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2023-08-19 21:17:09

8 Foods Every Skinny Guy Must Eat (BULK UP FAST!)

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Suppose you're a skinny guy struggling to put on quality mass .

In that case , you probably believe you have a fast metabolism and simply can't gain weight .

But what does a fast metabolism even mean ?

And is it the reason you're not getting bigger ?

Believe it or not , you can outpace a fast metabolism by using the right strategies and eating the right foods in this context , the right foods are foods that will make consuming more calories easier .

This video will cover eight food and meal ideas that you should be eating to help you get out of the skinny guy rut .

Before we get started , let's go over some basics .

Weight loss or weight gain is primarily based on energy balance .

If you consume more calories than your body burns , you will gain weight .

The concept is simple but the details and implications are intricate .

This 2012 paper by Kevin Hall and others breaks down the components of energy balance .

We'll quickly go over some of them .

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Now your body burns calories in multiple ways like brain function , breathing blood circulation , digestion of food movement outside of exercises like fidgeting and of course training even at a cellular level , people burn calories with different efficiencies .

If you have a fast metabolism , you're inefficient at using calories .

Meaning your body burns calories quickly .

Similarly , a car that is inefficient with gas burns a lot more gass to get around than a fuel efficient car .

Your mission as a skinny guy is to consume more calories than your highly efficient body can burn .

And remember it's much more fun to consume many calories to gain weight than to have to be hungry all the time to lose it .

Let's get into the eight foods and meals to help you increase your calories .

Number one , make mega shakes .

Now , this isn't an individual food , but it's one of the best ways to get many high quality calories into your body fast .

Here's an example of a mega shake with a lot of protein and calories fill your blender with whole milk , we protein , peanut butter , oats , banana and blueberries .

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A shake like this alone will be the reason you finally start gaining weight .

Make sure you have a reliable blender and drink one of these mega shakes daily .

So you can easily add 800 or more calories to your diet .

Number two , drink fruit juice .

Somewhere along your fitness journey , you were probably told to cut out drinking liquids with calories and drink water .

Instead , this advice is great if you want to lose weight or for general health .

But if your primary goal is to gain weight , drinking fruit juices high in carbohydrates is a reliable way to increase your total calorie intake .

Number three , eat more low fiber fruits .

This strategy is a win , win in many ways .

Increasing fruit intake increases micro nutrient intake , which can improve overall health .

If there are deficiencies in your diet , these fruits taste amazing and they'll keep you hydrated .

The key when bulking is to consume low fiber fruits .

Since fiber is satiating , meaning it makes you feel full .

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Here are examples of fiber fruits that taste great fruit juices without p canned fruit , cantaloupe , honeydew melon , watermelon , nectarines , papayas , peaches , plums .

These low fiber fruits are an easy way to consume more calories throughout the day .

Just pack a few of these fruits with you and set a reminder to eat one every so often .

Number four , make peanut butter and jelly sandwiches .

Here's a snack where we're purposely not including protein .

Why ?

Because protein like fiber is very satiating again , meaning it makes you feel full .

There are plenty of opportunities to consume enough protein in your main meals .

When you're bulking , this sandwich is a simple way to get more calories in your meal .

In a great tasting way .

It's also worth mentioning that it's a very convenient option to take with you when you're on the go .

If you don't have time to get a meal in A PB and J will get the job done .

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Number five , drink chocolate milk by now , you probably feel like we're taking you back to elementary school with these , well , guess what you are growing then and you're growing now , drinking a one liter carton of chocolate milk , even at 1% reduced fat has a whopping 664 calories with 35 g of protein .

If you're bulking at 4000 calories , that's almost 1/5 of your total calorie intake .

Just drinking some great tasting chocolate milk .

And if you're in the groove of bulking , you'll be able to finish a one liter carton in the same length of time .

It takes you to watch this video .

Number six , eat more avocados , keeping your healthy fat intake up along with consistent resistance training will help optimize your testosterone and free testosterone levels .

These increases can give you small benefits as a natural lifter , but more importantly , improve your overall mood and sex drive avocados also contain healthy monounsaturated fat along with many other beneficial nutrients for your overall health .

One medium sized avocado can have up to 350 calories in it .

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Add avocados to your egg breakfast in the morning to keep your total calorie and testosterone levels up .

Number seven , eat more cereal , eating breakfast cereals , mixed with whole milk is another quick and easy way to consume more calories .

Here's the thing you don't have to eat these at breakfast .

Feel free to grab a bowl of cereal any time of the day .

Again , cereal high in fiber like Raisin brand is going to be more filling .

Fiber is excellent to keep you regular , but it can also cause bloating if you consume too much of it .

More refined cereals are easier to get down .

Keep a couple of boxes of your favorite cereal around and use them as a snack .

You can also add cereal to your Greek Yogurt as a high protein meal number eight , make heavy duty oatmeal .

Oatmeal is a staple in most bodybuilders diets .

But oatmeal doesn't have to just be oats , mixed with water in a bowl and thrown in the microwave .

We can add a lot to your oatmeal as we did with the mega shakes .

Earlier in this video , add peanut butter , blueberries , chocolate chips and honey .

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Not only does this add a ton of quality calories , but it tastes fantastic as well .

A fast metabolism may feel like a pain in the ass when you're trying to put on size .

But remember you get to consume a ton of great tasting foods that others wish they can have .

If you regularly train hard and eat the eight foods and meals mentioned above , rest assured you will gain weight and the skinny body will be a thing of the past .

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Peace .


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