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2023-08-22 21:58:15

How to make Cinnamon Pancakes

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today , I'm gonna show you how to make some delicious cinnamon pancakes .

We're gonna use 200 grammes of self raising flour , one tablespoon of sugar , a teaspoon of baking powder , a heaped teaspoon of ground cinnamon , one egg and 350 millilitres of milk .

I tipped the flour into this large jug along with the sugar , baking powder cinnamon , and I added a pinch of salt .

Give that a quick mix together , then crack in one egg , then slowly add the milk and keep whisking it until it's all blended together into a nice consistency like this .

I'm cooking them on this pancake pan on a medium heat .

When you see bubbles starting to rise , flip it over .

You could use a spatula if you like .

Then once it's cooked all the way through , it's ready to serve .

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Before I'd started cooking , I mixed some sugar and a bit of ground cinnamon , which I'm using to Sprinkle over the pancakes .

If you like , you could also add some syrup when we cut into them .

You can see the cinnamon has really coloured the pancake , and it gives it a lovely flavour for the next one .

I'm gonna try adding this milk chocolate ice cream sauce not to the finished cooked pancake but into the batter .

So I poured some more butter into the pan , then added on a swirl of the chocolate sauce hurt .

After about a minute , the sauce started melting and running off the batter .

Shortly after , I flipped over the pancake to cook the other side , and you can see more of the chocolate melting and oozing out .

I turned it back over and absorbed the melted chocolate into the pancake .

Then I served it up .

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It doesn't look too great , but the chocolate sauce really has flavoured the pancake , giving it a sticky coating .

And it tastes great .

If you've got any batter left over , you can store it in a sauce bottle in the fridge to use at a later date .

Next , I'm gonna try out this pancake flipping gadget , which I did test a couple of years ago .

The idea is it should cook seven mini pancakes at a time .

It sits in the pan , but as these handles fold over the edge , it lifts itself off the pace , which means they'll leak .

So I'm turning it this way around to balance it on the pan handle , and I'm using another pan to prop the other handle up , too .

To keep it flat , I turned on the gas and filled up all the seven holes .

The danger is lifting the flipping gadget before it's cooked enough , which means it'll run out of the bottom .

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Once I started seeing bubbles rise , I flipped it over , and that seemed to work really well .

Once I cooked the other side , I tried pushing the pancakes out , but they didn't want to come easily , so I had to really push them .

They stuck into the moulds and it was a bit messy .

But there we go .

We do have seven mini pancakes .

They may look a bit messy , but they taste great .

I decided to try it one more time , but this time I lightly oiled each one of the moulds .

I poured in the mixture and allowed it to cook , but not quite for long enough .

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And this time , when I lifted it , you can see one of the pancakes leaked out to the bottom , so I left it for another minute and tried flipping it again .

This time , most of them worked a bit better and some were just a mess .

You can see the marks from the mould .

And to be honest , apart from the one that leaked , it did work out OK , there's our seven mini pancakes .

I'm sprinkling on the cinnamon sugar and some syrup and they do taste great .

Pretty cool , huh ?

I hope you've enjoyed watching this video if you want .

You can see some of my other pancake videos too , by clicking on the links .

Stay safe , have fun .

And , as always , thanks for watching .


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