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2023-08-19 20:46:43

How To Find Apple ID Without iPhone I Forgot My Apple ID! [ EASY TRICK ]

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In this video , we will see how to find out your Apple Edie .

If you don't remember it , there are many times when we try to log in or use our Apple devices after a long time .

That time , we don't remember our Apple D which we were using that time , right ?

So , or are there many reasons ?

But in this video , we will see how to find out your Apple Edie without an iphone as well .

OK .

You can use any laptop , any mobile , OK ?

There will be a same step or a same method .

So let's start the video .

So first of all , go to any browser , OK ?

It might be your Android phone or any device or any other your laptop .

OK ?

Go to your browser and just visit apple dot com and on this page , scroll down till the last and there is an option called accounts .

OK .

In that just go to manage your apple ID .

OK .

Basically here you can log into your Apple account .

OK ?

Just step on the manage your Apple ID .

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And next step is sign in , just tap on that .

And here I'm just using my iphone .

That's it is showing my holiday signed in apple , but here just cancel it .

Ok .

It will not show you on your laptop .

So you just go ahead and it will be this page .

Ok ?

So if you see at the bottom set , there is the option called Forgot an Apple id or a password tap on that .

Now , go to the next page .

So here it will be asking you the apple again .

Again , there is an option about forgot apple , ok ?

Just choose that .

And here the next step , if you see here , the next step is to ask your first name , your last name and your email ID .

So here let's go ahead and just put our names for details .

Ok ?

So let me enter my first name , the last name and the email ID as well .

So once you enter that , so now comes the next step .

Ok ?

You can continue .

So if you see here , once I enter my first name , last name , the apple , continue .

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And here it will show me the error saying that apple not form .

So now what could be the reason ?

Ok .

My first name is right .

Second name is red as well as the apple is right .

OK .

Why it happened ?

So remember guys whenever you're doing this , OK ?

The first name and the last name , ok ?

You have to pay attention .

So basically if you see here , now if you open your iphone , go to your iphone in settings , you'll see your profile name , ok .

So if you see in settings , your profile name should be matching .

So here , my profile name is Mr Beard .

So my apple ID name is Mr Beard , similar name should be entered there .

So here the first name will be Mr and the last name will be Beard .

So as per your apple's device name or your profile name , the same name should be entered here , ok ?

Similar now Mr Beard , put the apple ID , go go ahead .

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So as you enter your apple id or a device profile name correctly here , it will show you your apple .

So if you see I just found my apple id , so like you can try , ok ?

Just remember which name you're using on your device , ok ?

Just just remember that , ok .

Put here , enter here and after that , just put your email ID and go ahead and you will come to know your apple ID with this method , OK ?

It is a , it is the simplest and easiest way to find out your Apple ID without your iphone because this method will work on all the devices just with the browser itself .

So I hope it is a helpful video .

I hope you like this video .

And if you like this video , please give a like , please subscribe for more than iphone tips and tricks and iphone solutions .

So thank you very much .

Bye bye .

Take care .


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