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2023-08-19 21:12:07

Lose Weight Fast With pineapple juice ! NO Exercise NO DIET Loose Belly Fat in Just 10 Days AT Home

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Nice and beautiful guys .

So this is a perfect weight loss drink .

A lot of people start to use pineapple and a lot of people start to recognize that pineapple juice is very good for weight loss and detoxing .

But is the way all you normally use it at home .

But the secret behind the pineapple juice and the weight loss juice right here , I'm gonna show you something .

Um Just get a medium size pineapple are large .

It all depends what you can afford and cut it up , remove the skin , remove the heart , cut it up , put it into your ninja blender .

That's what I did earlier .

Um Secondly , what I'm going to do and this is the secret behind it of making this weight loss drink .

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You wanna get a piece of the juice , they're gonna put it straight inside of it like this .

All right , you can either squeeze the lemon or you can cut up the lemon and put it straight inside and blend it .

But we're not gonna do that .

What we're gonna do .

No , on it .

No sweet nut .

Nothing .

Just keep it natural and real and authentic like this .

We're gonna put a cot , a glass or a cup of water inside of it to free up the blender .

Loving it .

So once I cut up a pineapple , I put it into a blender .

Now , what we're going to do is blend it for about 3 to 4 minutes , which I'm going to make a little bit of noise .

So please bear with avocado with the knife , right ?

Nice and lovely guys .

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As you can see it for yourself , make a little bit of nice .

But um we would get not lovely and nice .

Anyway , the blender I know probably it is a little bit too much inside of it .

But um what I'm gonna do now is simple , share thoughts .

All right .

And as I say , the pineapple juice , they make a nice lovely weight loss juice at home , but it's the way very quick blend with it .

Alright .

Now what we're gonna do is run it through my strainer .

Nice one .

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So they need to train about this .

That is lovely and nice , beautiful .

But as you can see , look at it really nice .

Let's put on a bit of water .

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So once I blend up a pineapple , you just roll it .

I love this like this .

See , that's what they want to see guys and that is just rich and nice .

Love the pineapple juice .

Wow .

Wait last nice one .

I want to do that simple .

He , he's off for nine .

That is lovely .

Yes .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

Give it a try at home and please leave your comments in the description box .

So exactly what do you think about my pineapple juice right here ?

Look at that amazing and lovely guys .

Honestly , it's fantastic .

What's up ?

As I said , please give it a try at home and please leave your comments in the description box .

All right .

So stay tuned with chef carter cooking show .

All right .

Yeah .

Lovely simple and nice to make at home .

I'll see you next time in the kitchen .

Bye bye .


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