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How to make Pancakes at home... Like a Chef _ Sorted Food

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Whatever is he you're using , um , and get them rolled up and served straight away .

As I said , the key here is obviously getting a nice nonstick pan cos you will have a much easier time .

OK ?

And that's kind of it , guys .

That's how you make pancakes again .

Quite simple .

It's just all about confidence .

Really ?

Well , there we have it , folks .

Pancakes really simple to make .

Er .

I probably made it look harder than what it is because I'm not very good at flipping them , and that batter is super simple to do as well .

So there's no excuse for going out and buying premade stuff , and they're also really , really versatile as well .

You know , they're great with the kind of sweet stuff , like lemon and sugar and Nutella now .

But if you've got any left over the next day , just mash up some cooked spinach , ricotta cheese , a bit of salt , pepper .

Roll them up in the pancakes , lay in a dish top with , uh , cheese sauce , bang it in the oven , roast off and you've got a really nice dinner .

You could as well if you've got some leftover fashion yourself a nice Easter themed bonnet as the season is coming up as well , pretty fetching , and it's also edible .

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This means this ratio will work wherever you are in the world .

No matter how big or small your eggs are , scoop the yolks into a jug .

So if you're making like meringues , you shouldn't really put your fingers into egg whites because natural oils in your fingers might get involved .

We don't want super stiff egg whites , so this is just easy .

As remember , you're 108 .

You're now gonna add exactly the same into your egg yolks .

One part egg , one part milk .

If you want to sub out your milk for buttermilk , you can So have you heard of buttermilk pancakes ?

Same .

Same .

It's almost a bit like the sourness you're getting sourdough bread , but it's also slightly thicker generally , so it might give you slightly thicker batter season at this stage .

Pinch of salt pepper If you're doing savoury ones , same again of flour .

So 108 grammes again .

The ratio is 1111 part egg , one part milk , one pot of flour trying so hard to get these E .

I'm a gramme over .

Are you allowing me a 1% tolerance ?

Right .

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Never in my life did I think , at 34 years old , I'd be standing in a kitchen wearing a hat made out of pancakes .

Yet here I am for the world to see and it's forever going to be on the Internet .

Yeah , there's no coming back from that .

I can't do a proper out show now , so I'm gonna leave it there .

See you next time , guys .

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You've now got wet in there , so it's activated baking powder and you end up with gorgeous , fluffy pancakes .

Ladles , I think , add mess .

So just add it back into your jug .

You've already used the jug .

It's already dirty .

Look how fluffy that is .

This , I would say , is the most important thing .

The pan should be preheated and at an even temperature , so not just searingly hot , but you've kind of had it on the heat for a few minutes to level out the temperature , which you're gonna cook and either butter the pan or butter the butter .

I'm gonna butter the that and the reason with fluffy ones .

I prefer to the butter the pan is .

You get that slight brown butter nuttiness going on as well .

For this batter , pour it into the pan and kind of let it find its own level .

It should end up roughly circular .

You can always press it out a little bit if you want it slightly thinner .

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Watching it slowly , you can see it all kind of dries and sets up , and that's when you know it's cooked where basically , you can touch it and you don't end up with batter on your finger underneath it and flip it again about another minute on the other side .

Then repeat the whole process and tell your batter's used up simple ratio .

A few tips and hacks .

What you end up with a stack of fluffy pancakes .

Butter , maple syrup , streaky bacon brunch , breakfast done .

But what I like to do midweek is do an all day breakfast .

123 pancakes , Garlic and thyme mushrooms Poach steak , Crispy bacon .

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Now there are absolutely more complex pancake recipes out there , but this is the foundation .

This is an absolute perfect starting point .

Shall we move on next up ?

The thinner , more classic crepe recipe .

And I make this to use up pretty much whatever's left over in the fridge again .

A simple ratio .

1 1.5 That's one part egg , one part milk and a half part flour again .

Just gonna crack in as many eggs as you are cooking for people .

Take the measurement .

100 and 14 grammes .

Tear it and add the same of milk .

100 and 14 grammes .

At this point , season it pinch of salt and some black pepper .

That's your wet stuff .

Pretty much the third and final ingredient is flour .

We can use plain flour .

Um , because you don't necessarily need these to rise .

These are flat creps , and you don't want strong flour because they can be a little bit tough for gluten .

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So plain flour or all purpose flour cake flour and you're gonna add half .

Remember the ratio one part egg , one part milk , half flour .

So what's half of 100 and 14 ?

It's a good question .

57 .

So 57 grammes of flour and I It sounds precise , but generally round it up .

Always add wet to dry , and then it'll be pretty much lump free .

And just slowly but surely combine it .

That is cret batter .

Now two trains of thought .

Here , you can either add a little bit of melted butter into your batter to lace the whole batter .

That will save you having to butter the pan each time , or you can butter the pan .

It's entirely up to you any preference .

Lace it .

Let's lay .

Let's get lay .

It's It's our cheffy .

You don't so just about a tablespoon of butter .

You've seasoned it right at the start , and it's literally good to go .

Couple of schools of thought on batter .

Leave it to rest .

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If you've just been whisking it up , it's better if it relaxes a little bit .

Um , in the meantime , you can heat up a pan .

This happens to be a cret pan of flat , but you can basically do it in any frying pan .

Now you've got it in your jug .

It's easy .

You're just gonna pour it into your preheated pan .

Gonna put in enough to be able to swill it right round into a thin layer .

And the first one , you just judge that and work it out .

It's actually quite comforting that you don't get it right the first time .

Yeah , I , I think you gotta get your eye in .

You forget how big the pan is .

You forget how kind of thin it is , how hot it is .

So if the pan is nice and preheated and even cooking and you've got it nice and thin when it comes away from the edges , it's probably a minute , 90 seconds , and then you can just get underneath it and you can always check and peel back and have a look .

But then you just want to flip it and you want to be confident with that .

Just go for it .

Oh , you didn't even go for the pancake flip .

Well , I wanted to show you can keep control .

Yeah , you can flip it .

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But even a small thing like this , you can just get underneath it in one smooth motion again .

About another minute on the other side .

And then you can just slide it onto a plate lined with baking paper .

Now , this means that you can basically stack them up , Um , and keep them all warm until you serve it .

If you're cooking for more people , because you can obviously only cook one pancake at a time , but the next one ready to go into the pan , you can see the lovely golden , mottled laced effect .

You'll get that on the first side of the pancake you cook .

The second side tends to not look as laced , but that's not a problem , because as long as you fold it and fill it the way that it looks good , it's fine .

Lacy Paet .

You wouldn't wear your lacy underwear inside out , would you ?

I didn't see that coming .

I'm not gonna let you get away without tossing that this time .

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This is a sheer panic in between cooking them and bear in mind , they take a couple of minutes each .

You can create a filling now without the black pepper and the batter .

It could just literally be squeeze of lemon drizzle of honey .

You could throw some fresh Berries in there , some sliced up banana .

Make it your own .

But if we're talking savoury and using up leftovers , I'm chopping up some fresh oregano cos it's what we've got , but use basil , thyme , you go you and then mix it into some roasted veg again .

Whatever was left in the fridge .

Peppers , courgette , onion , garlic you can see I cut it up pretty small , and the oven was pretty hot and it literally took 10 minutes the same time it takes to cook three or four pancakes .

Prep origami is important .

Generous on filling .

Fill half of it , fold it over , fill a quart of it , fold it over and then repeat .

Finish fresh oregano flowers .

How fancy is that , Mike ?

Two options for you .

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You've got the creps , which couldn't be an easier method 11 half as a ratio with stuffed ours with roasted veg and goats cheese over here .

One extra tiny step in the method , but an even easier ratio .

111 all day breakfast on a stack of fluffy pancakes .

And here's the thing .

If you want a gluten free version of this , just sub out the plain flour for graham flour that's chickpea flour .

Otherwise , follow exactly the same method .

And if you want a dairy free version of these pancakes just sub out the milk for soy milk , almond milk or oat milk .

Otherwise , same ratios .

We'd love to hear what you do with your pancakes , your tips , your tricks , your flavours .

You like to put in it and on it comment down below and join the conversation over on Twitter .

But if you want to see our chefs show you a bit more of what we cook at home , then give the video a like Come meet them now .

Cheers .

Goat cheese is a bit of a luxury .

I don't always have goat cheese kicking around , but I always have an end of Parmesan or Cheddar .

I wanna try some of these craps .


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