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2023-08-19 20:54:37

How to Blueberry Pancakes - Best Method for Blueberry Pancakes

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Hello , this is Chef John from food wishes dot com with how to blueberry pancakes .

That's right .

We always get a ton of food wishes for breakfast recipes and it's come to my attention that many of you are not doing blueberry pancakes properly .

So let me show you what I consider to be the ultimate method for blueberry pancakes .

And while we're doing this , I'll explain why the other methods aren't as good .

So step one , you're gonna make a batch of your favorite pancake batter .

We have several on the blog that are fantastic .

So check those out and you're gonna label that into a pre heated skillets .

I usually cook my pancakes on medium high .

And as we're forming that you'll probably notice there are new blueberries in the batter .

What we're gonna do is place them on top and by place , I mean , throw down , wind up from like a foot away and throw them down .

I want deep impact .

I want them embedded into the batter just like that .

So right off the bat using this method , you're going to get perfect blueberry distribution because you're controlling where they go .

And if you're thinking why didn't , you just put them in the batter .

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No , that doesn't work as good of all to get all those berries mixed in evenly .

You're probably over mixing your batter .

Plus as you're ladling , the blueberries will settle and then some pancakes will have like 20 blueberries .

Some will only have like three right ?

Brunch .

Guests get upset .

Words are exchanged hands are thrown .

Long story short , you're out of the wheel .

Nice going .

So this is a much safer method .

So you're gonna go ahead and throw down as many blueberries as you like .

And yes , I'm just doing one for filming purposes .

But even if you have a large skillet with four pancakes going , those are going to take two or three minutes before they're ready to turn .

So you have plenty of time time to throw down your blueberries .

When you get down to those last couple open spots , you can push them in .

But the throwing is the most fun part of the project .

And by the time your blueberries are placed , your pancakes should be ready to flip .

And you know , the signs , the edge of the pancake starts to look cooked and dry and those bubbles will come up to the surface .

So at that point , we're gonna flip it over .

And then besides perfect distribution as we talked about earlier , the real magic to this method is the direct contact of the blueberries to the skillet .

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So instead of them being insulated by the batter and just sitting in the middle of that pancake just barely getting warm in the couple of minutes it takes to cook this side of the pancake .

Those blueberries are getting hot .

They're getting sweet .

They're getting juicy , which is just not gonna happen as easily if they're stuck in the middle of the batter .

I mean , a couple might be touching the bottom , but using this method , they're all getting sweet and juicy .

So I think it works much , much better than mixing them into the batter .

And of course , if you want to show off your hot and juicy berries , you could leave it facing up like that and put on your butter and syrup .

But I'm kind of your purist .

I'm gonna flip mine over , oops , clean it up .

Of course , I'm gonna spread on a little more butter that melted and some maple syrup .

And then as we cut in , you're gonna see not only the perfect blueberry distribution , but more importantly , you can see that blueberry juice mixing with the syrup and I'll say it one last time .

The berries are hot .

They're juicy and they're sweet .

So anyway , just a quick and easy tutorial on how to properly blueberry .

A pancake do not mix them into the batter .

This works much better .

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Not only does every pancake have the same name .

Number of blueberries using this method .

Each forkful has about the same number of blueberries .

And by the way , you restaurants that are just dumping blueberries on top of pancakes and calling them blueberry pancakes .

Those are not blueberry pancakes .

Those are pancakes .

So that doesn't count .

Blueberry pancakes have blueberries in them .

And when it comes to blueberry pancake integration , you can't go wrong with this method .

So I really hope you give it a try .

Head over to food wishes dot com for all the ingredient amounts and more info as usual and as always enjoy .


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