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2023-08-19 20:50:07

How Pair CONNECT New ROKU Remote Not Working Syncing TV Device Stick LT XD XDS HD 2 3 4 Premiere FIX

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OK .

In this video , I wanna show you how to pair and connect your uh Roku remote back to your Roku device .

So you can use it again .

Uh This will happen a lot of times if you buy a brand new Roku or you switch this remote with another Roku device and so your remote stopped working .

Um So what you're gonna do a lot of times what will happen is the batteries will go bad and then you'll replace new batteries in it , but your remote is still not working .

So what you're gonna do , regardless if you put new batteries in there or not , you can go ahead and uh take the batteries out and these are two AAA usually with Roku .

OK .

And then um you're also gonna wanna check to make sure the batteries are good .

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So if um if it's not working after you try this , then Bob bring you batteries for them , which would be uh 22 triple two AAA batteries .

And then from there on your Roku device , you're gonna unplug the power , which is going to be on your right side .

This particular one is the HDM I cord , that's what goes to your TV .

But this goes to the power right here on the right .

So , what you're gonna do is you're gonna unplug it and then , um , after you unplug it from the , the cord from the device , you're gonna wait about two or three minutes and then you're gonna reinsert your batteries .

Just make sure you do it the correct way .

I gotta make sure I do it the correct way .

Yeah .

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All right .

And then you want to reply it in uh rep the power back into the uh the Roku and then try it and see if it works .

It should work for you .

If not again , make sure you put brand new batteries in here and , and try that and then hopefully that will get you up and running .

All right .

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