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2023-08-19 20:54:54


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Good day .

Welcome to the simple cooking channel .

Today , I'm gonna be making pancakes very simple , but so yummy and so much fun .

So let's get straight into it .

Get a large mixing bowl in the sifter and put in one cup of self raising flour and just sift it straight in , then put in just a pinch of salt , then get a separate bowl and put in one egg and one cup of milk and now you wanna beat these together .

Alright .

That's done .

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Now just create a bit of a well in the middle .

I pour the egg and milk mix straight into the center and they just start mixing , start blending it .

So you wanna do this until all the lumps are out .

Now there will be lumps at the beginning .

You can't help that .

It's looking pretty good .

Now add two thirds of a cup of sugar .

I prefer castor sugar for this and just mix that in .

Then get 25 g of butter and melt it , put it straight into the mixture and mix it in really well .

Now just get a jug something that's got a little pouring spout mix .

It will do and just pour the mixture straight into it .

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Now , just get a frying pan , nonstick .

If you've got one , put your oven on to low to low medium , you can use butter .

If you want to grow with a nonsick pan , you probably won't need it .

So just pour this straight in the middle , whatever size you want and just wait for this to bubble when you'll start seeing all the bubbles through it .

That's when it's ready to flip .

Mm .

Mm .

Mm .

Yum .

Yum .

Right .

Just put a big chunk of butter on top and just put some maple syrup .

Let it run all the way down .

Yeah , I'm gonna try one of these already taking a bite because I couldn't wait .

Hm .

Mm .

Oh .

Hm .

Very .

Um , well , this is my breakfast .

I'm gonna eat the whole thing right now .

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I'll see you next time for my next meal .


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