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2023-08-22 22:14:24

How to Block Mobile ads in Android Devices

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Welcome to 24 computer repair .

And today's topic is how to block mobile ads in android devices .

If by any case , you want to block ads on your android devices , you can do it in one of these two ways using adblock plus .

Now , this works on both rooted and non routed devices .

Installing an ad blocker app requires your device to allow application from unknown source .

Go to the settings , application or security on android 4.0 and above on your android device .

Navigate to the unknown option if unchecked , tap the check box and then tap .

Ok .

On the confirmation pop up to install a blog plus , open this link , https Cohen forward slash forward slash a blog plus dot org forward slash en forward slash android dash install and for rooted devices .

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Just open adblock plus and allow super user permissions and you're good to go for non routed device .

You'll need to manually set up proxy .

Please check this link to configure it on your phone .

Www dot adblock plus dot org forward slash en forward slash android dash config and that's it block ads using hosts , file on rooted device only from computer open this link , http forward slash forward slash whelp 2002 dot MVPs dot org forward slash hosts dot TXT .

Save this page as the name hosts in the computer , copy this host file from your computer to your Android device with Bluetooth or USB .

Now on your Android phone , open the file manager app in your device and copy the host file too .

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Ecor forward slash system forward slash , etc , rename the original hosts file if present to a host dot txt extension , paste hosts , file here and reboot your device .

Your android is now a free .

Thanks for watching .

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