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2023-08-19 20:47:25

How to connect your smart speaker to your TV - Tech Tips from Best Buy

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Hi , I'm Agent Williams .

Welcome to the lab .

You wanna control your TV with your voice , but aren't sure how to set it up .

I can help .

Here's how to connect that to your Google home speaker .

Here's what you need .

Any chromecast or chromecast ultra , any Google home speaker , it needs to be set up your phone with the Google Home app .

A strong wifi network .

This will take about 10 minutes plug the chrome cast into an HDM I port on your TV .

If you're using a chrome cast ultra plug the power cord into the wall outlet .

If you have a regular chrome cast , plug the power cord into the wall or a USB port on the back of the TV .

But if you want to turn your TV , on or off with your voice , a wall outlet will work better for most TV .

S .

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Now , let's set up the chrome cast so it can talk to your Google home speaker , the speaker chromecast and your phone should all be on the same wifi network .

Grab your phone and open the Google Home App .

Tap .

Add , it looks like a circle with a plus sign .

Then here set up device and here set up new devices on the next screen , select your home and hit next .

Wait a sec while the app will search for new devices .

Oh , it's done there .

Your chrome cast , select it .

A code will show up on your phone and your TV .

They should match if they do confirm it on your phone , answer the questions about location and privacy with whatever works best for you .

Select the room your chrome cast is in .

This will also be the name of your device .

Follow the on screen steps to connect the chromecast to wifi .

You may need to enter your network password .

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Next link the chromecast to your Google account by confirming on the screen .

This will make sure it can talk to your smart speaker if you're using streaming services like Netflix , add them .

Next , you'll need your login info for each .

Now you're set up , you can skip the remote for lots of the stuff that you want to do to watch .

Something .

Tell Google what you want to see using the name of the streaming service .

Here's an example .

Hey Google , watch youtube on living room TV .

Sure .

Playing recommended youtube videos on living room TV .

That's it .

If you run into any issues , leave a question in the comments .

We'll help you out .

If you thought this video was helpful , give it a like and subscribe to our channel for More from Best Buy .

Thanks for stopping by the lab , see you .


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