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2023-08-22 21:57:52

How to Make Potato Pancakes

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Hi , everyone .

Today we're gonna show you how to make delicious potato pancakes .

We've made them for nearly 20 years at Polonaise's Restaurant and all of our customers love them .

We've been asked for the secret recipe for many , many years .

And today we're going to show you how to make them .

We'll start by boiling our potatoes .

I have about £2 of potatoes in here .

Russets , otherwise known as baking potatoes .

Just give him a little rinse and then we'll fill the pot with water and bring it to a boil .

You wanna have a little extra over the top but not so much that it's gonna boil over while you're cooking it .

Just take a little out of there .

OK ?

Give it some gas .

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All right .

Our potatoes are boiling .

I'm gonna lower the heat a little bit and I'm gonna cook these for eight minutes more .

Normally I do them for 10 minutes , but these potatoes are kind of small .

They're only partially cooked at this point , but that's what we want .

So now I'll drain these into the sink when you're draining um , hot water like this .

It's good to drain about half of it .

And then let the steam come off , stand back .

So you don't get burnt in the face .

Now , I'll put these in the refrigerator and let them cool overnight for our potato pancakes .

We'll need some fresh parsley and some fresh green onion chopped .

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Our potatoes have chilled in the refrigerator overnight and they're ready to use .

So we'll just peel these .

Now , I'll turn things over to the polish chef .

This takes a lot of steel just like eating after they're cooked .

Now , we're gonna make our potato pancake mixture .

But before that , we're gonna have a beta .

Not yet .

Ok .

Let's get onto the mixing .

Two eggs , quarter cup , vegetable oil , half , teaspoon of salt , half teaspoon of pepper , two tablespoons , each chopped parsley and green onion , half cup of all purpose flour .

I mix this gently .

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That smells good .

It looks good too .

Our mixture is ready to be cooked .

It looks wonderful .

I'm gonna give it to Susan who grilled probably at least two or 3 million in a who's counting ?

All right .

Time to start cooking .

I have a rack here ready to take my potato pancakes off here .

I'm using a cast iron skillet and I'm preheating it before I start cooking .

We're gonna try and mimic a commercial griddle top which is hard to do on a home stove .

But I find the cast iron skillet with a good thick bottom .

Works pretty well .

Or a really good um , aluminum bottom pan will also work pretty good .

I'm gonna spray it first with a little nonstick spray .

You don't have to do this step , but it helps a little .

Then we're gonna put a little oil in the bottom .

Not too much .

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I'm gonna shape the pancakes a little bit on the spoon before I put them in the oil and then press down with the edges of the fork to spread it out and just repeat until you have the bottom of your pan coverage .

Leave enough space so that you can flip them in between .

You wanna leave enough space in between these so that you can flip them .

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So once you get the pancakes in the bottom , you wanna push a little oil underneath them from the pan and you'll have to add oil as you are cooking these .

And if it feels a little sticky , you can just add a tiny bit of oil as you go as you need to .

Because these potatoes are only partially cooked .

They'll take about 10 minutes in the frying pan to cook all the way through because frying pans have uh uneven heat in the bottom , depending on the flame and so forth .

I try to , you know , keep turning them around and so that the bottoms will cook evenly again on a commercial griddle top .

This is not as much a problem , although you can always have hot spots on any cooking surface .

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All right , these are ready to turn , I don't think this one's quite ready yet .

So we , we did that .

Put a little more oil as I flip this last one here .

Right .

These locked done .

Mm .

This is how we serve them in the restaurant dollop of sour cream and a little fresh chopped parsley .

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And there's our brush .

Potato pancakes needs to be celebrated with a good beer .

Mm .

Crispy .

A lot of flavors .

Is this all for me ?

Am I sharing this with everybody ?

I'm getting burnt in the face here .

All right .

Today we're gonna be making delicious potato pancakes .

They were made forward for .


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