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2023-08-22 21:56:49

Potato Rosti Recipe - How To Make Potato Pancakes - BEST Breakfast Recipe - Ruchi

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What started off as a Swiss farmer's hearty breakfast later on became a national icon .

Yes , I'm talking about potato roasty and today we're gonna make it with a Lucci Bira twist .

So for which I've soaked the grated potatoes in salted water , let it soak for at least 10 minutes .

And now I'm going to squeeze out all the water from it for which I've taken three grated russet potatoes or you can even use the ones that you use for wafers and chips .

Make sure you squeeze out every bit of water from it and spread it on a few layers of paper napkin to get rid of the excess moisture .

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Let's pat dry this and now let's move these grated potatoes in a bowl and now comes in the Ruhi Barani twist with these potatoes .

So I have half a cup of grated cauliflower here into this .

I'm gonna add two spring onions , finely chopped .

Also add the green leaves , two green chilies , finely chopped , 1/4 teaspoon of pepper powder , one teaspoon of oil .

Let's toss all these ingredients together , make sure the oil mixes properly with all the ingredients just to bind all the ingredients together .

I'm gonna add one tablespoon of rice flour , two tablespoons of corn flour .

Let's give this a final mix .

As you must have noticed , I've not added the salt yet .

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I'm gonna take a little bit of the portion , add the salt and then make the roasty .

Because if the salt is there in this mixture for a very long time , the cauliflower onions and the potatoes start to ooze out some water .

So just add part by part , let's remove a small portion of the mixture in a bowl .

Let's season this with salt .

Give this a good mix .

If you feel this mixture is very , very dry , you can Sprinkle a few drops of water so that everything comes together .

And now let's start cooking and grease it with a generous amount of oil , spread the oil evenly on the pan .

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Let's take a small portion of the mixture and spread it on the pan up to you .

How big or small you want to make the potato roasty .

So spread them accordingly , press them lightly and let them cook on low flame till the bottom turns nice and brown .

Don't be in a hurry to cook these , but now it's time to flip them .

You can see a nice golden crust formed on top .

Same way we have to cook it on the other side as well .

Let's check on these .

I like my potato roast to be nice and crispy .

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These seem to be done .

Let's get them out .

Let's make another batch same way , season it with some salt .

Bye .

There are many different ways of making and serving a potato roasting , but I like to serve it with a spicy chili sauce and a mayonnaise dip .

So do try this at home .

Comment below and let me know how it turned out .

See you next time .

Bye bye .


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