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2023-08-21 20:28:27

HOW TO Delete _ Unfollow People on Instagram

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Hi guys , this is Rachel and I wanted to share with you guys how I have been deleting people that I'm following .

Um I've been going through my followers just because I had um actually not followers , people that I'm following .

Um I have people that are no longer posting anything or maybe they've changed their content and I'm just , you know , I don't want to follow them anymore .

So what I noticed is if you hit following , it only shows you so many .

So when you get down to the list , you have to really go from here throughout this whole list and shave it down as you start shaving , you know , shaving names down and deleting people , more names will show up .

So I kept thinking like , what if I don't , you know , the people that are left on here now are people that I want to follow ?

I don't want to delete them .

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So what I figured out for me , what works for me is I go to explore , which is that button down there and then I go into users and hashtags and of course I'm gonna go through users and I'm going to go through them .

Now , in alphabetical order .

This way you can see exactly who you're following .

Click on , see what they're posting , see if they've posted for a while .

So , right now , let's see , I'm gonna do , oh , so let's see who I got here .

Well , I don't wanna wanna keep following .

Oh , my gosh .

Polish .

Um , Olive in June .

This is a cool , I love their , now I'm getting sidetracked .

I really like their site , their , um , their account , they show really simple manicures and pedicures , which I love and that's kind of what I'm really wanting to follow right now .

So I'm gonna keep them .

So right here , let's see .

We're gonna go through OK , painting outside the lines .

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So I'm gonna look , I'm gonna kind of scroll through and see what they've posted .

Um , probably showed some nail art .

That's why I clicked on them , but I'm gonna notice that they have not posted for a while .

It's been 48 weeks .

So accounts like this , I just don't want to follow anymore .

So I'm gonna hit unfollow and then if I go back to my page 3 34 it shows it there .

If I hit edit or do some type of refresh on the page , it shows now that I have 334 .

If you do this alphabetical in alphabetical order , you'll be able to go through all the people that you follow and then choose who you want to unfollow and it makes it easier and quicker .

Um , that's the quickest way .

I know how to do it .

If you have any other ideas .

I would love to hear them .

Um , because right now this does seem a bit much to have to go through them alphabetically .

But , um , I don't know what else works .

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I can't find much on the internet that shows you how to really go through .

So , just to clarify again , I'm not trying to um delete followers .

I know how to block somebody .

I'm just talking about when you're choosing not to follow some somebody anymore .

Um What's the quickest way to go through all the people you're following ?

Um This right now is working out for me .

So anyways , thanks for watching my video and thanks for checking me out .

Bye .


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