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2023-08-19 20:56:38

Oatmeal Banana Pancakes

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I absolutely love eating pancakes for breakfast .

It's one of my favorite things .

That's why I love these oatmeal banana pancakes .

It's so healthy .

We're not using any flour and no granulated sugar whatsoever in this recipe .

Hey , guys , I'm Justin from cooking with quit .

I specialize in clean comfort cooking .

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Let's get started .

First thing we're gonna do is measure out one cup of oats .

Now it doesn't really matter what oats you use for this one .

You could even use instant oats if you wanted to .

I prefer these gluten free , old fashioned oats , uh gluten free because my wife is gluten free .

So I always want to make things that she can eat .

Of course .

So we're gonna measure out one cup , gonna dump it into a blender .

I was a little bit shy of one cup .

So let me help it .

Now , this next step , we are going to blend up the oats , which is essentially making what's called oat flour that's really just blended oats .

It's super simple .

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I have made these pancakes in the past without uh making the oats into oat flour .

And I found that making oat flour is a much better version of this recipe .

So dump it in the blender and then we're just gonna do a couple of quick pulses here .

Come on , come and get a shot of this .

What we're looking for here is just for the oats to get into a more powdery type of texture and you're going to see them kind of mash up .

It's starting to get a little bit more powdery here leaving some chunks is totally fine .

So don't feel like you've got to make it all perfectly even powder .

Ok .

Sometimes I even give it just like a little bit of shake just to kind of get the big chunks to the bottom .

Let's blend it up one more time .

All right .

That is the perfect texture .

Check out that oat flour .

All right .

So next , we're just gonna add the rest of our ingredients into the blender and blend it up .

We're gonna start with two eggs , not gonna do a one handed crack here .

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I feel like sometimes I want to show off and do that , but I really don't want to get shells in the blender .

So I'm not gonna show off .

That's what's best for this video .

Oh Cool .

That's why you shouldn't show off .

Never get cocky when you're cooking or else something bad is gonna happen .

Literally happens to me every time .

Next , we're gonna add one teaspoon of baking powder and the baking powder is gonna give uh , these pancakes a nice fluffy rise , one teaspoon .

We're gonna add one banana .

It doesn't really matter if it's a big banana or a small banana .

If you love the taste of banana and you like sweetness .

Do a big banana .

If you don't like sweetness so much , you can do a smaller one .

Ok .

One banana and I break it in half .

You don't need to , I think it fits better .

Next , we're gonna add one third cup of almond milk .

Uh If you don't love almond milk , but you do like regular milk .

You can use that too or you could use any of the other alternative milks .

Um My wife likes hemp milk .

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I don't really like hemp milk .

She likes it .

You can use rice milk too .

However , just know this , that rice milk is the thinnest of all the milk .

So it tends to make things a little watery , but you can also use oat milk .

I really love oat milk .

Um , because it's a little thicker than any of the other alternative milks .

But al milk is a really great choice too .

Next , we're gonna add two tablespoons of maple syrup .

Maple syrup is such an important part of this recipe for the inside of the pancakes .

And I also love to use it as a garnish too .

Two tablespoons .

And finally , we're just gonna add a pinch of salt , do it a little bit more perfect .

And now all you have to do is give this a blend .

It doesn't have to be blended until perfectly smooth .

But you wanna get most of the big chunks out .

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What's amazing about uh this batter that we're making is that it looks just like regular pancake batter and keep in mind that we haven't used any normal flour , just oat flour .

So check this out , can get a shot of this .

It's looking really good .

All right .

So I have taken the batter and I put it into this bowl here because I want to show you guys something .

Take a look at this .

So if you take a little spoon and you just kind of drizzle it here , you'll see that it's kind of nice and thick .

So what that's gonna give us are nice and fluffy pancakes .

If for example , you wanted to have a flatter , more crepe style pancake .

What I would do is add a little bit more almond milk or any milk that you want to , this mixture to water it down just a little bit and that's gonna give you a shorter flatter pancake .

So just , it completely depends on what kind of pancakes you guys like .

I also like putting um the mixture into a bowl because when it comes time to spooning the mixture into the pan , I like using a ladle to get my pancakes very consistent in their diameter .

First thing we're gonna do here is add a little bit of butter to the pan .

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Let's just move it around a little bit .

So we get a nice coating .

You can use any kind of butter you want .

Um Some people really love vegan butter .

Not necessarily my thing .

I like normal butter .

Uh but you can also use which is clarified butter .

Now , I don't even know what clarified technically means .

I gotta look it up .

But if you guys know , please let me know in the comments below .

I always love learning right .

So now we're gonna uh , spoon up our pancakes into the pan .

I like my pancakes .

Uh , about four or five inch in diameter .

All right .

So we've let these pancakes cook for about 1 to 2 minutes on each side , then we're gonna flip them .

But let me give you a quick tip here the way that you know that they're ready to be flipped , you can do it two ways .

Uh Number one .

there's little tiny bubbles that come up to the surface when you're starting to see a couple of those bubbles .

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That's when you know it's ready to be flipped and you can also just do a quick little peek with your spatula .

Yep .

These are ready .

So let's do a quick little flip and it's really good when you're pouring in the mixture into the pan for the first time .

Give yourself a little bit of room to work because if you kind of pour them all too close together .

It's gonna be hard to get in there and give them a flip without disturbing and messing up the others .

They're nice and golden .

These pancakes are looking so delicious already .

I cannot wait to give them a try .

But before I do , if you love this recipe and you want to see more just like it .

Check out my healthy recipes .

Playlist .

Ok .

Let's plate these up right to finish these pancakes off .

I am going to top them with a little bit of maple syrup and some fresh berries .

Oh , they look so good .

Let's give them a try .

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Get some berries in the bait .

Hm .

Wow .

These oatmeal banana pancakes are so incredibly good and they're just the perfect amount of sweet .

I know you guys are gonna love these .

I hope you give them a try .

I'll see you in the next video .


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