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2023-08-19 21:11:18

How to lose weight on a vegan diet

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Thanks for watching Q and A with Jane , your resource for tips to make life happy , nourished and delicious .

Today , I have a question from Debbie and she would like to know , how do you lose weight on a vegan diet ?

How do you maintain that healthy weight loss ?

So , that's a fantastic question .

And it's actually one that I get quite often , a lot of people lose weight right when they become vegan because they're not eating as many animal foods or any animal foods at all .

They're not eating as much processed foods a lot of the time .

But for some people that weight loss plateaus or even reverses now , plant foods are definitely healthier than animal foods because they don't have any cholesterol .

They've got a lot lower amounts of saturated fats .

They don't create such so much inflammation in your body and they don't contain the amount of toxins that animal foods do .

However , you can still be , you know , unhealthy and you can still gain weight on a vegan diet .

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Now , the secret is to eat foods that are nutrient dense , the most nutrient dense foods , those are like non starchy vegetables , vegetables and fruit in general , lagoons like beans and lentils , nuts and seeds and whole healthy fats .

So I'm gonna show you and give you all of my tips for making sure that you lose weight and you maintain healthy weight on your vegan diet .

So in order to lose weight and to reach optimal health , nonstarchy vegetables need to be at the core of your diet .

So these things include , you know , massage , kale , roasted cauliflower , steamed broccoli , sauteed collard greens .

These vegetables need to be at the core because they are the most nutrient dense .

They've got the most fiber and protein and other nutrients that keep you full and healthy .

Another thing is you should probably avoid oil if you want to lose weight for every tablespoon of extracted oil like coconut oil or olive oil or grape seed oil .

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It contains 100 and 20 calories .

Now , I usually don't count calories .

I don't think it's that important usually .

But in this case , it's pretty notable because that extracted oil is not nearly as nutrient dense as the whole food .

For instance , eating a whole olive instead of using olive oil or having a whole avocado instead of using avocado oil and you know , on and on and on .

So avoid oils .

For instance , you could saute your vegetables or whatever else you're cooking with water or vegetable broth or for your salads .

If you like a lot of salads like me instead of using oil for that , just massage your , your greens or your kale or whatever , with avocado or add whole olives or whatever else .

Just make sure you're having the whole food because you're gonna be getting those healthy fats and you're also gonna be getting all the other nutrients that come with it .

Avoid processed vegan foods .

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Now , these are really , really yummy , but so often they've got a ton of sodium and sugar and preservatives and unhealthy fats in them that is not gonna help you with any sort of weight loss .

So keep in mind you want to keep eating those whole foods and avoid those guys .

So one of my favorite things are fermented veggies .

They are actually quite important for healthy weight loss and of course optimal health .

So fermented vegetables contain good bacteria that go in your gut , populate your gut bacteria .

Make sure that you get it basically crowds out all the bad bacteria that cause illness , stomach problems , yada yada yada .

Anyway , fermented veggies give you all that good bacteria so that it helps you assimilate and break down your food , helps you stay nourished , helps you feel fuller .

It also helps with elimination of toxins .

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So make sure even if you don't like fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi , those things I love .

If you're not a big fan of those , at least you should be taking a probiotic and that will all help support your healthy gut , which in turn will help support healthy weight loss and just overall health .

So my last tip is not about food necessarily , but it is equally as important and that is to reduce stress and get plenty of sleep when we're stressed out and not sleeping enough , our bodies produce more Corto Cortisol , which is a stress coping hormone in our bodies .

And when we've got more of that , we tend to hold more weight .

So it's not gonna be easy to lose weight if you're stressed out and are not getting enough sleep .

So make sure you do that .

So I hope these tips were helpful for you if you're trying to lose weight .

Now , if you've already lost weight on a vegan diet , I would love to hear what worked for you .

So please share those comments in the comment section below .

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Also , if you have any questions about this topic or a question for a future episode for Q and A with , then you can leave that there as well .

Now , if you have a friend or a family member who wants to lose weight , share this video with them .

Hopefully , they find it helpful and for free recipes and more free videos , visit my website sweet potato soul dot com and let's hang out on social media , Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Pinterest at Sweet Potato Saul


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