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2023-08-21 21:00:55

How To Increase Height & Stay Fit _ Ultimate Teenage Fitness & Height Growth Guide _ BeerBiceps

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What's good .

Everybody .

This video is going to be your ultimate health and fitness guide .

If you're a teenager , both if you're a guy and even if you're a girl , the biggest reason I run this youtube channel is because I never had any youtube guidance , any online guidance when it came to my own health and fitness levels .

And that's what I'm trying to do through today's video .

If you watch today's video till the end , I promise you that you'll maximize both your fitness levels as well as your potential in terms of height .

Your teenage years are extremely important in terms of how you're going to look for the rest of your life .

Both your physical height and your aesthetics of your body are going to be decided in your teenage first .

Let's talk about physical height .

What's the meaning of growing taller ?

How does a human body actually grow taller ?

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There's two important factors that are different in your teenage from the rest of your life and those two different factors affect your physical height .

The first is that as a teenager , you have more human growth hormones secreted , especially if you're a guy , you have higher amounts of , HGH as well as testosterone that helps in you putting on a little more muscle than the average adult and it helps in you growing much taller , your growth spurt .

The second very important factor are your epi growth plates .

Don't get intimidated by the word .

It basically means that the tips of your bones have these growth plates and they kind of grow like how you place bricks on top of each other .

So they keep multiplying the cells multiply and that's how your bones elongate .

That's how you grow taller as a human being .

Now , under normal circumstances , your epi cell growth plates will cause your bones to grow according to your genetics .

This is where the factor of the relative height in parents comes in a plate .

So let me explain .

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A 5 ft six man is equivalent to a 5 ft woman .

Now , if a woman is 5 ft two , the equivalent height according to genetics as a guy would be about 5 ft eight .

So you got to figure out , ok , who's my taller parent ?

If you have a dad who's 5 ft eight and a mom who's 5 ft six , your mom is actually the relatively taller parent , you add about 5 to 6 inches to the mother's height .

Similarly , if your dad is 6 ft five and your mom is 5 ft two , obviously , your dad is the relatively taller parent .

Now , under normal circumstances , this is how your height will be determined .

But the good news is that even if you're genetically to being shorter , you still have some kind of a growth range .

You can change some factors in your life during your teenage years in order to increase your growth even more than the final height of your parents .

And that's what today's video is about .

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I'm going to talk about four very important variables in your life that you can actually change in order to maximize both your height as well as how muscular or how fit you will end up being in life .

When I say muscular , even for the girls , this applies because I don't mean bulky muscular , I mean fit muscular , think deepa or priyanka chopra or beau I'm talking about just that fitness lifestyle .

So aspect number one as a teenager that not too many people speak about and something that even parents don't know much about is this sleep and rest factor as a teenager , your body is still growing taller and you need to maximize on the amount of sleep you're getting aim to sleep at least 8 to 9 hours every single night and be serious about this number during your sleep .

That's the time that your body is recovering the most .

All the damage that happens throughout the day when you're climbing up a flight of stairs or when you're walking to your school , all that kind of accumulates as damage in your body .

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So while you're sleeping your body releases hormones like , HGH , which help in the overall recovery of your body .

But you know what else ?


Helps in your overall growth .

If you want to maximize your height , maximize the amount of sleep you're getting .

And by talking about sleep , it's not just about the total length of your sleep cycle .

You need to care about the quality of your sleep as well .

That's a whole other topic .

I've covered it in one of my past videos .

I highly recommend that you go and check it out .

If you're someone who sleeps late and is only ending up getting about 67 hours of sleep every night , that's not enough and it will affect your height in the long term .

Start focusing on your sleep cycle .

That's the best thing that you can do for yourself .

And that's also when we can move on to point number two .

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So note down these points for a minute , your height , your overall fat percent , your musculature , how much muscle mass you hold as a human being , which is very important , the way your nervous system works , your immunity , even how you end up looking your aging process , all that is decided by your physical activity in your teenage and in your twenties , the way your body is built in your teenage , it's meant to be exerted .

Now , let me explain something called the overcompensation principle .

Now , according to this principle , suppose you're lifting a five kg dumble for a bunch of sets in the gym .

Now , the way your body will repair itself is that it will kind of prepare itself in order to lift not just a five kg dumble in the future , but also a six kg dumble .

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So when you go home , when your body is sleeping and you're recovering during your sleep cycle , the next day , you'll get up with stronger muscles , your muscles will be strengthened to such an extent that you'll be able to lift that five kg dumb that you lifted yesterday , as well as probably a six kg double tomorrow .

Your body always over compensates when it's given some kind of activity to do .

Now , if you're someone who's played basketball throughout your teenage , obviously , your body is going to overcompensate , think of someone who's played basketball every single day of his teenage .

Eventually his body realizes that .

Ok .

So there's a lot of stretching in this sport .

There's a lot of jumping and it will be beneficial if I make myself taller in order to reach closer to the rim .

And that's also the reason why people like Anthony Davis have grown so much taller than their families .

They've broken their own genetic limits and this happens in basketball , but it actually applies to every other sport .

Take the case of Irfan , Pathan and Yusuf .

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Pathan Yusuf is even taller than Ian , but they're clearly much taller than their family's genetic limits .

This happens in any sport if you give your body some kind of physical activity to do , it's going to overcome , compensate , think of it , any physical activity is basically exertion of your muscles , exhaustion of your nervous system , exertion of your bones and all those things in the long term will lead to your body overcompensating .

The more requirement there is for your body to become stronger , faster and better at that activity , the better your body is going to perform in the long term , both physically as well as aesthetically .

Why ?

Aesthetically ?

Because eventually that physical activity is going to cause an increased muscle nature and increase nervous system performance and increase bone density and all those factors I spoke about .

And yes , height is also one of those factors that will improve if you include some kind of physical activity in your teenage , compare that to what most teenagers are doing today .

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They are either sitting with their ipads on front of computer screens in front of tvs .

And in the long term , this is actually affecting your overall height potential .

So while we're talking about activity as a teenager , there's one of three ways that this can go down .

The first is that you're someone who just plays a sport , just even something like running , pucker up , pocket catching , cook all that .

That's still better than doing nothing that's still better than sitting at home .

If it's a sport that's even better and even better option than playing a sport is doing a little bit of weight training , weight training will not affect your height in the long term .

Detailed video on that topic .

It will in fact actually help you in growing slightly taller in the long term .

And of course , it's going to make you look fantastic as a guy .

And even if you're a girl , you're not going to get bulky .

In fact , all those goals , you have those tone arms , that thigh gap , all that is going to happen through weight training , make sure you check out the weight training and height video we made earlier on via biceps .

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But the third kind of protocol when it comes to activity is combining these two factors combine a little bit of weight training with a little bit of cardio .

This case is possibly the best in the long term .

And we see this in American sports , especially NFL , that's American football and basketball .

All those athletes are made to start weight training at the age of 11 or 12 and they all end up growing to 6 ft sometimes even 7 ft .

Like in the case of basketball , it's a very good protocol to follow .

Once again , go and check out the height and fitness video .

We made the third factor that we're talking about is nutrition .

Few ground rules , no ketogenic diets , you cannot take up a ketogenic diet .

If you're a teenager isn't too much long term research being done about low carb diets and growth don't take it up .

It's not something I recommend .

Secondly , even low calorie diets , try not going too low on your calories while you're trying to lose weight .

Unless you're someone who is very obese .

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I don't even think that you should be taking up low calorie diets in the first place .

If you're someone who is overweight , just focus on the basic changes .

You can make quit sugar , quit sugary drinks , quit eating junk food , eat home food .

And finally do focus on your protein , whether you're a guy or even if you're a girl , you've got to get your protein intake , right ?

This unfortunately is a concept that Indian society , as well as our parents' generation hasn't been exposed to according to them , high protein diets are very harmful and they might harm your kidneys .

But modernly research tells us that that's not true .

That also could be a reason .

Hypothetically speaking that cultures in the West or in Africa can grow much taller physically than brown cultures because our protein intake in our diets is much lower .

If you're serious about how you look in terms of your muscles , in terms of your fat percent .

And obviously , if you're serious about growing taller , you've got to focus on getting your protein in , make sure you go and watch a protein requirement video .

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If you want to learn more about that concept , quick rule , eat at least a gram of protein per kg of body weight .

So whatever meals you're eating , try getting it least 20 to 25 g of protein in that particular meal .

And as for carbohydrates , there's a few simple rules you've got to follow .

Minimize your sugar intake , minimize your junk food and try focusing on clean carbohydrates , anything that's made at home .

So that's roti brown rice oats , things like that .

Try increasing the intake of those foods in your meals , have at least three meals where you are having a good healthy portion of carbs .

One big bowl of rice , one of roti is just something that will fill you up .

Well , that you can eat with your meals , do not cut off carbs from your diet while you're still growing .

And the fourth and final aspect that we got to speak about that once again , not too many people speak about are psychological factors .

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Now , your teenage can be a very difficult time of your life primarily because your hormones are all over the place .

That's why they say that .

Oh OK .

He's hormonal .

She's hormonal .

You're very moody as a teenager and it's not your fault .

It's also a very difficult time in anyone's life because your college P OS , your school peers , they can be mean sometimes and all these factors can go into affecting your mood , the amount of stress you have , even in terms of your studies , how in Indian society , our parents put pressure on us to perform in our studies .

So we end up taking all that pressure and keeping it on our heads and stressing about it , factors like stress can affect your long term height and that's the bitter truth about it .

That's why we got to talk about solutions to this problem , especially in India .

The first tangible solution is something like meditation .

Meditation is one of those exercises that just helps your mind calm down .

It helps you deal with all these stresses of life and sadness .

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If you want to take away just one thing from this video as a teenager , take this away go and educate yourself on basic meditation as a teenager .

It's one of the best things that you can do and I promise you that it will change your life .

Whatever you know how in a video game when you level up your life meter increases from 100 to 110 the exact same thing happens with your happiness in life .

If you were capable of only feeling happy up to 100 points , once you start meditating regularly , you're able to perceive even more happiness than normal , your happiness meter will go up to 120 points .

That's the biggest reason I promote meditation , especially with teenagers .

Now , if you like today's video , make sure you give it a thumbs up .

But if you're someone who still wants a detailed diet plan and a training regime , if you're someone who's trying to lose weight , go check out the skinny fat video we made on beer biceps .

And if you're someone who's trying to put on weight , if you're a skinny person , go check out that video , subscribe to beer biceps .

And until next time guys from run , we , I'll see you later .


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