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There are tons of online calculators as well .

To help you determine the amount of calories you need to eat , to be in a deficit , depending on your height and your weight and your activity levels and how quickly you want to lose weight .

So carbon is a paid app .

I think it's like $10 a month maybe .

And there's a free trial .

The reason I like it is because it was created by experts in nutrition .

It's really easy to log food in there .

It has the bar code scanner , the interface is really easy to use and it lets you do little check ins every week .

So if you are losing weight too quickly or you're not losing weight at all , it will adjust your calories for you so that you can stay on track with your goals .

One thing about the app is that I think it works best if you weigh yourself every day because then you get your average weight for the week and I know that weighing in can be triggering for some people .

Like some people don't have the greatest relationship with the number on the scale .

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I would suggest you to avoid it along with this .

I'm quite sure that you would also be getting one glass of milk .

So we will be using this milk to make a well balanced and a tasty oat meal .

We will take 60 g of natural loads .

I'm using Quaker oats here and we will let this one glass of hot milk into it .

We will allow it to rest for just a few minutes so that the oats get cooked in steam .

Then we will add 10 to 12 almonds for healthy fats , one teaspoon of flax seeds for omega three and one banana , which is an excellent source of potassium and natural sugar .

You can also add some other fruit of your choice .

Along with this oatmeal , we will have two boiled eggs with the yolk .

Now , there would be quite a few maggie lovers in your PG or hostel .

So you can borrow electric kettle from them to boil eggs .

If you can't find electric kettle , you can even consider buying it .

It's a good investment when living in a hostel or you can even try convincing somebody in your hostel mess to boil eggs for you .

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And if you see a number in the morning that is higher than you want it to be that might tempt you to make drastic changes throughout that day or just give up altogether .

For me .

I kind of just saw the numbers as data and our weight can fluctuate daily due to so many different factors that you should just , you know , put down the number and move on with your life .

But I'm just saying that here , if that's something that you don't like , then maybe you don't want to use this app or you just want to not do that step in the app .

But yeah , so I set mine , I think to just lose a pound a week until I got really close to my auditions .

Then I amped it up a little bit just because it was crunch time and I wasn't quite where I wanted to be yet .

However , if I didn't have that specific goal in mind , I probably wouldn't have done it like that .

Like I wouldn't have chosen the more aggressive path because it means that you have to eat less .

And I do love food .

So I want to eat as much food as I can .

Speaking of eating food , segue into tip number five is what exactly I was eating .

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Whenever we go to hostel mess , the table is set in such a way that there is rice , chapati dall , curry , curd and salad , eating in a hostel mess is all about making the smart choices .

First of all , you should never miss out on salad .

It is a great way to get the essential vitamins and minerals .

Now , choosing a carbohydrate source is very important .

Instead of having simple carbohydrates like white rice have whole wheat roti , which is a complex carbohydrates .

And also if there is curd , you should definitely take it .

Then instead of choosing that oily good for nothing curry have dal , you can have a little bit of curry for taste .

There is no harm in it .

Now , the protein in this meal is still missing .

So I would suggest you to add four egg whites in curry or thal itself .

It is a great way to overcome the bland taste of egg whites and you can make any curry protein rich .

If you are a vegetarian , instead of using four egg whites , you can use 100 g of pan or tofu .

So this is how you can have healthy high protein lunch in hostel .

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I was focusing at every meal on plants and protein by plants .

I mostly mean vegetables .

And this is because of course , they provide so many micronutrients , like your vitamins and minerals and all of that .

But also because you can eat a lot of them and feel full without consuming a lot of calories as opposed to eating like something really sugary .

That's gonna be a ton of calor and be really small .

You could eat a bunch of vegetables like tons and tons of vegetables and still not eat a lot of calories .

And as far as protein that was because that also helps keep you full and it helps you to maintain muscle mass while you're cutting , you still do need to strength train in order to keep your muscle while you're losing weight .

But , but having enough protein also encourages your body to hold on to your muscle .

So yeah , when I say protein , it was like all different sources of lean protein like chicken turkey , sometimes fish tofu , you know , wherever I could find it , whatever was on sale probably .

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And I could probably do a follow up video if anyone is interested on like a what I eat in a day , typical meals that I use for weight loss .

I just found things that worked for me .

So like for breakfast , I always ate breakfast and I had maybe some egg whites , mixed with veggies and some cheese or some oatmeal and Greek yogurt to get my protein .

Lunchtime would be like a big bowl , I think like chipotle or sweet green , you know , like protein veggies , maybe some kind of grain like a rice or a quinoa , maybe sweet potato , just like a big voluminous bowl .

Lots of greens and lots of protein to make me feel nice and full dinner would kind of depend .

But basically the same stuff .

Just maybe not in a bowl .

Maybe it was on a plate .

And I know it kind of can sound like I was eating really boring foods , but I would just switch the flavors out .

I would switch out different veggies , play it around with different recipes that I would find online .

It can honestly kind of be fun if you like cooking already to try and like healthy , less nutritious recipes .

I love cooking .

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We will be using 100 g of paneer .

Not only because we have already eaten a lot of eggs , but also because panne is a slow digesting protein and it is ideal to be consumed for dinner .

Coming up is the last meal of the day before bed meal before bread , meal is very important , especially living in hostels because we don't have this habit of sleeping early .

So here I have one handful of unsalted roasted peanuts and 500 ml of low fat milk .

Both are slow digesting and we providing nutrients throughout the night .

It is much better than depending on maggie .

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So for me , it's like a fun little experiment or project to try and like make the perfect protein pancake cake or whatever .

But you know , you do , you , I did eat out every once in a while .

We'll talk about that in a second .

You know what ?

Let's talk about it right now because it's my next tip is about socializing strategically .

That sounds like I'm trying to tell you how to network , but it's more about how to go about having a social life while on a cut .

Uh because I think this is , is where a lot of people fall off is when they go out in social settings , you're around your friends , your family who might be eating other things that aren't things that you should be eating to achieve your goals or they might want you to go do unhealthy things .

They might want you to go drink and stay up till 3 a.m. The thing is I did not want to just become a hermit who was at home , eating at home all the time .

I still wanted to see my friends still wanted to participate in social things .

So I just had to become a little bit more disciplined with my food choices while I was out and with the activities , I was partaking .

So I still went to restaurants .

I would just try and stick to what I mentioned earlier .


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