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2023-08-22 22:20:09

Rasmalai Recipe - Veg Paneer Kofta Biryani Recipe - Malai Kofta Biriyani - How to make Rasmalai

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Finish it off by sprinkling some coriander .

Ha ha .

Ramola is one sweet that everybody loves it .

And uh making Ramla is very easy .

Bring the cow milk to a boiling point .

Now reduce the flame and add vinegar spoon by spoon , add it , mix it .

Now you will see water and the milk separating .

This is when you add the ice to this .

So basically you are arresting the curdling .

So immediately the temperature will fall down .

I switched off the flame .

OK .

I've got some ice also here to further chill it down in a muslin cloth .

Just pour this entire curdling .

Look at this , I is still there .

That means the whole thing is nice and cold .

Drain out the water and let this cool down and just tide somewhere .

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Let the water drain and then begin to make the after 30 minutes of hanging .

Look at this only when this is nice and soft , then only you can use this for making we're going to need it .

So basically , what we're going to do is we're going to remove all the grains that is there and we're going to make this very nice and smooth only then you know , this will come as a nice the sign behind it is the protein that is there .

We curdled by adding vinegar , but we did not let the protein fully cuddle .

We have curdled the protein .

So again , when you make this into balls , the protein will start setting .

When you put it in hot sugar syrup , just divide them into small dumplings and we're going to give it a shape all products .

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the ra ra everything are done with this and take this into the hand , make it round and just slightly flatten it .

It is as simple as that .

Put it on a plate .

You have to cook this in the sugar syrup .

Water boiling in this , add some sugar , just drop it in that and they will go down and settle and in no time they'll start floating up and they will double in the size .

Look at the size we are putting and when they come out , they will increase in the size .

So now let them boil vigorously the more vigorously they boil , they will become nice and soft around 10 minutes of cooking .

Look at them , they have become almost double in size and uh we have to cook this for at least 15 minutes .

And all you need to do is take it from this uh and put it in the cold sugar syrup and we have to let this cool down only then we're going to put it in the milk sweet milk and we're going to make our .

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So this is very simple .

I've taken one liter of milk and uh I've been cooking it for like almost a 30 minutes and you try to reduce it in this add sugar and uh make it slightly sweeter .

Not too much .

It should be slightly sweeter .

And also in this , you can add the saffron water so that you can give very light , uh slight yellow color that will make it look nice .

A little bit of cardamom that will give a very nice taste to this milk , slightly reduced milk .

They're going to let it cool down .

We have to squeeze out the water and put them into the milk .

So squeezing out the water , they will become flat .

But the moment you put it in the milk syrup again , they will suck in the juices and again swell up .

You can Sprinkle some , you know , or you can also Sprinkle some Rasa is loved by everybody .

But the same curdled milk we can make awesome Malai .

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This is pure panir Malai and we do this for a very , very special guests .

So the same way we curdle the rasmalai .

This is softly curdled in this .

We're going to add some just for binding in this , add some chili powder , you know , some broken cast in this .

So this nicely chopped cast will give a nice taste .

This Malay , we are going to add it into gravy and we're going to make biryani and it is going to be super , super tasty .

So in this add some chopped green chilies , also add some chopped coriander and some cardamom pod , add salt and mix all these ingredients .

Look at this and we're going to make the now cut this into small size whatever you want and make them into nice balls .

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These are the best that you can ever make and they are perfect .

You can also make malai curries with this and you'll get the best curry .

But today it is going to be awesome .

And that too , we're going to do it in rice cooker .

Now , fry these till they are nice and golden in color .

Look at this .

They're perfect .

The are nicely fried inside .

It is nice and spongy .

They're so good .

And uh these , we're going to make the gravy and when the rice is done , we're going to serve it in a different way today .

So first we're going to make the rice in the rice cooker .

So when we curdle the milk , whatever the water we call , this is very , very tasty .

You can put into all cookings .

So here for three cups of rice , I put six cups of water that is a curdled milk water .

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In this add salt , we can add whole gram masala , the cloves , cardamom cinnamon jira and in this add some oil .

So this is this oil is to make sure that the rice comes nice .

And fluffy and I've already washed and soaked the basmati rice for almost 30 minutes .

So , drop all the basmati rice into this rice cooker mix .

This always check the taste of the water .

Hm .

It should be good .

It should have the right amount of salt .

Put the lid on and switch it on when this is almost done .

You know , much of the moisture is observed in this .

I'm just going to add some , uh saffron color in this , add oil in a pan .

We're going to add butter , so do not add too much oil just a little bit .

And in this , you're going to add onions , salt , sort of this till they're slightly golden in color .

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Now , when the onions are slightly brown , add ginger garlic paste , let this also slightly sizzle .

Just add tomato puri on the top of tomato puree , add Kashmiri chili powder .

This will give good color if you want spicy .

The way I like add some other chili powder , the spicy chili powder , a little bit of masala coriander potter .

Let this cook and you will get this nice red color in the gravy .

When you see some of the oil coming out , just move the gravy a little bit on the side .

In this , we're going to add the butter .

So we're going to add some cast powder in this and this also need to cook .

So let's cook this along with the butter and this will help you form a very nice gravy me powder and now add water and bring it to the consistency .

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You desire the beautiful uh and oh this is so delicate to start off at least two .

And some of this beautiful the rice is also almost ready drop the into the gravy .

Let this soak in the gravy just for a few minutes .

You can serve this as Malay also .

But we are going to serve this as at the bottom three with the sauce .

How wonderful this rice is .

Just take it .

So this sprinkling of the rice will make this rice beautiful and first make one layer of the rice , rest of the rice just Sprinkle on top .

OK ?

The beautiful .

So the Kasuri meaty flavor is there very good .

That is the reason why we did not add mint , take the with a little bit of the sauce .

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Now on the top , make sure you make it nice design like sprinkling some coriander Sprinkle if you want a little bit of lemon juice the and is all there and let's serve .

So why should only non vegetarians have all the fun with Ryan ?

So look at the rice it for you baby and I am going to have not 13 because see first thing is you should have the bite of the you know , I made this so carefully .

They will be like ah beautiful , isn't it ?

The every bite is just wonderful .

You already had four and mm when the is done .

You got to do that .

That is , uh , my son is like , he's doing this .

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But when you eat the best of the best food , you got to do chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken , chicken .


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