added three quarters of a pound of thin spaghetti .

Sometimes I break it in half .

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I like it either way and there's no need to add oil to the water .

All you have to do is stir your pasta a lot and it's going to be fine .

Let it cook for about 10 minutes or until your favorite .

While the pasta cooks , it's important to check on the sauce and stir it a couple of times .

This is a recipe I developed years ago and one of the reasons why I started this channel , it is going to wow , you and everyone else who tastes it .

So I hope you give it a try and let me know how you like it .

I checked to see if the pasta is done to my liking and now it's plating time .

Our pasta and meat sauce are ready .

My friends .

It's a labor of love .

There are quite a few ingredients in this magnificent sauce , but you probably already have most of them in your pantry and fridge .

So how do you like to serve your pasta and meat sauce ?

Sometimes I like to pour the sauce all over it .

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Sprinkle with even more grated Parmesan cheese because I can never get enough of it .

And then I garnish with fresh cilantro .

I also like to just chop some cilantro leaves and add them to my plate .

Fresh cilantro , complements the sauce so well .

But you may also use fresh parsley , fresh basil or whatever you like .

Hot sauce is good with this dish too .

Just saying delicious succulent , picture perfect pasta .

Every time some of you might prefer to add your pasta straight into the pan with the sauce .

The only wrong way to eat pasta is the way you don't like to eat it .

If you found my video to be valuable in any way , give it a thumbs up and share with everyone you believe would like my recipe as much as you do .

And if you want to see more of my awesome recipes , consider subscribing to my channel and click in the notification bell .

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So you know when I publish them right away , I hope you tried this recipe and let me know what you think in the comment section below .

Thank you for watching and I'll see you next time .

Bye .


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