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Many women shy away from training their chest because they think their breasts will shrink .

But that's actually the opposite of what can happen .

Chest exercises are kind of like non surgical way of breast augmentation with exercises .

What you're doing is pushing the breast tissue up and forward more .

So it gives the illusion that your breasts are lifted and fuller .

So you need no equipment to perform these exercises that I am about to show you today .

You can totally multitask and exercise all at the same time .

Try to include some of these exercises while you are working , dancing or even cooking , keep the volume up .

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So you don't miss the details and special tips to get better results while you're working out , especially the last exercise is great for those who want to lose weight in their breasts , but don't want the end result to be saggy breasts ready .

Michelle Obama said , choose people who lift you .

Well , that's what I am here to do .

Always .

I am Mitta Chicago based image coach and I aim to lift your confidence in whatever way I can .

Today's video will lift your breasts and confidence .

Both that gives you double the reason to subscribe to my channel and follow me on my other social media platforms .

Let's go 10 exercises , maximum one minute per exercise .

Let's begin .

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So let's start warm up with these semi circles , make these semi circles with your arms going up and down .

So this is just to warm up your whole muscle group around your chest and your shoulders .

It will help you with better range of motion with your other exercises and release any kind of stiffness that you may experience if you are new to working on your chest muscles or your breasts .

So your goal is to do about 100 of these .

I did these throughout my pregnancy too .

So stay with at least 50 if you are new to it .

But if you are experienced , if you are used to working out , then go for anywhere between 50 to 100 repetitions .

If you find it hard to do all 50 or 100 at a time , then you can divide them in three different rounds .

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Alright .

So take about 20 seconds break and get back to the second exercise for this one .

I want you to bend your elbows and touch your fingers to your shoulders and now rotate your arms , your elbows in circles .

This includes both your upper and inner chest muscles that is upper and inner chest muscles .

It's not just good for your warm up exercise , but also helps to lift your chest muscles .

Now reverse .

Remember you have about a minute to go .

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Alright .

So you are ready to start the third exercise for this .

I want you to hold your elbows parallel to the ground in front of your chest .

Now hold your right elbow with your left palm and your left elbow with your right palm and squeeze .

I want you to engage your chest muscle .

So this is what should be happening behind this .

So continue to do this exercise and listen to what I'm about to say , your whole body is connected with one piece of skin .

So when you are doing my face yoga exercise , it is not enough to just work on the muscles on your face .

If your neck and chest skin are also formed tight and youthful , then you will notice its benefits on your face too .

For instance , in my face , yoga classes , which by the way , are coming up soon and you can sign up for them in the link that you will find below this video .

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So there I would do an exercise that firms up your whole double chin and your turkey neck area .

Now that exercise also pulls your chest skin and muscles upwards against the gravity .

I want you to try this exercise with me , place your hand on your chest and pull your lower jaw forward like this right now , tilt your head up and release your jaw and again , within a few seconds , extend your jaw and release So I want you to do this extension and release of your jaw for about 10 to 15 times .

And the reason I'm placing my hand here on my chest is so you can actually feel the muscles move up and down .

Let's do it .

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Um The don't amazing , right ?

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You can do one exercise and benefit multiple facial groups with time your face is drawn towards gravity .

But if you learn to strengthen your facial muscles and boost more blood circulation in your face naturally , then you can maintain more beautiful looks for much longer .

I recommend starting face yoga at any age .

I know a lot of young girls ignore the right skin care till they are in their thirties and then suddenly in their thirties or forties , they start noticing some of these changes rapidly .

So like I said , all my upcoming sessions and packages that you can get limited time access to are all linked below and in my website do check out and sign up .

I would love to see you face to face every Sunday morning for four weeks and share step by step , face yoga routines for the next exercise .

I want you to bring both your palms together and hold them in a but it's not as simple .

I want you to use your resistance .

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It's almost like your right and left palms are pushing each other away from one another and try to keep your elbows up .

So you feel it straight away in your shoulders and in your pectoral muscles and squeeze , like , push them against each other and hold it for five seconds .

Five seconds release , five seconds .

Release .

Now , you can always use a squishy ball like this one to add more resistance .

So now any of these exercises that you're watching can be done by beginners or pros .

If you're new to exercising , then you may be able to do it for about 20 to 30 seconds at a time .

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But if you are looking for more intermediate level of any of these exercises or most of these exercises , then you can just increase the number of repetitions or add weights like resistance band or dumbbells to do .

Like I said , most of these exercises , ok .

For the next exercise , we are going to maintain the same , but this is called a prayer pulse .

I want you to touch all the way from your fingertips to your elbows in this position and move them up and down .

Try to keep this movement between your chin and nose .

Don't go here .

It's here .

Give me one minute .

It seems very easy when you start .

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But by the time you're done with one minute , you will actually start feeling it all around your shoulders and chest and in your pectoral muscles , make sure you're breathing through these exercises .

Don't hold your breath , take a break when needed and get back to it .

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So for the sixth exercise , I want you to extend your hands straight in front of your shoulder parallel to the ground and then scissors , if you're looking to get a full body workout , you can also include this exercise with your squats .

And it's amazing because then it won't be just working on your chest and arms , but also on your quads on your butt , on your abs and you get a full body exercise for now , let's just continue with these for one minute .

Du du du don't , don't , don't that you see when I'm performing this exercise , your chest muscles are continuously engaged .

So keep it up .

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The heart rate's gone up too .

It's close to 100 and 30 B PM .

So that's good for the seventh exercise .

I want you to do an inclined push up , but these push ups are going to be slightly different .

I want you to give a few pauses throughout this exercise instead of just going up and down .

Now , when I say inclined push up , if you can do it by a wall bed couch table while you're working on laptop or however you want to do it , it is very flexible .

The incline is completely up to you .

However comfortable you are go for it .

But notice when you're working on this exercise , you will be engaging all the muscles in your chest .

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Pause , pause , pause , pause , pause , pause , pause , pause .

Um , done .

So here is exercise number eight , back claps to keep your shoulders up .

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Now , this exercise is not directly for chest , but it helps to open up your shoulders and improve your posture .

So your shoulders don't round up and drop all over your breasts .

Give me 100 claps .

It's ok if you can't touch your fingertips .

But try .

Don't , don't , don't ok .

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If you have taken your 20 seconds break , then we are back with exercise number nine .

So for this one , I want you to make these kind of rapid circles in front of your chest non stop for about 1 to 1.5 minutes .

Now , while you continue to do this exercise with me , here is a suggestion if you are trying to lose weight overall , but you don't want to end up losing more weight in your breast .

Try making this change to your overall workout routine .

If anything , avoid long distance running , when you run for a long time , it causes your breast to bounce and move in different directions up and down side to side , making them lose their firmness , causing the deflated saggy look .

Instead , if you do a rapid movement like this , this exercise will help you lose weight and at the same time , build more muscles .

So your breast stay up and firm and perky dum , dum , dum , dum .

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Ok .

So it is time for cool down .

Make sure you stretch your pectoral muscles .

Now stand with your arms at the back , try to interlock your fingers and stretch out all your chest muscles gently pull your shoulders into an extension .

You should feel the stretch in front of your chest .

Squeeze the shoulder blades together to maximize the stretch .

No , now , if you're not able to hold your hands together , you can always hold on to a railing or maybe even a towel and pull back .

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Hold this position for about 15 to 30 seconds and then relax breast workout .

Breast exercises are tiring .

This is almost 353 calories .

Guess what ?

You just got an uplifting workout , not just for your breast and chest , but also for the multiple muscle groups that are included while doing these exercises .

So you did get a full on workout for your shoulders , for your arms , for your back .

Don't forget these , it benefits when you're doing these workouts because these will help you stay more motivated to continue doing these exercises regularly .

I would recommend you to add any of these that you saw today .

We did 10 exercises .

So use any four or five of these exercises with your other full body workouts every day .

During the last few months , I worked on a very fun workout routine to trim down inches from your waist .

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It is a super fun workout routine and I myself lost over an inch and a half already in a few weeks on my waist .

If you want to see what can be a fun way to squeeze that waist in and make it smaller without having to do those regular sit ups .

Then all you need to do is let me know in the comments section below .

I will also be adding some special features that will only be accessible to people who sign up for my monthly subscription .

Everything has a link and all of those are added below .

You can also check out my website Mitar dot com , beat my subscriptions , my programs or upcoming classes .

You have options to improve your own self care journey with blush with me .

Par for the kind of requests and suggestions I get from all of you .

It is almost impossible to put all of the information that I want to share with you on just a few youtube videos .

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That is why I come up with these intense classes or workshops or programs to be able to share more with you .

I want your suggestion for both .

What do you want to see next on my youtube videos and what workshop or classes would benefit you the most so that I can plan these sessions accordingly before you go .

Make sure you check out my other videos , my playlist and make sure to hit that like button .

Share this video with your friend , watch this video every day and do these exercises with me .

That's me on Instagram and that's me on Facebook fan page and that is me on tick talk for some super fun content .

Do look me up on all these platforms , this Esparta signing off for the week until we see each other next week .

Continue to blush with me .


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