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2023-08-19 21:16:45

How to Gain 20 LBS of Muscle! (THE RIGHT WAY)

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What's up guys , Jeff Cavalier athlete X dot com .

We're talking about how to add £20 here of muscle pretty quickly .

I actually have a really fast way to do it .

I can actually do it for Jesse right now here .

Hold lucky for a sec .

That's about £25 that Jesse just added , right ?

Like that with , with lucky , hey guys , today , we really wanna talk about adding muscle and doing it the right way .

The reason why I have Jesse here is because he actually did it the right way .

Jesse has just hit that milestone , £20 of muscle since he really kind of just started to train here with us consistently .

Now , he's come a long way since when he actually used to sing and dance on this channel .

Never gonna give you up .

Never gonna let you down .

Yes .

Yes .

Yeah .

So take us though through your chronology when you actually started , I think it was back in like the fall of 2016 , right ?

Um So aside from the singing , uh you started getting really into training um in October of 2016 , we actually shot the hard shoulders video , uh went out that night and got into a car accident .

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If you are looking to gain weight , build some muscle , then this video is for you because in this video , I'm going to share with you one simple recipe that will help you achieve your goal faster .

The best thing about this recipe is that it doesn't involve any sort of cooking .

No fancy equipment , no blenders , no nothing .

All you we need is five simple ingredients which I promise are very easily available near you .

So if you're living in a hostel or you're a working professional who doesn't find time for cooking , this will be your go to me .

I will answer the most frequently asked questions about this dish later , but let's check out the recipe first .

Hello , friends .

Welcome to Fit Table .

The first ingredient that we will need to make .

This recipe is 40 g of rolled oats , oats .

An excellent source of complex carbohydrates will give us about 1 73 calories .

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First of all , when Jesse actually he did , he did , he did dabble a little bit in training as a high school athlete .

Right .

Yes , a little bit for lacrosse and stuff like that .

It's kind of the typical , sort of like the focus on what , on , on numbers .

How , how much you ben , how much you squat , how much you row , etcetera , etcetera .

I mean , it , it's , it's a common thing that people don't often ask you , how do you squat or how do you bend ?

They wanna know how much you bench , how much you squat , how much you dead lift .

People focus on the number and I'm gonna tell you why .

That's a little bit of a problem .

You were , do you chasing your brothers ?

Yeah , both my brothers and uh a couple of my teammates and friends like that .

So there's a , there's obviously in , in , you know , external pressures as well for people to make sure they get their numbers up .

But this is gonna be the first thing that might be a little bit uh controversial , but it really is not meant to be at all .

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It will be an absolute treat for .

Now , let me answer some of the questions which might be popping in your head at this moment .

When it is a complete meal in itself , you can have it at almost any time of the day , you can include it for breakfast , lunch or dinner .

But if you ask me , I would suggest you to include it in between the meals .

Like you can have it as a pre workout meal .

For example , you work out at six o'clock in the evening , you can have it at around four o'clock so that it gets totally digested before you start working out .

And if you are working out in the morning , you can have it as an evening snack .

However , there is no convulsion , it is totally up to you .

I would suggest you to have it at least once a day and maximum , once a day .

Although even if you eat it three times a day , it will not give you any kind of side effects , but I'm sure you'll get bored of it .

And of course , there are so many other options .

So once a day is good enough .

Well , any of this question will be on your mic .

Yes .

When it comes to roll loads , you can easily have them without cooking .

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But as a trained physical therapist , I'm supposed to be able to see when things are going wrong at each joint level and it didn't look pretty .

And that's my , that's my , my big gripe here is I think what you need to focus on first and for most is spend the first portion of your training covering the basics .

And in terms of that , I'm talking about my muscle connection , body , command and control and being able to execute the movements the way they're supposed to before you start adding the weight to the bar to start working on the strength .

Because there's a big concept here , guys , at some point , there's a very fine line where you're doing your training , where your true strength will be overcome by your compensatory strength your compensations .

Meaning that let's say , maybe up to £135 on a squat Jesse is able to use his true strength to execute that movement .

But once he gets to £140 there's a compensation that takes place in order for him to get that lift down to the bottom and come back out of it .

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You can add them in shakes , smooth these or mix them with curd .

As we just did in this recipe , they will taste absolutely fine .

Actually , among other ingredients , you won't even taste them in this recipe .

I have used natural oats by quick .

You can also buy the same or you can go for any other brand .

Just make sure you see the ingredients before you buy it .

It should not have any other ingredient other than oats , but you will have it forever if you want .

But I would suggest you to have it for at least 15 consecutive days to see some visible results .

Scientifically , if you're looking to gain weight , build some muscle , then you should stay on a calorie surplus on a daily basis .

Why most people fail to gain weight is because they are unable to stay in calorie surplus .

However , when this kind of meal which is over 700 calories will be in your diet as an evening snack , you are most likely to stay in calorie surplus and hence it will help you gain weight .

I would advise you to not change any of its ingredients .

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Now , in our , in our training where he is now positioned with a really strong baseline to start adding weight to the bar in those key lifts .

Now , it's not to say that he hasn't gotten stronger .

The kids got a £300 dead lift , a near £300 dead lift .

He's gotten stronger , but it hasn't been the main focus .

It wasn't just head to the gym and focus on that number .

Right .

The second thing is since we're talking about numbers , it is the next big point here .

I made a whole video on this concept .

If you want to build muscle and you want to get towards those £20 gains , then you have to stop learning how to count period .

Not just what's on the side of the dumbbell or the bar bell , but you also need to stop counting your sets and your reps you need in terms of , you have to stop being infatuated with that number with the three sets of 12 , right ?

And what were you doing ?

What was the number one thing I told you , you were doing wrong when it came to that ?

Uh , number one thing I was doing wrong , uh , when it was starting to get difficult .

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As I said , it can be a good snack option .

That means it is not a very big meal , but it is still giving you about 700 calories .

What makes it a perfect masted meal is its ingredients .

If you observe all its ingredients are naturally very high in calories , peanuts , dates , bananas , curd , they are all very high calories .

So if you try to change the ingredients , it won't be as effective as it should be .

Now , if you are allergic to peanuts , we have no choice but to change them .

Peanuts are a source of healthy fats .

So we must look for other foods which are good sources of healthy fats .

We will also make sure that they are also high in calories .

So in this recipe , peanuts can be replaced with almonds , cashews or walnuts .

Well , if you are a vegan , you can obviously not eat cured .

In that case , you can replace it with based yogurt like soy yogurt .

I would suggest you use dates which are dark in color .

In this recipe , I have used Lion Desert King dates .

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These are seeded dates easily available in markets .

Our body can gain weight in the form of muscle or fat .

But in both cases , it is important to stay in calorie surplus .

Now , if you are eating in calorie surplus , but you are not working out , your body will gain weight in the form of fat .

On the other hand , if you start working out along with the surplus diet , you are most likely to add on weight in the form of muscle .

And when I say workout , I mean weight training or some form of resistance training .

Absolutely .

When it comes to nutrition , there is no difference between males and females .

The only thing that differs is the quantity .

So if you feel that 700 calories is a bit too much for you .

In one serving , you can consume the same meal in reduced quantity so that you get about 500 calories from it .

This meat already has about 20 g of protein .

Yes .

If you want , you will increase the protein content by adding about half to one scoop of your protein depending upon your own muscle maturity .

So friends , I hope I have answered almost all your questions .

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If you still have any doubts , please feel free to ask them in the comments section below .

I will surely reply back to you .

I hope you found this video helpful .

But if you did , please do give it a thumbs up and also please do remember to subscribe to my channel .

My name is Vibe .

I thank you so much for watching .

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He told me personally that he doesn't feel as if he have reached the totals that he has today without focusing on those accessory lifts .

So you need to start doing the same as well , which leads us right into our nutrition .

And that's the next thing we have to tackle .

Ok .

Moving on now to the nutrition always as key and important as the training because they sort of go hand in hand , there's no separating the two .

It comes down to something very , very , very simple .

I told Jesse this from the very beginning , a lot of people will say eat big , get big .

And I disagreed with that a long time for a very long time now .

And the other people will say bulk and then cut and as Jesse and his eight pack can actually show you he's never had to do that .

He's been able to add the muscle here without having to bulk up and then cut all that fat and get rid of it .

No , we don't do that .

What I'm saying is three things .

First , you have quality , then you have quantity , then you have consistency and it should go in that order .

And the one thing Jesse struggled with the most was his quality , Jesse was eating a ton of food .

The fact was his quality was poor as shit food .

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You saw the gummy bears , the gummy bears , his gummy bears .

I'm telling you , I watched everything that he ate .

Nothing was really that good .

What we wanted to do though was change that and get him to start finding quality foods that he actually enjoyed , which was a key shift for you 100% .

That's the reason why , you know , I eat the way that I use , I like the food that I eat , which leads to eventually down the road here .

Consistency .

But first , the quantity because once we knew that he had swapped himself to foods that were better foods .

A lot of times what will happen is when you're going from all those gummy bears and sweets and everything else is your caloric density will drop .

Right .

You won't be getting as many cows as you did before .

We need to then teach Jesse to eat higher quantities of food because of that caloric drop .

So we were able to do that , but it took a little bit of adjustment that , that felt sick , right ?

It's not that easy to sort of start eating a lot more in terms of food volume , right when you're doing that .

But again , we were able to do that and understand guys , it takes a little bit of time to adjust to that , even if you have to increase your meal frequency in order to do that .

And a lot of times people argue about meal frequency these days , you should be eating that often .

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That's one of the big advantages of meal frequencies allows you to sort of do that and , and not have to eat as much at every single time you sit down and have a meal .

So we did that then finally , consistency and consistency is key because without consistency , none of this matters .

If you can't keep doing what you're doing , then it's not going to work .

And that was where that whole concept you just said , yeah , that I like the food that I eat so liking what you ate was allowing him to stay with consistency , which actually leads us into this next part here .

And that is the next question people always ask us is what is the , where is the supplementation fit in here ?

Did Jesse use supplements ?

Well , I actually have a very funny story about the supplements in a second here .

But I will tell you guys , I've always told you the truth when it comes to supplementation .

The two things that supplements provide first and foremost , a convenience that allows you to get high quality nutrition .

If you're taking the right supplements , high quality nutrition at the right time , consistently , consistently , it's the ease and convenience of supplementation that allows you to do this with a consistency .

And that's what one of the big keys is .

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The second thing is we can argue this till the cows come home .

If they , if you are looking for the performance benefits of beta Allen or the performance benefits of say creatine , you are not going to get that through food alone .

And if you did get it through food in a single day , you're not going to be able to do that again , day after day after day , consistently knowing how much red meat it would take to eat just to get the amount of crete and that would be beneficial because we're talking about the benefit effects of these supplements , not just saying that I'm getting in my diet , but actually seeing the benefits of the clinically researched dosages of those because that's what really matters the most is what benefit you're seeing .

Now for Jesse , I knew he could benefit from these things .

I knew Alan , he was going to help him with his training .

So we actually provide it in a supplemental form .

So is supplementation for you ?

If your nutrition is not in the right place ?

No , if you're not that serious about your training , then no , if you're not necessarily ready for supplementation yet , that's fine .

But if you're looking for those benefits and that's what you need to do and it could be the key to your consistency if you actually do .

Go down that road .

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So finally , now the funny story about the supplements , right ?

It leads into my final thing that I wanna Jesse to sort of point out and it was about mindset .

What happened ?

I offered you my supplements .

People think he gets all these unfair advantages here .

And you might have been right in this one instance because I actually offered him a bundle of our supplements .

But guess what he did , I said absolutely not .

I returned it .

He said no , I said no .

And then I why this is the most important thing , the reason why was because I felt that if I was going to be using them and that if it was gonna be my work and my effort put forward , I was going to pay for it .

I wanted it to be on me .

I didn't , to me , I wanted to put my hard work , my money and my own , you know , mindset into it .

Right .

And that's the key guys and that's what I wanted to leave you with here today is that , is building muscle easy .

Is building 25 .

Was it easy ?

No .

God , no .

So , I mean , I've seen him in here in this gym working his ass off .

It's not easy .

Changing your body and forcing it to do something .

It doesn't even really genetically want to do is difficult work .

You have to put in the effort to do that .

Is it possible ?

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Absolutely .

£20 may not be in your future .

£5 could be in your future , but I can tell you £5 can make a marked difference in how you look from how you look right now .

If you add it in the form of muscle , maybe it requires a re evaluation of your actual technique and form .

How many compensations are you making ?

Because if you're making a lot of them , you know what it might be time to actually break it back down a little bit and start learning from , from , from the ground up again .

And then you'll be amazed that actually we , your strength goes from there when you get rid of that guys .

This is what the athletic training program is about .

All of our programs are built on this .

Philosophy of actually doing things the right way .

If you're looking for any of those guys are over at athletic dot com .

In the meantime , I think we can give Jesse a little bit of a hand even without lucky in his hands , he still had £20 of muscle .

So the fact is guys , we aim to bring you the videos that you want to see here .

If you found this one helpful , leave your comments and thumbs up below .

We'll do our best to keep doing that in the days and weeks ahead .

All right .

See you soon .


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