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2023-08-19 20:39:53

2 Ways to Make Pasta for Kids Lunch Box _ Tasty Pasta Recipes ~ Dabba Party S1 E1

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In this video , we'll see two types of pasta lunchbox recipes .

Hi , everyone .

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Let's take a look at the recipe .

We'll first boil pasta for both the recipe .

So heat some water , bring it to a boil and then add some salt , then add one cup of macaroni pasta .

We're going to use half of this for one recipe and half for other recipe .

Oops , the pasta is just slipping off .

The pasta is cooked .

I'm going to immediately strain it .

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You can run some cold water and put some oil , but I'm not going to do that because I'm going to quickly make both the recipes .

So just dividing the pasta into two portions .

Now let's start with the red one .

So heat one tablespoon cooking oil and then add one small chopped onion , saut it till the onion becomes slightly pinkish in color and then add one teaspoon crushed garlic or you can also add garlic paste it for a minute or so till the raw smell of the garlic is gone .

Now add one medium sized finely chopped tomato , one teaspoon red chili powder and this is half teaspoon oregano .

Add both to the tomato makes everything .

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Well , now add around 2 to 3 tablespoon of water , cover this and cook at low flame for 1 to 2 minutes .

You'll notice that the tomatoes will easily soften .

Now , just with the help of your spatula press and then add one teaspoon butter , some salt as per taste .

And the boiled macaroni , I mean half of the boiled macaroni , which we had kept aside , makes everything .

Well , now I'm adding half cube , I mean half cube , which is grated .

If you want , you can use the entire cube of cheese .

This is processed cheese and our pasta is ready .

Let's quickly put it in the lunchbox .

Well , you can let it cool down a bit before putting it into the lunchbox .

Depends on the type of lunch box you're using , add some biscuits and some grapes or your choice of fruit .

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And our first lunch box is ready .

Now , moving on to the next one , heat , one teaspoon oil , add two teaspoon butter .

Well , I won't call this pasta a white sauce pasta because it's slightly different than the regular white sauce pasta which we make .

Now , I want a spoon , crushed garlic or garlic paste or you can also add chopped garlic , sort it for a minute or so and then add one medium-sized chopped onion .

Now , once the onions become slightly pink in color , add half cup milk , half teaspoon , oregano , 14 teaspoon of black pepper powder or crushed black pepper .

Some salt as part .

Now add grated processed cheese .

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I'm using one cube , makes everything well cook the sauce on medium flame for some time and you'll notice that the sauce will start to thicken .

At that time , I had boiled macaroni .

This is the second house that we had kept aside mixed as well .

Cook for some more time .

And then at the end , add red chili flakes , you can add the red chili flakes as per your taste .

So our white cheese pasta is ready , put it in the tiffin box and along with this pasta , I'm going to add two cake slices .

So these are ready made cake slices .

You can also put homemade cake , then add some carrot and cucumber slices .

So both its are ready .

Kids will love these .

Even adults will do enjoy .


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