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2023-08-22 21:53:59

How to Make Pancakes in Fun Shapes for Kids

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Hi , I'm Leave Hansen for howdini dot com and Betty Crocker kitchens .

I'm here with Lila Quinton Perry and I'm gonna show you how easy and fun it can be to make special pancakes with your kids for breakfast , which is a great idea for a slumber party or even for mother's day or Father's day .

Now , traditionally , you would just ladle your batter right onto the griddle .

But I have a great trick .

I poured my batter into a squeeze bottle .

This will give you a lot of control for making small shapes .

I've pre greased my griddle with little cooking spray , just make sure you do it when the griddle is not hot .

So I'm gonna start , I'm gonna make some Xs and Os and some fun shapes , little hugs and kisses , but feel free to do any letter .

Maybe the initials of your kids .

I'm gonna squeeze the bottle and just make my shape X oh X .

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If you want them to look like round pancakes , you can actually make the letter , let it set a little bit on the griddle until the bubbles form and then ladle over a little bit more batter .

Another option is just to use your squeeze bottle and make that circular shape over it .

Ok , so we're ready to flip the pancakes .

So remove the pancakes .

When the bottoms are brown , you can actually peek a little bit .

Lift it up and see .

I think these are ready .

Now .

I'm gonna show you another fun pancake .

How about a pink pancake ?

Guys ?

Anyone want one ?

Great ?

Ok .

This one's pretty easy .

I'm gonna use my squirt bottle again to make one pig .

You'll need two small ovals or circles and one large one .

I'm gonna make two pigs .

Let's flip them .

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If you're working on a non stick griddle , it's important to use a plastic spatula .

That way you don't scratch the surface .

So now it's time to assemble our pig .

Take one of the small ones , place it on your plate and cut it in half .

This is gonna be the ears , take the large one and place it over and then another small one for the snout .

Now to decorate you can use chocolate chips or blueberries .

I'm going to use both blueberries for then a snout and chocolate chips for the eyes .

And there's your little pig who wants a pig b out of 10 ?

OK .

Let's start over here .

You'll get a little pig and let's finish this one .

There you go .

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Let me drizzle a little bit over your pig .

Dig in kids a great way to top off .

These delicious pancakes is with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh strawberries .

I'm Liv Hansen for howdini dot com and Betty Crocker Kitchens .


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