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2023-08-19 21:01:58

Drink This Everyday Before Bedtime To Lose Flat 20 KG Weight - Lose Weight Fast - Weight Loss Drink

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I am also a married girl .

I have three kids .

I also gained weight , but this helped me to lose 20 kg of weight without any exercise in gym .

So let's get straight to the point .

Today's topic is weight loss .

So losing weight is something which is not that easy as it seems , you might have heard about many diet plans and exercises .

But I am telling you one thing very clearly as for weight loss , your diet plays the 70% role , whereas the exercise only plays the remaining 30% .

So when it comes to extreme weight loss , the only formula that works the best is your diet and eating habit .

Remember guys , we are not into body building stuff .

So we don't need to do any exercises or no need to spend your money going to the gym and hiring a personal trainer .

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After paying such higher fees to your personal trainer , you will realize that eventually he or she is also the one forcing you to change your eating habits and focusing more on your diet plan .

So for weight loss , we can say you can lose weight without exercise , but not without a diet plan .

Now , I won't make the things complicated for you and share which two ingredients I skipped from my diet and I started losing weight .

Simply skip boil and sugar .

Like never ever a big no to these two items .

For example , you can eat chicken vegetables or anything but no oil and sugar .

You can eat potato also .

But boiled .

The logic is when we fry potato , the taste forces us to eat more .

On the other hand , when we boil , we eat much less food .

Actually , we are addicted to taste .

When we will get not that specific taste , we will stop overeating automatically .

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Now let's prepare a tea which you have to take on an empty stomach before breakfast .

Obviously in a pan , add one cup of water .

Next add two small pieces of cinnamon .

Next add a pinch of ginger paste and next add 1 to 2 drops of lemon , only 1 to 2 drops .

Otherwise it's not possible to drink this every day .

Lastly , for newbies who can't take this , you can add a little less than a teaspoon of honey .

But please guys only pure honey .

Remember slowly , slowly , you have to adjust the amount of honey every day and I promise one day you will be able to drink it without honey .

So drink it on an empty stomach and after that have your breakfast , remember no oil and sugar .

So one boiled egg and apple slices makes the perfect combination or you can have anything but no oil or sugar for lunch .

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I make a chicken and vegetable sandwich with brown bread but you can have anything .

And for the dinner , sometimes I make steak but it's also oil free and sometimes a big bowl of fruit veg salad with chicken .

Remember one thing you have to take your dinner five hours before sleeping and after your dinner , take the tea again because it helps in fast digestion .

Follow the same routine for a month and I promise you'll lose weight like every day without any exercise , you will lose weight .

Guys , I told you a secret key point , no sugar and no oil and you will notice that you are losing weight like every day .

So if you like it simply click on the like button to support me .

I will meet you in my next video till then .

Bye bye .


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