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2023-08-22 21:56:18

How to Make Pancake Lasagna With Bacon! _ Eat the Trend

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Start your morning off right with fluffy pancakes , crispy bacon breakfast , sausage , eggs and maple syrup .

All in one delicious bite .

It's called pancake lasagna .

Underneath the trend , we find the latest food crazes , the hottest hybrids and the most amazing culinary creations and show you how to recreate them at home .

Hey , I'm here with Chef Eric Greenspan , the creator of this fantastic concoction .

See , I like to think of this as starting your day off wrong , but for all of the right reasons , it's a little caveat to throw in there .

How did the pancake lasagna come into play ?

My friend Maddie used to have all the guys over for uh for football .

And so every Sunday I would come up with some sort of crazy gut wrenching attack of a breakfast .

That's the first thing that we need to do .

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You know , the key to a good pany lasagna is the maple Bechamel sauce .

It's sort of the glue that kind of binds everything together .

You can kind of think of it .

If this is the traditional lasagna , it's like the tomato sauce .

OK .

Now , uh it's basically a beam which typically starts with a roux which or , or gravy if you will .

Uh , and it usually starts with butter , but I being sinful , like to start with bacon fat .

Oh , yes .

Um , so I take the bacon fat , I melt it down on , on , on high heat just to get it nice in biscuits .

And you might ask who's got bacon fat lying around .

You should , uh , next once the bacon fat is , is , is nice and melted .

Then I take flour and I add that flour to it to make the traditional what the French traditionally call a roux .

So you can see that .

I'm just gonna keep adding that to almost forms like a paste .

Ok .

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Then what chef , once you've got said paste , I take the maple syrup at the end of the day , the Pike lasagna is super rich and super fatty and a lot of flavor is going on .

So you really wanna add quite a bit of maple syrup because that is gonna really make sure that that flavor comes shining through and you're gonna get it in every single bite .

Well , yeah , I mean the idea is that you've got every but you've got sweet , you've got salty .

So it's the perfect combination of savory and sweet together .

And frankly , the only sweet coming into the party is the maple syrup .

So you gotta make sure you bring enough of it .

So I , I I've got the roux incorporated into the maple syrup and then from there , I'm gonna add cream , um you could add milk but cream makes it richer .

I mean like II I often say why add milk when you can add cream , why not ?

I'm gonna put that in .

I just want to drink this in a bottle and you could now , all you have to do is let it sit and bring it to a boil .

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And as it comes to a boil , what happens is the flour and the fat dissolve into the liquid and it thickens it more like a gravy .

But then it becomes the consistency of a gravy or a dish in .

So you see that you just keep stirring and stirring and stirring and look at that .

Look what you get .

Wow .

OK .

I can't help myself .

We have to do a little dippy dip when I dip you dip , we dip .

Oh Cheers .

Cheers my dear .

So good .

Yeah , it's good .

I would serve that for brunch .

Got you .

I was an appetizer for the pancake lasagna .

But wait , there's more .

Oh Yeah .

Eggs .

OK .

All right .

So now we're gonna make the eggs and I understand that you have a really top secret special way of making the perfect fluffy eggs .

This is the third rendition of eggs for the pancake lasagna .

Well , I think we have finally perfected the correct egg method for the perfect lasagna .

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So don't you crack some eggs up in here and I'm gonna whisk and I'm gonna whisk it while it cooks .

How many eggs are we gonna do ?

Chef ?

Yeah .

Do it .

So I can get a little bit heavy on the salt because the more fat that you put into it , the more salt you're gonna need to kind of cut through that fat to be able to taste everything .

Scramble , scramble , scramble mix , mix , mix .

And it doesn't really matter if it gets lumpy like this and I'm gonna tell you why because we bring about the beauty and power of the Vita prep .

Oh my gosh .

We're putting scrambled eggs into a blender .

Yes .

So what it's gonna do is it's gonna be perfectly smooth so I can spread it through the lasagna .

I add a little bit of cream and a little blend blend actually .

And I always got slowly build in intensity and that way you have the least amount of cream necessary and then , and then look , look what you get .

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It's like velvety .

Wow .

I like that .

Is that not like the best texture you've ever done that ?

That tastes so good .

OK .

Chef .

This looks fantastic .

Show me how it's all assembled .

So we have all the , I'm not just gonna show you , you are going to show me all right .

OK .

Now , have you ever made before ?

What goes down first ?

Usually sauce bingo .

So let's throw in a little bit of just enough to kind of cover the bottom and don't worry about making a mess to this whole darn thing is a mess and that's gonna be .

So , when you cut into it at the end it comes off and releases from the pan a lot easier .

What I've done is I've taken the pancakes and I've cut around the round edges to make squares of pancake .

So it's like a pasta sheet .

Exactly .

Now you're using buttermilk pancakes , they cut right .

Yeah , you're gonna need little pieces to fill in the blanks .

So I take some of these smaller ones and I just kind of break them up .

Boom .

All right .

Cool .

So , that's layer one next is more beam because keep in mind the beam is the glue that keeps the lasagna together .

Oh , wonderful .

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Now , this was on Food Networks .

The best thing I ever was , the best thing I ever made and now it'll be the best thing you've ever made too .

So you can take my job from and the best thing I've ever ate , I'm sure .

Yeah .

So , once that's all spread out on the next layer is going to be the sausage .

Mm .

Now , how did you make this sausage ?

This is basically just breakfast link sausage .

And then I then chopped up in a , in a , in a food processor , throw in some , uh , some , uh , sage in there as well and then just spread it around and make sure that it's even , and , yeah , there you go .

Next eggs .

Yes .

Hello .

I'll slap it in and I will slather it around .

Wow , this stuff is thick .

I see that .

Next up cheese .

Oh , cheese .

Now , what else could you put in the pancake lasagna ?

You could put all sorts of stuff .

You can put fried chicken pieces in there .

That's always fun .

Uh , jalapenos if you want to spice it up .

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Once you have the basics of pancake lasagna down the world is your oyster .

I love that .

All right .

Bacon's next .

Next up pancakes again , man .

I'm ready for that .

Bacon .

Bacon's coming .

Pancakes .

How long does this casserole even last ?

You , once you make it , uh , about three minutes , it depends on how hungry everybody is .

Obviously , the good thing is about a , is that it , it will last .

So you can kinda , you can make this and keep it for about three days .

Oh , wow .

Ok .

Next , we're gonna do again .

What I love about this recipe is you can make it ahead of time and then you're not , you know , you have it ready for your , it's actually better to make it ahead of time because once you pull it out of the oven and let it cool , it'll slice up better and then I heat it up pre sliced and then the old scoop and slather again .

Now , what's next ?

The bacon ?

Uh , I always lay it out evenly if you've got nice long strips .

That's cool for me .

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The less uncovered with bacon that you can get the better off you are .

If that makes sense because therefore you are using as copious an amount of bacon as possible and now take the rest of the cheese and Sprinkle it on top and then we're gonna bake this bake in the oven and you really gotta bake it in the oven for like 10 minutes just to get that cheese melted on top and let everything set because everything's already cooked that's inside it .

Cheese gets all melty and then you cool it down and that's key because you really want to slice your pan .

Giggles on your cold .

Watch me roll .

Oh , and the world will thank you for it .

OK .

I'm ready for a slice already .

It's coming .

It's coming .

I ready .

Yes .

Oh my gosh .

There it is .

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How heavy is this ?

Whoa Can I try it ?

I mean , we should probably heat it up .

I , I can't wait to heat it up then eat it cold .

It's probably just as good cold .

Mm .

When it hit your lips .

That is so good .

Oh , I like it .

It makes you wanna dance .

Oh my gosh .

The bacon , the maple , the breakfast sausage .

You don't need to eat this warm .

You can just leave it out all day and just graze .

Yeah , I could eat this whole thing with a fork .

I challenge you to eat this whole thing with a fork .

Challenge .

Chef .

Thank you so much for teaching us how to make the pancake lasagna .

And thank you for watching I'm Brandy and we'll see you next time on the trend .


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