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2023-08-21 21:07:02

do this👍 & Gain great curves naturally _ GAIN Weight fast @ the right places for skinny ladies.

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Hello , everyone .

Welcome back to my channel .

If today is your first time tuning in .

Thank you so much for clicking .

Today's video is the most requested video in my comment section .

I made a video on how to gain the right places .

Few months back for skinny girls and the video actually did .

Well , thank you guys for supporting me and for watching that video .

The link to that video will be in the description box below .

Please go check it out .

And also you guys actually asked for another recipe for the sake of some people who are allergic to a particular ingredient in my previous video .

So this is another recipe of gaining healthy weight at the right places for skinny girls .

I hope you enjoyed this video .

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So without further a say and do let's get right into today's video .

First ingredients you are going to be working with is oat meal .

You can easily get your oat meal at your local market , your shopping mall at any grocery store .

Ok .

It is what you can just lay your hands on easily .

So the second ingredient I'm going to be working with is yogurt .

As you can see , I'm using Orlanda Yogurt .

It is a plain sweeten yogurt .

You can use any brand of yogurt you want to use based on your location .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

It is not necessary you look for Orland just to make sure you use yogurt , sweeten plain yogurt for this recipe .

So the next ingredient I'm going to be working with is water .

Make sure you use warm water for this recipe .

Warm water .

So after adding everything together , you have to start blending till everything is smooth .

video content Image generated by Wilowrid

So this is what it will look like .

After blending everything together , this recipe is very , very effective .

Give it a try and thank me later , make sure to drink a cup first thing in the morning and I hope this video is helpful .

OK .

Remember to subscribe , remember to like this video .

Remember to share this video .

Thank you so much for watching me .


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