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2023-08-21 20:58:40

7min Burn FAT - Abs, Arms, Legs + Lose weight WITHOUT dieting (HOW) _ Full Body HIIT Workout Routine

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Can we all eat whatever we want and still stay skinny .

Hey guys , this is Juliana .

I'm your workout buddy and welcome back to my channel .

Well , the goal here is that no matter how busy we are , we can still keep it , stay healthy and get a better shape .

You know , I always get comments saying that it's my genes that allow me to eat whatever I want and not gain weight for the record .

I did a DNA test and the result told me that I actually have those so called fat genes .

So in this video , I just wanna share what my possibility change to my destiny .

Basically , what I've been doing like my habits and some may call the secret to keep fit and stay slim despite having those genes and without being on the diet , keys are a crucial piece of the puzzle .

We know a genetic blueprint better .

We know what exactly we can do to improve our health , diet , fitness and nutrition needs .

So today I'll be doing a DNA test .

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She DNA will be generating more than 500 reports bringing from my optimum diet report , nutrition report , my common health risks and there are also 18 reports , posts and fitness according to my DNA .

So I am so excited to get my results back and see what I can do .

So I would have to download the app and create an account .

I'll be collecting the sample now .

It's really simple and I'm going to show you guys how to do it , swap each side or 10 times .

Ok .

So it says our results will be delivered to my online account within 18 business days .

Oh my God .

We're gonna jump right into the workouts before going through my A&E test result .

Fun fact .

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And my secret of getting a lean body , stay behind if you want to know what , but I'm so frustrated .

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Cute .

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174.199 --> 494.57

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Well , look at my sports and fitness data , high power and low endurance .

I do it .

So I was a competitive woman back when I was young and I would always go for 50 or max 100 m race .

Never , never went for the longer ones because I just sucked at long distance .

Now , here's why anyways do you guys prefer like a quick hit or longer but mild workout ?

Do let me know in the comment section and of course the sports and fitness results too and I can make content that match your needs .

And to you guys surprise , the report says I'm more likely to have a larger waist circumference .

Well , indeed , when I gain weight , my belly is the first one to tell .

And whenever I feel like I gain some weight or is getting out of control , I do my workout or I go out for some outdoor activities like something intense and requires a lot of energy .

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Remember when our daily energy expenditure is more than energy intake , we lose weight .

But in fact , our environment or exposure to certain things may play a more important role .

If you guys know me , I binge it from time to time and it seems like it has something to do with my genes , right ?

Let's dig deep into diet .

Is there a Mediterranean diet will suit me ?

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My parents definitely had no idea because I have bread for my breakfast my whole childhood and the list can go on and on .

There are actually many more reports like our ancestry composition .

And if you are curious and exactly how I look more than 95% East Asian in the rest .

South East Asian was surprising to me was how the report actually detected my personality .

Like it says I'm aggressive , which is totally true .

I just think this is incredible .

Yo , you know , I also got a high tendency for moca bite .

Oh , I do have higher risk for hypertension , which is what my dad has right now .

So , yeah , maybe it's in her , luckily , I do not have any cancer causing mutation detected .

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It's truly interesting to look at my own genetic data .

I guess genes are indeed a crucial piece of the puzzle .

But it's also imperative to bear in mind that it's just a part of the whole picture .

The secret to a lean body and the so called eat whatever we want and not get fat is more than just our genes .

But how we act , let's say if you have a big meal today , no problem , nothing to be beauty about .

Just move around more and have the energy consumed .

Our genes do determine our craving for fatty or sugary food .

And yes , we can help them satisfy our appetite .

But maybe if you are highly fat or carb sensitive like meat and try to switch to something similar but healthier as an alternative , like using avocado instead of butter for baking or eat some fruits instead of processed product with high releasing sugar like Coke .

And I think whole thing like what we should do is where a DNA test can come in very handy .

Be educated of what exactly our body needs the most .

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Then we can proactively improve our health , diet and fitness .

It's a synergy .

So if you guys are thinking of getting a convenience test done , you can use my code , observe for 20% off or you simply want to know more .

I've already put the link down in my description box .

So check it out last but not least I would love to hear what you guys are up to or you tend to be higher in power endurance .

Let me know in the comment section until next time .

Bye .


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