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2023-08-22 22:00:45

How To Lose Weight During Night Shifts (with DIET PLAN)

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So I had a manager who had the most useless night shift tracker because in spite of that tracker , he would still randomly assign of night shifts , especially to me .

And because of that , I had indigestion , constipation , lack of sleep .

I even put on a lot of weight if any of the company's CEO S are watching this .

In fact , they should get twice as much as regular shift and I'll tell you why because these weird timings , they not only screw up our health , our personal life , but they also mess up our sleeping patterns .

We move around like zombies .

And unfortunately , in India , especially most of us suffer from this situation because today's video is one of the most requested videos of our channel .

So I thought it's high time we talk about it .

So today I'm going to tell you how to get healthy and lose weight while you're working in the night shift .

And I'll also give you a diet plan by the end of this video so that you can stand in front of your manager and tell it to his face .

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Listen to me very carefully because nobody else is gonna give you this advice .

If you are working in the night shift , the first thing that you need to do is to change your team or change your company because night shifts are not good for your health at all .

But I do understand that changing jobs is not that easy .

So , until you do that , here are a few things that you can do to stay healthy and lose weight while working in the night shift .

Number one sleep , if you take care of this one thing , no , everything in your life will be sorted .

Night shift , screw up your entire entire body clock .

So you have to put in a little effort to sleep .

Well , this is what you do .

Number one , create a sleep trigger so that your body recognizes it's time to sleep .

Take a hot shower , read a book or best meditate because nothing puts me to sleep better than Oprah .

Oprah two don't drink tea or coffee at least five hours before you sleep .

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So if your shift ends at 6 a.m. and you hit the bed by seven or eight , then your last cup of tea or coffee should be around 2 a.m. which makes it a five hour gap .

So if you feel sleepy during this time , then get up , take a walk , wash your face .

You did one night batting right before your exam , same thing and three block out any light when you're trying to sleep , close your curtains , drop the blinds turn off your cell phones , keep your bedroom as dark as possible .

Number two , plan your meals .

Now , suppose after midnight you want to eat then what's available at your office .

Now , if it's like my office , uh , there will be one place open with one guy working , he will be scratching his head , picking his nose all night .

You will go to him , he will prepare some junk food , dump it on your plate and it's not his fault because he himself is in a night shift and is probably more frustrated than you are .

Then how can the food be healthy or hygienic for that matter ?

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Take time out to plan your meals , your dinner , your snacks , I'll tell you what to pack in your double .

But whatever happens , do not visit that joint or eat from that vending machine because fatty fried sugary foods or a drinks , they cause acid reflux or indigestion .

And it's not cool to be that team member who burps and farts all night .

Number three have a bottle of water next to you and keep taking sips regularly because that will prevent headaches , dehydration and it'll keep you alert .

So you won't need so many cups of coffee to stay awake .

Number four exercise , you cannot not work out after office hours .

You can't , I will write and give you because I know how difficult it is to stay up all night and work .

But workout is important .

So make sure you do before you leave for office or immediately after you wake up to know which exercise is best for weight loss and how to work out at home .

Check out these videos on my youtube channel .

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I make so much sense in them .

It surprises me .

Number five , don't get happy if you get a holiday , your life sucks .

So stick to it .

Even if it's a holiday a day , try to sleep and wake up at the same time as your night shift day because you don't want to confuse your internal blog again .

So keeping all of these things in mind , I have made a diet plan and I've included it in the description so you can save it , print it , carry it in your purse , put it on your cubicle so that you keep thinking about me all day .

Remember losing weight during night shift is just like regular shifts .

Only that it is more difficult but you need to put in those efforts .

You know why ?

Because nobody else cares , not your manager , not your colleagues , not even that night shift tracker .

So you should and if you want to take your first step towards health , then subscribe to my youtube channel because I make videos every Thursday to get you closer to your health goals .

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And if you want regular updates of the events and sessions that I do , then like my Facebook page and follow me on Instagram and don't forget to share this video , I promise to see you again next week until then keep fighting the fight to be fit .


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